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Is this Jade? Looks older maybe for matches or cigarettes?  - Furniturein Furniture
Large Flint Rock Native tool?? - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Fossil Teeth or Fossil Shell? - Animalsin Animals
Is this a Navajo Basket? - Furniturein Furniture
Hand Woven Native basket Trivets or Plate warmers Colorful style design - Kitchenin Kitchen
Old Mission Basket Native American  - Native Americanin Native American
I found this little pot at an Estate Sale --is this Isleta? Looks 1940's era??? Old Mouth Shape? Berry Bowl - Native Americanin Native American
Large sprinkler Cologne bottle?  Gold Metal top with Rhinestones - Bottlesin Bottles
Could this be a Howard Baer ? - Fine Artin Fine Art
Trying to figure out where these came from ? Zuni? Native American? - Potteryin Pottery


  1. Thanks for your feedback-it does not scratch with a pin and when trying to scratch it glides on the surface.
  2. I believe this is Middle Eastern might be Greek or Turkish origin I have several that my ancestors made and they are from Instanbul -yours has the netting and there is battenburg tape braid used all ...
  3. Thanks so much! I appreciate all!
  4. Ok Thanks so much! These pieces are smaller do they come in such small sizes?
  5. Thanks for answering --yes it does scratch --on the ends --but the same on the sides too-- even though it is rock like--but not too easy --with nail but does scratch all around
  6. Thanks so much! I think if it was a kit it was someone who knew what they where doing and the metal round bottoms -they went out of their way to add --looks like 1940's era -I appreciate your info .Ma...
  7. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback!!!
  8. Thanks so much I really appreciate your help, Best Nadia
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Old Woven Basket Green opaline carafe Very nice Brooch Pin - update - Could be Sarah?? Unknown Loetz gas lamp shade in silberiris Poster Paint Pot - Tesuque Pueblo Vaseline Glass Toothpick Holder or small Vase?