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Mt.Vernon Ky

Hello..I have a collection of crystal, rare glass, silver, and etc.. I am an antique enthusiasts.


  1. Thank you Newfld..
  2. I am so grateful for both of your comments. It puts a date and history on this piece. Please continue with any info you have on my newest discoveries.
  3. Thanks so much..I appreciate both of y'alls help.
  4. Well...I've got an update on the maker, purpose, and year of these pieces. To my surprise it's not Fenton at all. These were made by Bryce Higbee :&Co in the 1890's. They are called "Our Toothpick"...
  5. Thank you Ms CrystalShip.
  6. Very stunning piece. Congratulations on such a beautiful find.
  7. Thanks Jscott.
  8. I see the combo. It does have a very fumbled style in molding. It doesn't look very professional...maybe more a mature in blowing technic. There are imperfections and bubling that run in the glass. I...
  9. Good stuff! Thanks.
  10. I've never seen one like it. Cool find!
  11. Totally thought that was Sammy Hagar.
  12. I love the flutter of warm light it gives the room. Very beautiful.
  13. So glad you told me the maker. Maybe I can do a little more research and figure a date on it. It does make more since because of the screw top. Do you know about when the screw tops became part of bot...
  14. Thanks SpiritBear. I'm still learning. That little flask has me wondering. It is a lot smaller than most I find.
  15. Thanks Newfld, I like the extremely natural design as well. Any guess on the age of this piece?
  16. Thank you so much!
  17. Yes..time is captured for a small moment in these photos...I too wonder of their lives in that exact moment and how normal the surroundings are to them. All of us here as antique collectors long for t...
  18. Thanks so much to all of you for the enlightenment. I will check out the links provided.
  19. Than you for the information. I may have clues to the maker of this piece.
  20. So hard to pick a favorite.. Those groovy Santa earings are very cute..
  21. Very nice collection.
  22. Fascinating! Beauty and purpose. Great piece.
  23. I absolutely love the determination and confidence of her pose. Her little shoes are fabulous and the statue to her side is very interesting. Great picture!
  24. Thank you Phil..I appreciate your expertise. I am currently on a dig myself. I live in Kentucky on a pretty famous hill where the McClure family was defeated and scalped by Indians... The family that ...
  25. Love this peice!!
  26. Wonder why they never smiled back then..
  27. I use to think that same thing about people's expressions in old pictures. Someone told me it took a long time to be photographed as well as it being rare to have a photo of yourself. In combination o...
  28. I like that backdrop too. I didn't even see the deer. Thanks!
  29. Oh wow. Interesting...I'll look it up and see.
  30. Thanks y'all...I have some really cool old ...very old pictures too. I've tried to locate the family for awhile to show them what was left in there, but I've had no luck. I'll show and tell the pict...
  31. Cool!! That's what it is. Thanks.
  32. Sweeeet!!
  33. Great. Thank you all for the information. I'm very grateful for the expertise.
  34. Ok..that makes sense. Do either of you know how old it may be?
  35. Thanks...Wish I knew more about it.
  36. Thank you both for the information.
  37. I have a close picture of the back I'll add on here. I can't see any mark, but it's hard to tell.
  38. Thank you!
  39. Thank you!
  40. Oh my! That so green on my part. But I see why it's called that. Thanks for the info I am beginner and really want to learn.
  41. Thank you. It really shows the colors when the light hits it.
  42. He does look happy....thanks!
  43. Bell Fruit & Bottle Company Fairmount IN. ca 1910
  44. There is a 1 next to the 1. If I'm seeing it clear..
  45. See more


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