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Albany, Oregon

Even as a child I loved antiques and still do. Also have old cameras, medical and dental items as well as a swelling sweet stamp collection.


  1. Thank you Denise, I do have a button addiction, but this set is so special to me as I remember playing with it as a child. My grandparents were quite aged and came complete with an old sewing machine ...
  2. Kudos to Buttonista for great information. These seem to be quite rare and so amazing to think about.
  3. So interesting! What a unique and fun button to have. Good for you.
  4. What an incredible button. Have never seen anything like it so it must be rare. Enjoy having it, what an amazing find.
  5. They are extra pretty. I have quite a collection of mother of pearl buttons and these do stand out. Lovely group here.
  6. What an amazing find. Thanks so much for sharing them. Had to apply my drool bib. :D
  7. Lovely collection, thanks so much for sharing it along with the education. Cool buttons!
  8. Oh these are pretty and not modern. Fun to have and show. Enjoy!
  9. In order to successfully help you, we really need to see what type of backs they have and any kind of markings there. The upper left has a bit of civil war to it but hard to tell. The button with the ...
  10. These are wonderful and I wish I could help. I particularly love No. 5 with the Griffin. Hope you get some answers.
  11. I do not have an age, but I do have one of these and can tell you they shine up gorgeous! Modern I am sure but really nice quality.
  12. I have this button as well, only mine has Superior Quality written on the back. It is a 2 piece brass metal with a loop shank on the back. 7.8 inch/ 2.3 mm. I have been searching quite a while without...
  13. Thank you Blair; I really appreciate the information. :)
  14. Just wow! I love it and would hang around your shop just for the atmosphere. As a matter of fact this would be super lovely in a home large enough for it. I know but I love it!
  15. Love the design on these, what a gorgeous set to have!
  16. Actually I had not seen this site, Thank you Plumfuchsia. (Love that name).
  17. It looks like a doll with attitude to me. I have days like that. :-)
  18. Oh thank you Dargonmum! I really do appreciate it.
  19. Ok this is just too much fun. Congrats on finding it.
  20. I adore your art and your abilities to produce it. This could go on my wall anyday.
  21. Thanks flea! I have the new photos up with the cup and saucer actually matching. :D
  22. Ok my bad. You two are absolutely right. I pulled the sets out today and had the saucers with the wrong cup. Will retake and put them both up. Ms. Red Cheeks
  23. There is something about her that is just plain charming. She's a keeper.
  24. Stimpy you have a lot of old stamps but the fact they are old does not make them of great value. These are worldwide stamps and it takes a lot of time and work to adequately review each stamp but from...
  25. These are old Austrian stamps not of great value.
  26. Keep the exposure meter they are actually quite useful. A photographer will hold it just to the face to make sure he/she gets the best exposure for the skin. I am not sure of the value of the camer...
  27. Thank you so much for the information. I am sure she is a sleepy eye doll as she has a lever in her head that I can move back and forth to close her eyes. Seems to be balanced to work when you lay her...
  28. I have never seen anything like this before, these are truly beautiful. Nice work!
  29. I think this is priceless. Would dearly love to read through it. This period of our history was so traumatic and lasting that it facinates me so anything like this is hard to find and so interesting w...
  30. Wow I missed those garnets that makes it even more lovely.
  31. Train Conductor?
  32. Oh this is enchanting to me. I do collect old coffee related items. When I look at them I can almost smell the aroma of a good cup of java.
  33. I would love to know what you end up doing with it. So many fun possibilties.
  34. Flea you are so funny. It does have an old price tag on it putting the value over a thousand but I am thinking by todays market more around the 4 to 600 price. However I have been wrong before. :)
  35. This is also from German heritage in the late 1800's. Somewhat common in old stamp albums but certainly an older type. Value in stamps is very much related to rarity in numbers.
  36. There are so many of these and a lot are out there in world stamp albums. However do know there are some rare ones that are difficult to find so it never hurts to ask.
  37. I have several of this type as I have a large old German collection that goes through the war. The 1800's version have Reichpost instead of Deutsches Reich written on them. Following the German stam...
  38. I wouldn't give them up either. The one on the far upper right is amazing with elaborate attractive detail.
  39. Unusual and lovely. What delightful gifts!
  40. I have a friend who has one of these in the middle of her kitchen and it is so useful and has a lovely warmth to it.
  41. The real dawn of computers. There isn't a kid worth his salt that wouldn't want to play with those buttons. Ok so there is still some kid in me. :)
  42. This is just amazing and a beauty to behold. Love the details. Putting on my drool bib now.
  43. Wow this is just too much fun. Must be hard for your company to leave; I would still be looking arounds. :-)
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What are these items and what time frame?? Antique Japanese Ivory Monkey Face Buttons ??? B poor button 161 pearl st new york PAX metal portrait button 'Railroad and Shipping' Dr. Hobson's Whooping Cough Syrup "Coldair" Wooden Icebox from "The Boston Store" Early Stereoscope DRIVE IN SIGN Some of my collection of antiques


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