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14K Gold Citrine Pendant with funny hallmarks any idea? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Cute little Seed Pot? Signed -with etched drape like design  - Potteryin Pottery
Square footed Pot / Vase Ceramic is this Japanese? Anyone recognize the mark? - Asianin Asian
Wondering what saint this could be  - Figurinesin Figurines
Is this Navajo ?  - Native Americanin Native American
Is this Jade? Looks older maybe for matches or cigarettes?  - Furniturein Furniture
Large Flint Rock Native tool?? - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Fossil Teeth or Fossil Shell? - Animalsin Animals
Is this a Navajo Basket? - Furniturein Furniture
Hand Woven Native basket Trivets or Plate warmers Colorful style design - Kitchenin Kitchen


  1. check this link I had one similar but not exact
  3. I have one of these as a perfume bottle--CARVED AUSTRALIAN BANKSIA TREE SEED POD
  4. Nice-definitely hand woven -looks Greek or from Israel --looks too complicated in pattern for Peru --but might be ? Not sure where this one is from-looks like a work skirt--or is it a bag?
  5. Hi--I think this is Hagia Sophia in Istanbul Turkey -looks older --pre 1920's era knotted trim lace -more like hairpin lace done with a needle Nice fun pie...
  6. Try end of days glass vase
  7. The fabric used appears from 1930 to 1960's era
  8. Thanks so much what a great tip!!! It worked and I was able to place this little pot to Carmel Romero! Santa Clara Pueblo Indians and she is a listed native artist. Thanks for the help!
  9. Pretty -I think it is a calling card tray from the Victorian era
  10. Looks like she is holding Alter wine and sacramental bread
  11. also looks like words on back say para Jomi ?
  12. Cute, does look like Rio Hondo! The coloring seems to be there. Eyes seem bigger then normal.
  13. Looks like 50's early 60's era-
  14. I really appreciate your help . Thank-you,Nadia
  15. Thanks so much ! Should I tell the appraiser he seemed so certain.
  16. Looks Japanese-Nice coloring
  17. Thanks for your feedback-it does not scratch with a pin and when trying to scratch it glides on the surface.
  18. I believe this is Middle Eastern might be Greek or Turkish origin I have several that my ancestors made and they are from Instanbul -yours has the netting and there is battenburg tape braid used all ...
  19. Thanks so much! I appreciate all!
  20. Ok Thanks so much! These pieces are smaller do they come in such small sizes?
  21. Thanks for answering --yes it does scratch --on the ends --but the same on the sides too-- even though it is rock like--but not too easy --with nail but does scratch all around
  22. Thanks so much! I think if it was a kit it was someone who knew what they where doing and the metal round bottoms -they went out of their way to add --looks like 1940's era -I appreciate your info .Ma...
  23. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback!!!
  24. Thanks so much I really appreciate your help, Best Nadia
  25. There is lots of Tree of Life Symbols
  26. I don't know the size -but the lip shows it use to have another part-and that is missing
  27. I bought a sample piece similar to this one at the Georgetown flea market and the man selling was from Afghanistan he said it was made there--they call it Kilim Tapestry,
  28. Looks like Mt Washington maker --the soft satin finish on the glass --really smooth to touch
  29. I would send a picture for this post but there is no way to post it
  30. I have one of these-- similar --large 21 inch vase --says Italy--hand painted- By Prof Melion? has number 237--same red and black colors --but shinny
  31. Looks like from Mexico or even India--but looks Mexican 1950-60's era hand crafted--might even be late 1940's
  32. Might be Belgium or French look for a black faded stamp around edging
  33. To make rugs - That is why the needle hole is larger --for thicker canvas fabric
  34. Thank-you so much!!! So happy to hear what these little guys are! Thanks for taking the time to give a comment.
  35. It is Catalina Island in California!
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Antique Mexican dagger Misc antiques Very unique piece Carved (bone?) necklace unknown era any idea where this is from and time period?