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  1. Looks like is going in for the kill.
  2. Thanks, Golgatha for responding. I amazed how much people know. I love this forum.
  3. Fortapache, Thanks. I just looked them up. I knew it looked familiar but couldn't tell from where. I see them on diving seens in movies.
  4. Thank you mp.kunst. I looked his work up. He usually does bright paintings. It maybe an unknown artist or abbreviated name
  5. I looked his bright paintings up. It maybe an unknown artist or abbreviated name
  6. Nice piece
  7. Thanks britinpa.
  8. Thanks. I think it is most likely a mystic topaz.
  9. Hi, shareyourpassionI got the loop and took a picture of the other side it is BF in uppercase Italicized? writing. Hope this helps.
  10. Thanks shareyourpassion. I will take it to a jeweler and tell them they gotta clean it and tell me what it is in front of me. I cleaned it gently with soap and water. I have a loop. I just need to tak...
  11. Looks like an alien's ???? skeleton( hands and face with a body)
  12. Thanks racer4four. I finally got a turquoise pendant.
  13. Would make a cute ring/bracelet/watch dish
  14. Thanks a lot. I will. These are not marked as gold or precious metal but are non-magnetic except the chain part. I am curious to know about when and where they were made. They have no markings at all.
  15. Very warm color. I hope to find a lamp snd lampshade thos color
  16. It is like a little glass ???? family. Grandpa, grandchild, great grandchild
  17. Avon has cool packaging.
  18. Lol. It is a hard one to decipher. The place looks like Niagara Falls in the fall/autumn ????
  19. Thank you. I really appreciate it. I have just started collecting jewelry recently (past 6 months or so)and reading and watching videos on gemstones. There is a lot of gemstones.
  20. Thanks a lot RichmondLori. I tried wearing aka stacking a light blue ring with this and I noticed it kind of fitted in the space. I did not know of sky blue would look good paired with it. Well, I wil...
  21. Is it Mr. S?
  22. Lol. I am not good with animals. The bottom part is super small but it is flat. It was hard to capture it lying sideways. It sits on a flat bottom (albeit small). Thanks. I was wondering if it is a ra...
  23. If you have a smartphone it has a magnifying app or feature.
  24. Kust searched it. I guess they are Japanese and sake is like a mild beer that is kinda nutty
  25. Thanks. I have to search what Sake cups
  26. Thank you. The clothing the women wear is definitely colorful and festive.
  27. Thank you lab0254. I guess they are rather cheap. They are pretty.
  28. Cool. Thanks for giving me more information. It is a beautiful tourist piece to look at and it is small so it doesn't take up much space
  29. Thanks. I have not seen one of these before. I wonder what the writing says in an Asian language.
  30. Thanks a lot for answering Valentino
  31. Dior costume jewelry earrings
  32. It is UNOAERRE. I found their website. It does not list prices for anything.
  33. I just updated them and updated what I can make out
  34. Festive piece
  35. Thanks a lot. I see some similar landscape ones.
  36. Thanks, Matisse. I think it is hers because of her first name with an H and color . I had found her textile work online before but now I see she does everything.
  37. Thanks. I will try that tonight when I get home.
  38. Thanks. That is all I knew too.
  39. Happy one. She makes you smile.
  40. Thanks. It was gifted. It is actually quite large like 40 inches long.
  41. Thanks, keramikos. Victor Muthomien is the full name. I will check out the website.
  42. Thanks. Victor Muthomien is the full name. I will check out the website.
  43. I updated the last clasp. Does anyone recognize the maker?
  44. Thanks, Broochman. I had not heard of him. He has beautiful paintings. This piece looks really well done and has a realistic look to it. I love the frame complements it.
  45. They even use fake western names smh. It looks like Tuscany, Italy or something.
  46. The late 20th century is what I found when MSCRYSTALSHIP helped me figure out the material. It does not have a specific year but it is made in France by YSL. Vintage.
  47. What do you mean by timeframe?
  48. I just posted one of the backs of the links it has YSL in their signature style. The longer silver bar also has the name written out. I will try to take a better picture tonigh or tomorrow when I get ...
  49. MsCrystalShip, thanks a lot. It took me three trips to finally buy it. I am glad to know what it is made of too. I will wear this during the holidays.
  50. Thanks for all the responses.
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