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Cute little Seed Pot? Signed -with etched drape like design  - Potteryin Pottery
Square footed Pot / Vase Ceramic is this Japanese? Anyone recognize the mark? - Asianin Asian
Wondering what saint this could be  - Figurinesin Figurines
Is this Navajo ?  - Native Americanin Native American
Is this Jade? Looks older maybe for matches or cigarettes?  - Furniturein Furniture
Large Flint Rock Native tool?? - Gemstonesin Gemstones
Fossil Teeth or Fossil Shell? - Animalsin Animals
Is this a Navajo Basket? - Furniturein Furniture
Hand Woven Native basket Trivets or Plate warmers Colorful style design - Kitchenin Kitchen
Old Mission Basket Native American  - Native Americanin Native American


  1. Try end of days glass vase
  2. The fabric used appears from 1930 to 1960's era
  3. Thanks so much what a great tip!!! It worked and I was able to place this little pot to Carmel Romero! Santa Clara Pueblo Indians and she is a listed native artist. Thanks for the help!
  4. Pretty -I think it is a calling card tray from the Victorian era
  5. Looks like she is holding Alter wine and sacramental bread
  6. Thanks so much for sharing that beautiful Embroidery
  7. also looks like words on back say para Jomi ?
  8. Cute, does look like Rio Hondo! The coloring seems to be there. Eyes seem bigger then normal.
  9. Looks like 50's early 60's era-
  10. Can I ask what state and city you found this piece?
  11. I think it is old Armenian too . I think this might have been an Immigrant to the US from the middle east area and she noticed others doing this stitchery in the states and made her own. My Grandmoth...
  12. I really appreciate your help . Thank-you,Nadia
  13. Thanks so much ! Should I tell the appraiser he seemed so certain.
  14. Looks Japanese-Nice coloring
  15. Thanks for your feedback-it does not scratch with a pin and when trying to scratch it glides on the surface.
  16. I believe this is Middle Eastern might be Greek or Turkish origin I have several that my ancestors made and they are from Instanbul -yours has the netting and there is battenburg tape braid used all ...
  17. Thanks so much! I appreciate all!
  18. Ok Thanks so much! These pieces are smaller do they come in such small sizes?
  19. Thanks for answering --yes it does scratch --on the ends --but the same on the sides too-- even though it is rock like--but not too easy --with nail but does scratch all around
  20. Thanks so much! I think if it was a kit it was someone who knew what they where doing and the metal round bottoms -they went out of their way to add --looks like 1940's era -I appreciate your info .Ma...
  21. Thanks so much! I really appreciate the feedback!!!
  22. Thanks so much I really appreciate your help, Best Nadia
  23. There is lots of Tree of Life Symbols
  24. I don't know the size -but the lip shows it use to have another part-and that is missing
  25. I bought a sample piece similar to this one at the Georgetown flea market and the man selling was from Afghanistan he said it was made there--they call it Kilim Tapestry,
  26. Looks like Mt Washington maker --the soft satin finish on the glass --really smooth to touch
  27. I would send a picture for this post but there is no way to post it
  28. I have one of these-- similar --large 21 inch vase --says Italy--hand painted- By Prof Melion? has number 237--same red and black colors --but shinny
  29. Looks like from Mexico or even India--but looks Mexican 1950-60's era hand crafted--might even be late 1940's
  30. Might be Belgium or French look for a black faded stamp around edging
  31. To make rugs - That is why the needle hole is larger --for thicker canvas fabric
  32. Thank-you so much!!! So happy to hear what these little guys are! Thanks for taking the time to give a comment.
  33. It is Catalina Island in California!
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Misc antiques Very unique piece Carved (bone?) necklace unknown era any idea where this is from and time period?