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  1. Kind of looks like a Hans Coper mark. I'd like to see a pic of the mark facing upright.
  2. Can you get a better pic of the mark?
  3. Oh wow! Maybe I should test mine. It could be gold plated. :)
  4. Oh and also colored resin. It doesn't seem translucent enough for horn.
  5. Dyed I mean. Or bone.
  6. Might be died animal horn by someone like Monies.
  7. I think it says Yaroslavl. I hope that helps get you in the right direction. It looks like some type of early Russian pottery. Send photos to an auction house if you want to learn more.
  8. I think it might be Theresienthal . Still doing research.
  9. As you can see from looking at it this one is definitely not a fake. They made the same necklace with varying animals.
  10. You can look at the necklace up on their website. Mine also has the VR tag on it. https://victoriaandrichardemprise.com/collections/necklaces/products/chainge-necklace
  11. Reminds me of my flambe Awaji dragon vase. They made stuff like this around the turn of the century.
  12. Ahh. Good idea. :)
  13. I have a vase ruffled like this with the exact same color fad and it was suggested to be Harrach.
  14. It might be Bacs or French..
  15. I can't believe how long it took me to get the joke @valentino97. OMG. You're so punny. ;)
  16. I think you were the one who originally suggested this was him. I had so many naysayers including a major auction house. But I found an overseas auction house from the same is with a similar one. Plus...
  17. Just got a better pic of the marks.
  18. This plate didn't come from just anywhere either. It came from an estate lot with a lot of antiques. these people didn't really keep any craft items.
  19. This one has several signatures and numbers hidden in the front glaze not typical of home craft projects. And this one is particularly nice in my opinion.
  20. It's hard to say. It almost looks like JR. Submitted a new pic of the mark. Could be other letters too.
  21. Honestly I have been thinking Pewabic for the longest time. I forgot the name though. I may be able to confirm it now. If it is it's an oldie. Thanks for the reminder!
  22. I gave this to a friend as a gift. :) She said she went to Seattle and never bought a Souvenir.
  23. I found marks and I am going to post new pics soon. I've discovered every great piece of work is signed. I just have to look hard enough.
  24. Any ideas?
  25. No. I haven't. I sold them to someone. :) My collection was getting too big.
  26. Yeah. I made it that far in my research. But a lot of these armorial vases were more decorative. It needs more research.
  27. So pretty!
  28. Hmm... Not sure if I should. But I will. :)
  29. Vintage Satsuma Moriage elephant maybe. Very cute. <3
  30. Looks kind of like vintage Satsuma.
  31. Also has a very MCM look to it. So I'll try that avenue as well with the keywords you provided.
  32. I think you are on to something. I was looking Irish statues just now and encountered a lot of metal sculptures representing the famine. I'm doing research as we speak. People here are so amazing! I c...
  33. They were described by the auction house as mid-century. I really like them for some reason.
  34. I love it. I have a ruby red salt cellar in this pattern.
  35. https://www.mfa.org/collections/object/bas-relief-of-general-mcclelland-39397?fbclid=IwAR1wxyzzYCfvDcnUqszfg4l2pUKoDv7YBtJzOutVcGMUhGEVwGTK7R31DiU
  36. That company has a very unfortunate name. But very pretty pieces!
  37. Circumference. That does make the difference right. :)
  38. It wasn't shipped. It was purchased at an estate.
  39. Well you helped me in another way too. I am about to reveal the maker of my Art Nouveau vase. I was sitting there thinking about it and I said what if I'm just not looking hard enough. So I went and l...
  40. Persistence pays. ;)
  41. Look at the new pic. ITALY!
  42. Thank you once again Watchsearcher. You have increased the aesthetic value of these cats exponentially. I thought it had areas of painted over damage and color loss but it was actually just whatever p...
  43. Wow. You guys are so amazingly helpful. I will have a look later. Super excited to find out!
  44. So the people on my facebook pottery identification group have concluded Deruta Italy pottery cats. I am pretty happy with this after doing an extensive search. to the person who claimed everything si...
  45. Someone else suggested this. I will do more research. Thanks!
  46. Thanks! Looking into it now.
  47. The colors on mine seem kind of French and have a mid-century vibe. Maybe I should investigate french ceramic cats.
  48. I like mine better, ;) That blue and yellow contrast is really nice.
  49. I don't think so. The rim is too perfect. There would have been some wear.
  50. Please don't tell me I'm missing a lid. :)
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