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I have been collecting Corgi & Dinky toys for a number of years, just keeps expanding as time goes by - will be time to sell up soon?


  1. Very interesting item, if and when you do find what it is used for please update us?????????
  2. This is just a fantastic collection, makes mine look like small fry :-(
  3. I would say Geishubel early mark around 1805 to 1816? Check out: Old, I think it was page 9 (G with arrows through with arrow heads both top and bottom) The number refers to the model t...
  4. Obviously designed by some clever geek to staple twice at the same time! ;) They don't look very heavy duty but looking at the design, it seems to fit on a ridge possibly roofing felt or tiles or sla...
  5. Thank you for the info Manikin ;-) I'll certainly have a look.
  6. Gold Sovereign I think? Highly collectable and fetch good money here in the UK
  7. This is sooooooo cool - love it
  8. Hi thanks Brianwithaneye - appreciated. Have a look at my other items, got a few pics of my Batmobile and Batboat. The Monkeeymobile still alludes me but I have time to find a good one. Post some ph...
  9. Super cool :-)
  10. I agree with nutsabotas6 - value is always in the boxes. Very nice Matchbox though, sadly Hot Wheels killed a lot of the industry :-(
  11. Ha! People do read these then - my humble apologies to Steve McQueen. No idea why I had Newman in my head, Great escape!
  12. Hi Sean, it's a labour of love but sometimes hits on the wallet hard but worth every penny or 'cent' in your terms ;-) My wife is better at finding a good buy than I am, I'll look for a certain model...
  13. Very nice piece, any information on the inner workings, such as numbers or a maker, does it say anything on the front dial?
  14. Hi Fortapache, Have a look at site called Toymart UK, it has loads of information that may be of interest? You can also add photos of models you have to earn points towards possible purchases or to ...
  15. Not sure why but I never took to Matchbox? I have recently started to look at these more closely and have bought a few for my collection. I think I may start looking at these to add a few more - yo...
  16. Sorry - My mistake, it is the bad guy in the ejector seat!
  17. Thanks for the kind comment, I will post a few more photos to show all the functions on the ones mentioned :-) Keep an eye open for the others I'll post!
  18. Just put mine on show, one of the classics made by Corgi
  19. WOW! Awesome
  20. Could you post a picture of the under side? Cool model!
  21. Hi Fortapache, I'll add some additional photo's, the only one I don't have is the Monkeemobile - but that's for another day!
  22. I think the 3rd & 4th items have something to do with rope making or platting? I agree with blunderbuss on the first 2.
  23. Meccano possibly?
  24. I want one!!
  25. Fantastic, love the collection :-)
  26. My late father was ex-Navy, one of the items that was handed down to me was his bosun's pipe. Have it in a display cabinet along with his medals.
  27. Very nice, very collectable - lucky find
  28. Ha! Cheers Sean...I now have a collection in excess of 300 vintage 1960 Corgi & Dinky toys and still adding to it as and when I can.
  29. This is the corgi 416 - RAC Landrover 1962 to 64 Have a look at a site called Toymart, loads of information
  30. Hard to say from the photo but is the Matt black Batmobile or has it gloss black paint - makes a big difference for collectors. It's also an early 60's version with the red bat hubs and overall looks...
  31. Possibly its a re-strike of a Victorian silver shilling?
  32. Thanks jewels, I am also trying to find info on the pattern. I take it from the stamp, that the pattern is called Argosy with a possible pattern number? Didn't think it was this age - good information
  33. Thanks for the love Dan121156
  34. Thanks Kerry10456
  35. Apologise for the photo's - will make sure they are the right orientation next time!
  36. Nice set - would love to find one for my collection
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