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  1. Many thanks for your interest.
  2. Many thanks for your interest I have never come across another that looked anything like it
  3. Ohh I think there are a lot of people that would give you an argument on this point especially Alastair Crowley who once owned the pipe.
  4. Not too sure where the folk reference comes in but art indeed.
  5. No not at all it comes from an old English nursery rhyme.
  6. Hi Jay Any good book shop should have a suitable pipe book or two most pipe collectors have a tendency to specialise mine is meerschaums for these any of the wonderful books by Benjamin Rapaport are ...
  7. They are the best by that I obviously mean that you have to flexible to be a ballerina.
  8. Yes it is one of my favourites and a motif that I have to date only seen once.
  9. I agree many thanks for your comments and your interest.
  10. Quite so I only have this one that is a carving of a weapon on it,s own.
  11. Its better if you blow the image up Ivory is very difficult to carve they are probably the rarest pipes of all to collect.
  12. Indeed I forgot to mention that she has no underwear on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Right you are perhaps the person that bought it felt the same as it has never been smoked.
  14. Nice of you to say so Petey many thanks.
  15. Many thanks for your continued interest this particular pipe has an amazing history.
  16. And I know it Zowie
  17. Yes very graceful a definite favourite
  18. Thank you I will do that
  19. Not impossible you would be amazed at what still manages to turn up.
  20. Thanks for your interest I am glad that you like her but she looks very much alive to me!
  21. Hi There MYSTERY SOLVED These are three characters from Faust (Charles Gounod) opera and are Faust Marguerite & Mephistopheles I have come across this set before so at least you now know who they a...
  22. Thanks for your comments blunderbuss2 Nice pipe but the necessary repairs would be beyond anything I would want to buy. I looked at your guns and can tell you I have collected antique firearms for o...
  23. Indeed all that detail in such a small area I am glad that you liked it
  24. Indeed it is the detail is marvelous I am glad that you like her.
  25. Thank you Zowie but a lot of research goes into it and I work hard at it but lucky sums it up nicely.
  26. Thank you they are truly miniature works of art.
  27. Sadly not keep your eye open on ebay meerschaum pipes antique and you will find one eventually if you need help when you do email me at Regards Roy
  28. Thank you take a look at my web site for more of these miniature master pieces Regards Roy
  29. Quite easy to find is this motif you can always recognise him as he wears a rams head on his chest without this it is not Vercingetorix Regards Roy
  30. She is that and quite a large pipe the boots are made of amber Regards Roy
  31. Now now lets keep it clean the pipe drilled down to her navel and the ball acts as the connector to the mouthpiece. Regards Roy
  32. Thanks for your interest the other pipe you are referring to is fairly new Perseus was made circa 1890 If you would like to see a few more take a look at my web site Regards ...
  33. For about twenty years with pipes and wood carvings before that antique guns is also a passion Regards Roy
  34. Indeed and how come it has staid intact for over 100 years Glad that you like it
  35. Thanks for your interest Take a look at my web site for similar pipes Regards Roy
  36. Thanks for your interest Take a look at my web site for similar pipes Regards Roy
  37. The Lobster would date to circa 1885 they are all hand carved although they still make them in Turkey they are no where near the quality of the antique pipes another great art sadly lost Roy
  38. Thanks not sure if I want to do it again though Take a look at my web site for similar pipes Regards Roy
  39. No he is indeed a fox in every sense of it's meaning he has a brush tail protruding out of the back of his coat.
  40. I might make a pipe collector out of you Take a look at my we site for similar pipes Regards Roy
  41. Kind of you to say so Take a look at my we site for similar pipes Regards Roy
  42. You are more than welcome Take a look at my we site fof similar pipes Regards Roy
  43. Indeed what a great expression he has Take a look at my web site for similar characters from history Regards Roy
  44. Thanks again for your interest Kerry
  45. One of mine too but keep looking there will be more to come Regards Roy
  46. You are more than welcome Regards Roy
  47. Hi There No not really a ladies pipe I have my doubts that any were really made for women this is just a little ostentatious. If you want to see more take a look at my web site.
  48. You are welcome Kerry I an happy that you found it interesting If you want to see more please visit my web site at
  49. Showing off indeed a bit like me really?
  50. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but she is indeed one of my favourites.
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