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I am here also to find out more, and ofcourse to show/share it with you!


  1. German K98 mauser front sight, and not a captured one or like a Chech made one - the cut slits on the sides of the sight and installed hoods on them.
  2. Thank you Joe, Of course you may. And yes it is a metal detector find. And thank you TubeAmp for your support!
  3. Hahaha :p Spot on buddy :) Just woke up, and my laughing woke the neighbours, Well that is an possibility. Cheers.
  4. Thanks Marga, No indeed, I will get back to it later (Back to work) I am a normal guy, nothing to hide. but easy to steal from, when at work or whatever. Do not life in a castle.. more the opposite. ...
  5. I have my reasons for that. Main one is my personal privacy & safety. I keep all of my items at home. Second, I like it here.. And since this site is the first one I posted stuff and got succesfull a...
  6. Hello Marga and Jason & Scott (I prefer using real names when I know them) Thanks a lot for the time, and looking into it! :) I visited the Borg myself very often, It is 10 KM from where I live. (...
  7. Hello Jason, Thanks for the 'love' and the effort, really appreciated. You dont happen to know a lot about old jewelry do you? I also posted some rare finds. Thanks in advance.
  8. Haha, I am glad you appreciate it !!
  9. lol cool story, thats cool haha, I also keep receits, I have bought some stuff people wont believe. Have you put you necklace online? This one cost me one euro, together with other silver arabic and...
  10. Great stuff you have.
  11. Nice! Very Nice
  12. Thanks alot for the info. I couldnt find any marks. I am not too familiar yet with silver. But as far is can see not plated. I scratched something off still silver color and soft and bendy.
  13. Hi Paul, Thanks for the reply, great. I missed it. late response. Very interesting and helpfull information. I wasnt able to figure it out myself.
  14. lol, that is always nice, you are also a guesser like me
  15. uhm, without your input I wouldnt even have found it. haha.. Well YOU THANK YOU!
  16. hmm ;) Intersting!!!
  17. Hi Amber, Well, I want the cock specialsit to have a look on my clock. Also for valuation, p;lus it is an astonishing piece of history. (Old, gold, engravings, made in London for dutch market) ...
  18. http://www.peeters-zilverwerk.nl/Schepwerk/frame_Dienzilver.html Here also with HH.. I allready love this site, and nice people. I had some other forum with all negative ppl. pfroove thios proove tha...
  19. Correct! And a lion and a head with a helmet. I extracted it from our kitchen and its now stored lol.. It was still in use.
  20. Oh it says LP ACCA or AKKA.. ;)
  21. Hi Vetraio! It acutally has yes. But it is too tiny for me to descript ;)
  22. hehe, newbee needs some profiling :p Gotta go. ttyl
  23. PS you have another follower lol
  24. Thanks, I feel very welcome here. And in time I will expand my shared collection. Take care! :D
  25. Thank you man, I will browsing your items soon! The people from this show cotnacted me, 2 experts.. The invited me for national tv haha http://cultuurgids.avro.nl/front/indextkk.html I really ...
  26. Beauty isnt she?! Thank you Bellin. After the respones I decided to post these things also. for the rest busy with the clock. Any tips on how to convince the big 2 auctioneers its is real? ...
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Rare oriental gold brothel coin / token WWII Navy ID Bracelet Battle of Yser, Belgian World War I Medal, circa 1918 RUSSIAN SILVER CIGARETTE CASE MOSCOW Mysterious Norwegian Silver Container Porcelain Shell Gasoline Advertising Sign both around 1900 one glass and one out of clay made by willem coenraad brouwer in scraffito technique Crest bracelet Here is an interesting dress sword that I would like to share.  Mantel Clock (1780) silver engraved  (not built) by Thomas 'antiquity' Smith, London.  With  gold & silver ornaments.


Rose gold wedding band, bible locket


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