Antique and Vintage Telephone Signs

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Red, White, Blue Independent Telephone Signby ttomtuc…
old SOUTHWESTERN BELL/BELL SYSTEM buried cable warning signby Anythin…
INTRASTATE TEL CO buried cable warning signby Anythin…
New Eng Tel. and Tel. Co. die-cut Local and Long Distance Bellby sargeguy
Telegraph pole Irishco…
Post Office sign for public Irishco…
5 1/2×19 two sided porcelain Bell systems public phone signby Kerkerf…
Antique Public Telephone Signby shawnan…
Metal Bell System 1964-1969 logo underground cable signby RivkaS
TELEPHONE SCONCE signby kehphones
Independent Telephone 100%porcelain Front and back great conditionby wes
N.E.T.&T "Arrow" signby sargeguy
A.T.&T. sign marked "ING-RICH"by sargeguy
Vintage telephone sconceby kehphones
New England Telephone Truck signby sargeguy
18" x 18" 1939 model Bell signby Ryan0628
American Telephone & Telegraph Co. Porcelain Signby jimmieh
1940's porcelain double sided Telephone Trey
Oval Bell Systems signby Wildfire2
any idea of details?by c.wright15
Rare Bell System Signby Jacques8765
1908 Pattern AT&T 18x18" flange with ING-RICH logoby sargeguy
Junkyard pickby Sammulan
Telephone Decal on Door in Abandoned Buildingby SpiritB…
Old double sided Bell signby eric808
Vintage Bell of Nevada bronze signby gratefuldeb
Porcelain Underground Telephone Cable Do not Disturb signby Trey
1940's Porcelain Bell System Public Telephone flange signby Trey
New England Tel & Tel Porcelain Sign by spoonerbill
New England Tel & Tel Round Hub Capby spoonerbill
Fake ATAT sign 8X8 inchby Trey
Public Telephone signby Prells6
Bell Systems flange signby Prells6
Early New England Tel & Tel single sidedby sargeguy
Early New England Telephone & Telegraph Company flange made in Englandby sargeguy
1888 Pattern "Long Distance" flange signby sargeguy
Early small Public Telephone Local and Long Distance signby sargeguy
Universal Service/Use the Bell Booth Signby sargeguy
S.N.E.T. /Southern CA "hybrid" signby sargeguy
Porcelain convex phone sign by Tpottie89
High Dutch telephone signby James53
Public telephone signby Frankie…
Vintage phone booth signby kehphones
Vintage "original" signby kehphones
1950's - 60's Automatic Electric - payphoneby kehphones
Two sided porcelain sign 10x10by Babs8032
public telephone signby sohiosl…
Bell System and General System Safety Creedby ttomtuc…
Vintage Bell System Payphone Signby oldie
Sign,anyone know what it is worth?by captainasspie
Bell System Public Telephone Flange Signby jameyrd
Bell System Public Telephone Signby WinterW…
Bell System Public Phone 18" Porcelain signby EJW-54
found in my basementby number1nine6
1940's Bell System Public Telephone Double Sided Porcelain Flange Sign Advertisementby electob…
Porcelain Bell System flange signby Brimfield
Public Telephone Signby jonima
1950's Glass Telephone Booth signby kehphones
Antique Bell Phone Booth Illuminated Signby Trace824
Chicago Telephone Company Signby earthan…
New England Telephone & Telegraph Sub-Licensee Signby jrwllm
Chicago Telephone Co. by jrwllm
Vintage Tin Telephone Signby marchand_fred
My  sign that no one wantedby Pfrueh2
Western Union Telegraph Warning Posterby dstruble46
Tiffany style telephone signby weevil
2 Different Arkansas Associated Telephone company signs by jrwllm
Bell Telephone signby metalman
Public Telephone Porclin sign, 2 sidedby pcudzilo
Bell System Toll Route Marker by lewch
Dakota Central Telephone Co. Porcelain Signby LeahsIdeas1
The Pacifice Telephone & Telegraph Glass Globeby ttomtuc…
Super Rare PA L&L Bronze Building signby curhist…
Metal 2 sided signby dpmac01
Postal Telegraph Commericial Cables Office Signby curhist…
Mutual Telephone Company and Associated Companies Booth Signby jrwllm
Philadelphia Bell , Southeast Missouriby curhist…
California Water & Telephone Porcelain Signby ttomtuc…
Lollipop Signby egerson
Ohio Bell Telephone Co. brass buried cable markerby tomkat779
A. T & T Porcelin Sign, by randolf5977
early enamel cable signby murkla
The Compact Telephone Co. Signby ttomtuc…
Glass Bell Sign from Buffalo NYby BEANZ1
Porcelain Sign Display at the 2007 San Jose TCI Phone Showby potrero
My 24" Dual Sided Illuminated Phone Booth Sign !by SSHotrod
Platte Valley Public Telephone signby jrwllm
American Telephone & Telegraph 8" Hubcapby jrwllm
Chesapeake and Potomac Tel. Co. of Balto. City Hubcapby jrwllm
Denver and Ephrata Telephone Comany Hubcapby jrwllm
Illinois Bell Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Independent Public Telephone Pay Stationby jrwllm
Servico Telefonico Cuba Stickby jrwllm
Kinloch System Independent Telephoneby jrwllm
Independent Tri-State Telephone and Telegraph Companyby jrwllm
General Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Michigan Associated Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Lincoln Telephone and Telegraph Company Stickby jrwllm
Lincoln Telepone and Telegraph Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Independent Telephone Pay Stationby jrwllm
Home Telephone Local and Long Distanceby jrwllm
Post No Bills S.N.E. Tel jrwllm
New England Telephone and Telegraph Co. Peace Signby jrwllm
Local Long Distance Telephone Bellby jrwllm
Southwestern Bell Business Officeby jrwllm
Southwestern Bell Business Officeby jrwllm
New York Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Southwestern Bell Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Tri-State Telephone and Telegraph jrwllm
Public Telephone Stationby jrwllm
New York Telephone Angency Paymentsby jrwllm
Wire in Road Barnes Tel. Coby jrwllm
Bell Telephone Co. Stop Accidentsby jrwllm
Bell System Public Telephone Whiteby jrwllm
Local and Long Distance Public Telephone 11x11"by jrwllm
Southwestern Bell 11x11" signby jrwllm
N.T.C. Public Telephoneby jrwllm
Connections with Bell Systemby jrwllm
Delaware and Atlantic Telephone and Telegraph jrwllm
Wood KTCo. Telephone Officeby jrwllm
Cumberland Telephone and Telegraph Company Pay Stationby jrwllm
Long Distance Pay Station Signby jrwllm
United Wireless Telegraph jrwllm
Western Electric System Signby jrwllm
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Business Office Bracket Signby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Rectangle Business Office Bracket Signby llarned
Maine Tel. & Tel. Co. Pay Station Signby llarned
Ossipee Valley Tel. & Tel. Co. Porcelain Signby llarned
Telephone Payments Sign Blue Logoby llarned
Telephone Payments Sign White Logoby llarned
Local and Long Distance Porcelain Signby llarned
New Eng. Tel. & Tel. Co. Local and Long Distance Telephone Porcelain Signby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Rectangle Business Office Sign no Brakcetby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Red Arrow Porcelain Signby llarned
New England Tel. & Tel. Co. Central Office Signby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Telephone Pay Stationby llarned
Wooden Telephone Signby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Square Porcelain Signby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Square POrcelain Sign Yellow Arrowby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Co. Clothby llarned
AT&T Bell Systems Circle Porcelain Signby llarned
N.E. Tel. & Tel. Co. Public Telephone Pay Station Rectangle Signby llarned
New Eng. tel. & Tel. Do Not Smoke in Booth Signby llarned
New England Telephone & Telegraph Company Public Telephones Wooden Signby llarned
Long Distance Telephone Glass Signby llarned
Eastern Tel. & Tel. Co. Porcelain Signby llarned
Southern Massachusetts Telephone Central Office Signby llarned
New England Tel. Public Station Signby llarned
Southern New England Telephone Co. Hubcap Signby ecbennett
Cumberland Telephone & Telegraph Co. Porcelain Flange Signby ecbennett
Hudson River Telephone Co. Porcelain Signby ecbennett
Delaware & Atlantic Tel. & Tel. Co. Porcelain Signby ecbennett
Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company Pay Station Signby ecbennett
Chesapeake &Potomac Telephone Co. of Virginia Porcelain Signby ecbennett
Rochester Telephone Corporation Porcelain Booth Signby ecbennett
AT&T New England Tel & Tel Pay Station Signby ecbennett
Central Union Telephone Company Porcelain Signby ecbennett
Upstate Telephone Corporation of New York Pay Station Signby ecbennett
Dakota Central signby ecbennett
Bell System Large Round Connections Flange Signby potrero