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  1. I beg to differ Sir. You are a highly regarded carpenter as HE was. Without you we would all be out in the weather. Very high on the Maslows hierarchy of needs. Besides that carpentry is fun.
  2. I'll add more photos to explain
  3. The "K" is slid against the door atop a deadbolt. A halligan tool (specialized firemans prybar) is inserted into a slot on the KTool . Then with a sledge hammer the K is wedged into the deadbolt where...
  4. I posted a few more pictures. Not sure why they are not grouped on the same page or window or thread.
  5. That would work.
  6. After some thought , the problem with the gate idea is that this thing would tend to fill up with debris and or water.
  7. Seeing the diamond pattern makes me think it's meant to be walked on. Odd that the diamond pattern is not the same on both ends though.
  8. Interesting thought. I am thinking that the water would evaporate too quickly, i.e. larger vessel needed. Something tells me it has more of an industrial application. It seems to be a small piece to...
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early 1950 buffalo fire estinguisher Fire Extinguishers Can you explain what kind of tool this is? Scoop cutter thingy ? Flashlight brass , lookingr any info about it My kitchen utensil's unknown use?