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St, Louis Mo.


Eagle Statue - Figurinesin Figurines
Large Vintage Ship painting - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Large Sail boat, seeking info - Toysin Toys
Toy Horse seeking info? - Toysin Toys
Ship Doorstop, looking for info on this item? - Figurinesin Figurines
North American Hunting club knife set - Sporting Goodsin Sporting Goods
old safe - Advertisingin Advertising
12 " Nippon hand painted plate. - Potteryin Pottery
looking for info on this painting? - Fine Artin Fine Art


  2. I do believe you are right, must be a company name, I just found another one like mine on aspire auctions that sold for $414 in 2008.!/catalog/93/510/lot/23298 L...
  3. I looked forever for this horse and branding it has ,online. thank you Efesgirl, so much for finding info on it! appreciate it greatly!
  4. Thank you Caperkid, I just searched it, and found several between $300 & $500!! AND! saw one on another site for $1000 bucks. I nearly fell off my chair! lol and I almost didn't stop at that yard sale...
  5. yes! good idea, guess ishould start with the safe co. name.
  6. I live in St. Louis Mo. not ever seen one like this, seen similar bottles like this one or decanters, but never a Mark Twain one. and not seen one with them markings on the bottom.
  7. thank you Oroyoroyisthatyourhorse, I appreciate so much all the links! and advice!
  8. Thank you martika!
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 Ruby Red Glass Hurricane Lamp Rehberger B-314 Clipper Cast Metal Ashtray Circa 1938 My small cloisonne vase Mark Twain decanter H.Brent 1906 J J Mcauliffe Stiff Breeze watercolor print Crest bracelet Charles G Calder Gallery Oil Painting Portrait Providence Rhode Island


12 " Nippon hand painted plate.