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Help ID Table and Chairs #5 - Furniturein Furniture
Help ID Chairs #4 - Furniturein Furniture
Help ID Chairs #3 - Furniturein Furniture
Help ID Chairs #2 - Furniturein Furniture
Help ID Chairs #1 - Furniturein Furniture
Royal Super De Luxe Precision Sewing Machine-Japan - Sewingin Sewing
Antique Lamps #2 - Lampsin Lamps
Antique Lamps #1 - Lampsin Lamps
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  1. Solved! Duncan Phyfe Sheraton chairs.
  2. Thank you! I did so much research and it just leads me to the Danish style. I need a better lead.
  3. Hi Phil, thanks. Can you please tell me more or less what makes you feel they are copies and not originals?
  4. Hi there! Thanks for the comments. Sorry about the blurred label; I can tell you that the label reads an antique dealer from Atlanta, Georgia from many years ago. I will re-take a photo of it when I m...
  5. Thank you Keramikos and so sorry for your loss. Thank you friend!
  6. Thanks for all the information! It's gonna take some time gathering all the pieces, photographing them and posting for your viewing. My mother recently passed away and I have so much to do. I'll let y...
  7. keramikos, Thanks again. I copied all the information you gave me plus all of the links. I have a case with so many mechanism parts, but not sure if these parts belong to this unit. I'll organize the...
  8. keramikos, thank you! I konw how to run a stitch, but know nothing about the machine. I can tell you, my mother sworn by it and said it was in working condition. I just love the old designs; labels, l...
  9. Thank you!! I will keep all of your advice in mind-always. Vintage sewing machine department? I'll post something soon on that!
  10. This has been Great work keramikos! Thanks to all your help-FOUND; 130387 Faller H0 Small Forest house 4876 Faller AMS -- VW Beetle Polizel with Zinc Engine Faller AMS -Bu?ssing Truck 4853 AMS...
  11. You are right!! I found a photo of B265 and it is a match. I have both those buildings but I may be missing several parts. Thanks
  12. B265 is not a match to the third photo one.
  13. I just found the photos of the mdl #'s this morning, had no idea I had them; Whats now missing is the other photos; of the models although I do have very few now. In earlier days ,I couldn't find seve...
  14. Solved! The maker is; Underwriters Laboratories Inc. I thought the label was an electric parts make.
  15. Hi AnythingObscure, the lamp is a mid-century called a Tole hurricane table lamp/a glass lantern tower, Age: 1900-1940. Thanks
  16. Hi keramikos! You're model is very nice! Sure would love to go to that annual festival at Bad Duerkheim, looks & sounds great. Here are some of the model #'s that I had taken photos of several years b...
  17. You know apostata, the man I dealt with earlier is a curator and dealer, he still hasn't gotten back to me regarding what, when or where! As for the downgrading; I found so many souvenir's being sol...
  18. Thanks, they certainly have a style of there own.
  19. Thank you, AnythingObscure. I indeed found the 70's interesting .
  20. He also said it's ivory and it is unsaleable in NY.
  21. Ok, so the Curator said; souvenir piece 20 th c. I still want an ID; what, where and when.
  22. Thank you!
  23. I don't see a resemblance. I searched over 100 images and the only artistry style I came across at; https://www.britishmuseum.org/collection/object/A_F-1073 Meanwhile, a curator just contacted me and...
  24. Wow!!! This is also a great lesson. Thank you!. I was browsing the International Society of Netsuke and sent an email. I'll let you know their findings. I'm printing all the information you sent for m...
  25. Actually, this set came from an auction house in CT. The lamps were from an estate and antique dealer.
  26. Hi AnythingObscure, I searched the link you provided on both lamps and didn't come across any of them.
  27. apostata! thanks for the history lesson, so beautifully written. I'll take it to a museum and see what they have to say about it, if any. I'll let you know. Thanks
  28. Thanks dav2n01!, It almost looks exactly like the one I have. The only difference is; that has a body texture running across it and mine doesn't, maybe a different year in the make. I believe the whe...
  29. Thanks for the feedback.
  30. Hi dav2no1, that is correct. I forgot to edit the cut and paste due to so many postings.
  31. Thank you racer4four. Now I'm learning something new about bone. This item is a challenge for me. If I ever find out the history in the making, I'll let you know.
  32. Keramikos, B-929 is the one!! I have many of the pieces missing according to my pictures, I may have put those pieces together with another. I also noticed the surrounding town houses that match mine....
  33. On #4 I found an old listing on Ebay and it read; Small Brass Cannon with Cast Iron Carriage Made in USA.
  34. Hi dav2no1, Here are the links to each of the cannons. Looking forward to you're response; https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/307883-metal-cannon-1-solido https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stor...
  35. Ok, thanks. I'll post them individually with different angles soon.
  36. Thanks AnythingObscure. I'll keep you posted once I find out. Meanwhile, I also added posts here; https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/307864-lionel-trains-powell-and-hyde-and-santa-fe?in=user
  37. Thank you CanyonRoad for the feedback. I love this collection and wouldn't part with it. Do you know anything about where they came from, especially the horn?
  38. The "re-edition" of Lahr Stork Towerone is quite different in style and size, maybe mine is an original.
  39. Wow Karamikos!! Thanks for proving those links. I've done so much research but didn't come across those links. At this point; I feel I need to get the entire collection out of storage and view what I ...
  40. Thank you so much keramikos!, I know I am missing alot, especially the one that resembles a castle etc...I'll keep searching..
  41. Beautiful collection. I was researching Faller and came across your's. I will be posting them now, for I need some information.
  42. Thanks for the feedback PhilDMorris and introduction to Diego Giacometti works. I researched his works and have not come across anything that resembles the pieces I have. Totally different, but thank...
  43. I just placed some more photos at https://www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/307834-censers-and-vessels-4-insides
  44. Thank you Congcu and apostata for the information! I will post some more photos if you may of the internal bodies. I can tell you that there are no mold seams on any of the objects as far as I can tel...
  45. Hi Thanks for the response. New Akan?, do you know more/less what century.
  46. Wow! All this time I thought they were from Asia. It's funny you mentioned the gold because when I viewed it closely with a magnifying glass, the underlayment looks like gold. Is it possible? Do you t...
  47. Can someone please help identify the maker. My Father was a custom furniture maker and this was his favorite chair for many years. Thanks.
  48. Still searching for the maker of this chair.
  49. Thank you so much melaniej for solving it!! I read the signature wrong.
  50. I too have a set and couldn't find info.
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Saturday 1/87 figures Fever Seated buddha and attendants, Northern Wei (386-534) Old Prints Appear to be from a Book, Double-Sided UNKNOWN BOOK OR  Supplement Bell & Howell Model 253 AX 8mm Movie Projector  1930's Playskool Pullman Sleep Dolly Sleep Train Car this is one of my glas cabinet items Ertl John Deere A Victorian Parlor Chair Said to be from Lincoln's White House Oil Painting. Montague. Red Vase