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Love searching for treasures, the older the better ~


  1. My IPad my pictures are always upside down : (
  2. I was wrong . It did not say PA. It reads at the bottom Reg US pat off At least that is what it appears to say.
  3. One has a letter l and the other has LL Looks like it may be PA. Thanks for all your help fhrjr2!!!
  4. Just found on the back the name Heywood and Wakefield.
  5. Thank you Scott, That gives me a better understanding what to search. I just took one of the buttons off ( they are held on by a clip ) The back of the button reads Waterbury Button Co. Conn. I...
  6. Forgot to mention, canvas reads Morilla canvas panel on the back. Does this make it vintage ?
  7. Hi all, I changed a picture to show a better view of the coat. My " model "could not believe how heavy it is !
  8. The white numbers are not Asian but English . Does this mean it is a replica ? Thank you for posting the link to follow! You all are wonderful !
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Young girl hugging baby chicks with mother hen Vintage Oriental silk scrolls old medicine jars  set of three Chinese reverse painting of tigers inside glass snuff bottle


Military ? long coat  label three,four,one five w/ asian lettering/Chinese buttons ?