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  1. Thanks. I have not seen one of these before. I wonder what the writing says in an Asian language.
  2. Thanks a lot for answering Valentino
  3. Dior costume jewelry earrings
  4. It is UNOAERRE. I found their website. It does not list prices for anything.
  5. I just updated them and updated what I can make out
  6. Festive piece
  7. Thanks a lot. I see some similar landscape ones.
  8. Thanks, Matisse. I think it is hers because of her first name with an H and color . I had found her textile work online before but now I see she does everything.
  9. Thanks. I will try that tonight when I get home.
  10. Thanks. That is all I knew too.
  11. Happy one. She makes you smile.
  12. Thanks. It was gifted. It is actually quite large like 40 inches long.
  13. Thanks, keramikos. Victor Muthomien is the full name. I will check out the website.
  14. Thanks. Victor Muthomien is the full name. I will check out the website.
  15. I updated the last clasp. Does anyone recognize the maker?
  16. Thanks, Broochman. I had not heard of him. He has beautiful paintings. This piece looks really well done and has a realistic look to it. I love the frame complements it.
  17. They even use fake western names smh. It looks like Tuscany, Italy or something.
  18. Beautiful. I think I am going to wear my brooches on my denim jacket too to spice it up. They look like love birds. Valentine's
  19. The late 20th century is what I found when MSCRYSTALSHIP helped me figure out the material. It does not have a specific year but it is made in France by YSL. Vintage.
  20. What do you mean by timeframe?
  21. I just posted one of the backs of the links it has YSL in their signature style. The longer silver bar also has the name written out. I will try to take a better picture tonigh or tomorrow when I get ...
  22. MsCrystalShip, thanks a lot. It took me three trips to finally buy it. I am glad to know what it is made of too. I will wear this during the holidays.
  23. Thanks for all the responses.
  24. I still can't find the Native American looking one.
  25. Thanks, kwqd It looks like like a crayon to me too with maybe some pencil?. It is behind a glass and has a dust cover so I poked a hole and the back has like a black cardboard behind the dust cover. I...
  26. Thanks Summerblues I like the cabin or driving into the country vibe it has too. I am not sure what the value on this photo on canvas is but it looks really nice.
  27. I saw that mine is a small one on wood. Probably 9×7 inches Thanks.
  28. Thanks. I really appreciate it. I am glad ir is 835 silver.
  29. Thank you so much. I thought it had to be European but could not find 835 anywhere I searched. So, it is real silver? I found it interesting because it has an unique modern jewelry art feel to it. I h...
  30. Definitely African. Used to sift corn, rice, and other things
  31. I just took a few better pictures. I posted a couple. It took forever to get it to focus well.
  32. The signature on the back of the crescent moon are "Ultra Craft"
  33. Thanks. I found a picture the original online and it is beautiful. I have learned about another great artist.
  34. Chagall? I had to look him up to see who he was in art history. I have included a picture of the back so you can see the staples. I see something new each time I look at this picture. Does anyone see ...
  35. The American Homestead has Am-251 written in a marker on the back and a Hand & Co, Salem Ind. Sticker. I guess that is who sold it. I will try and take a better picture of it and some other Currier an...
  36. Thanks, you are very knowledgeable. The dog says Astor Alexandra (Alexander) and the Rabbits has Jan Havens or something like that as the last name if that helps you to identify it.
  37. Thanks. I guess the 2nd and third are harder to figure. I have tried to online using the names of the artists.
  38. Thanks. The second one is tiny so I will just keep it on my wall even though it is not valuable. I hope I find one what the oil painting is because I can't read the signature.
  39. Thanks for the response
  40. Thanks. The bottom is light but the pot is tarnished everywhere. I have two. The other one has no markings. I guess they are both plated.
  41. Anyone recognize this mark on a tea/coffee bottom? No other marks. It is old and a bit tarnished almost blackisk but yard to figure material
  42. Help me identify please
  43. See more


Trifari Pearl Brooch Owl (printing block?)