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  1. Again I am surprised by the variety of designs. Makes me think of the 100's of unusual trunks sitting in attics all over America. More reason to keep looking...... Thanks for the education, Drill.
  2. Surprised to find the different designs for his wall trunks. My 2 are the earliest patent. The unusual angled slats on top in front and back are what attracted me in the first place. I've never seen t...
  3. Wow! Great list. I will keep my eyes open for these. I have a few of these makers. Working on a Palica "Common Sense" wall trunk now. Did not know about 6000 images or .1600.... You have given me many...
  4. Thanks for your knowledge. I guess I am a refinisher and not a restorer. I don't use screws and I don't restore the interior for 2 reasons: 1)I like the patina/look of old wood and 2) I do not have th...
  5. So if I could pick your brain-- so the hardware of the time was silvery color? Did they ever paint them a different color?
  6. Thanks to all who said they loved my MM. Although I do like the gold on this one I am coming around to loving silver on hardware.
  7. Thanks for the info. Greendog By the way I have to tell you that your MM trunk posted 3 months ago is, I believe, my favorite trunk I have ever seen on this or any site, including 1000's on Pinterest....
  8. Interesting. Are you saying that my trunk was made for another trunk by Martin Maier? Or another way to ask it is do all trunks that have a Martin Maier label have only the M and MM hardware?
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Early 1900's  All  Solid Brass Hardware Trunk