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I have a passion for old things!


  1. Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for a match no luck yet. I will check it out. :)
  2. Me too! I’ll look into that.
  3. Very pretty!
  4. No idea but I love them!
  5. I’ll add that there is corroded grey metel joining the last stringed bead to the clasp and to the Pendant. Also each bead is knotted to stay in place. Double corded.
  6. Thank you everyone again! That is awesome Horserescuer. I grew up on a farm and down the road the neighbours had them when I was a young girl. They are pretty special.
  7. Now that you say that it could possibly very well be! Thank you for your clever thinking :)
  8. Hey Valentino, no marks anywhere at all. Is Lucite heavy? This piece seems heavy to me. At first I thought the round beads were Malachite but the colourings seem to be consistent throughout. I have a ...
  9. Your welcome, they are about 1/4 inch big.
  10. That one caught my eye right away! And the Peacock of course. Would you recommend any books to help get me started in my research with vintage crystal brooches or even silver jewellery? I’m in Canada...
  11. They are Bezel. It has a hallmark on the back inside of a circle with a trademark letter. Maybe a M hard to make out because of the details interfering with the mark. I may take it in to get looked at...
  12. Thanks everyone!
  13. I will look into it more. I have tried numerous times to change it. Nothing in the setting that I can find. I do use a Iphone aswell same issue. Horizontal doesn’t seem to help. It wasn’t a problem wh...
  14. I have tried.. sight does not allow me too they are properly upright when photo is taken on Ipad... so sorry.
  15. Question marks were a “thumbs up” Emoji
  16. Thanks Phil. There is a Rock Jamboree nearby but Covid has ruined that. Maybe next year I will take it and find a stone for it. ????
  17. Great, I will look into them. I see them quite often in the thrift stores and never really knew what they were. I’m slowly learning. Would anyone know of any Books to recommend for Identification of v...
  18. There is a signature on the back of the Brooch in gold paint. Can’t make out the intials because of the fancy hand-writing. BJ BT?
  19. Thank you everyone very helpful. I have some others I have posted no idea where to start a few have markings. I’ll be posting more tonight :)
  20. I was wondering the same thing it looks intentional. They are on the front and back of this one. A few very fine scratches here and there maybe from the tool that made the pock marks.
  21. It sure does look like a Blenko glass thank you Sharky! I will have to find the name of the horn like pattern and go from there!
  22. I believe it is with the research I have done.a pencil signature is in the bottom right hand corner. Thanks
  23. That is a great piece!
  24. Awesome!! Love the blue. It is my favourite color.
  25. Anyone know anything about the maker of this pitcher?
  26. Thanks Anil, very interesting!
  27. Beautiful!
  28. Thank you!
  29. Thanks glamorouslyrefind!
  30. Anyone ever seen this in there glass book s or the name of the pattern?
  31. Well its about the tragic day describing a Dr and his family and others who we're hurt and what they went through. The damage that was done. No hotel rates just about what had happened. It has 3 ch...
  32. Thanks spiritbear. Cannot find anything like it. What gives it away it is not as old as I thought? The seam at the bottom?
  33. I saw a identical one last night at my thrifty thrift store but the tray was almost matches my pieces I posted last night. Two of the dishes I beleive are Dresden Germany company...
  34. Anyone know the maker or era of production?
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