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Mid century? Celadon glazed vase. Korea? - Asianin Asian
What is this cased red glass vase? - Glasswarein Glassware
What did I buy? Murano Deru Sterling Silver and Glass Display Tubes - Art Glassin Art Glass
Celadon Glaze Crane Cup - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
F4 Designer Leather Bomber Style Jacket - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
Levi's American Flag Painted Jeans  - Mens Clothingin Mens Clothing
red handle urn vase - Art Glassin Art Glass
Capodimonte blue bunny? - Figurinesin Figurines
tall cut crystal or glass lamp diamond point  - Lampsin Lamps
Mickey Epcot Center German attire Bockling Germany shot glass - Advertisingin Advertising


  1. I just found out it's an Avon spring bouquet vase.
  2. Maybe the late 19th early 20th century.
  3. I figured it might be from my research. I also noticed the rust spots from the iron where the glaze didn't fully cover it in some spots. It seems older but not sure.
  4. Yes. I love it!
  5. If that mark is what I think it is you have something very nice. Hopefully, it's not a reproduction. https://alaintruong2014.wordpress.com/tag/seal-mark-and-period-of-qianlong/
  6. https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:1735-1796_Qianlong_(Qing_Dynasty)_porcelain_mark_101.jpg
  7. Also Indiana glass ceased to operate in 2002. So between 1974-2002 is my best guess.
  8. Since there are bar codes on the box they were made after 1974.
  9. I have it up on a certain popular site if anyone's interested in having a look at it there and maybe more. Unfortunately due ti this sites policy that's all I can say.
  10. So after a little research 1989-1992. Off to the auction house.
  11. Ahh yes they were made in the USA. The orange tab was cut off and they are stamped irregular inside. I alo just realized that someone tailored the bottoms so they are 26 inches instead of 30 now. If y...
  12. Also after a lot of discussion with some people in my resellers group we believe they are the work of a very crafty person. They did a very nice job and the colors aren't bleeding so I'm happy. Either...
  13. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Vintage-Mens-Levis-Denim-Jean-Shorts-Sz-30-USA-Flag-Patriotic-Stars-Stripes-/271906171901?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item3f4edeebfd&nma=true&si=DwVVbR4eXGwsSzPThiNGT5O%252FioI%...
  14. Wow! Thanks for the info SEAN68. I just found a cool pair of Levi's like this printed from top to bottom with the American flag and really needed them dated. <3 If I have time tonight I'll post them a...
  15. Take a better picture in the sun. I bet it would look real pretty then and it would be easier to tell if it's crystal. Make sure it's nice and polished before you do so.
  16. Lisa Larson? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/28710516350901283/
  17. I've seen a few Harrach vases with this shade of pink and rigaree.
  18. I wish the love button would let me hit it again. I tried just in case I forgot last time. The clarity of the glass makes such a nice base for the floating ribbons.
  19. Ten bucks. Seriously awesome!
  20. Yes. I believe you are correct. Fenton amber crest. Hope this helps. <3
  21. I haven't gotten a response yet from them.
  22. Thanks SEAN68!
  23. I'm with inky. He makes me smile.
  24. I'm up in Massachusetts so I end up finding a lot of Victorian stuff but now much really exceptional art glass for some reason. I think my local thrift store manager cherry picks and is just clueles...
  25. Oh my! That's one lovely piece of glass!
  26. Awesome.
  27. Yeah I got my box of stuff that I took chances on. I generally buy cheap so It's going to go to the unsellables yard sale box. They are all really pretty things in excellent condition mostly so why n...
  28. Does anyone know a good source page for etchings?
  29. So I had a look around. The tag most likely says Vandor. Are you sure they are just dancing? Sorry I'm terribly immature. Happy hunting!
  30. @ AmberRose. I acquired the same birds recently with all their markings. Aren't they darling.
  31. Any information on this would be awesome!
  32. And it's pretty obvious for many reasons why that is fake. I see a lot of spots where it looks like the carver just gave up where it's flattened in or not fully detailed. No one would sit there and ta...
  33. If I'm ever unsure I leave a mystery open or I do more research. I have had a few people Identify things wrong but in the same vein I have had a lot of really good identifications here as well. Everyo...
  34. Thanks oldandsilly. I think it might be Swiss. I found a similar box with a Cuendent movement that plays Edelweiss which is the flower that's carved on it and it grows in the Alps. More research is ne...
  35. THANK YOU! pw_collector. You just reminded me I had a pair of these I purchased this summer for a quarter. Mine are from 1990 and they are sitting on a heart same company and signature. I just dug the...
  36. It's shaped like a pineapple. Very nice.
  37. It's shaped like a pineapple. Very nice.
  38. As best as anyone could without having the actual answer. It looks a lot like a Cathines paperweight but unfortunately it's not marked. Le Sigh.
  39. Nope. It's exactly those colors. :) It's really intense.
  40. moon and stars pattern ruffled vase and toothpick holder
  41. I think Pukeberg is the last thing I'd name my company. Sorry totally irrelevant. You can sue me.
  42. Oh very nice!
  43. NIce. Yeah I believe they are Fenton. I have a set of these two and the matching salt shakers. I have a pic of them up. Very nice!
  44. Oh man this thread is silly. :) All fairytale corner and such. ^5's oldandsilly. You had the cojones to say it without any syrup on top. It's all of what you said.
  45. Wow! Just lovely!
  46. Hopefully someone has an idea! Thanks for the loves guys!
  47. Thanks Rick55!
  48. Any chance you could put a piece of paper over the signature and do a rubbing or is the signature too shallow.
  49. Just a thought. And yes fans of all kind. I wish I could figure out the letters in the signature too. :)
  50. Thanks for all the loves!
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