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Alton, IL

I'm an archeologist in Illinois, but I love antiques too! I collect piggy banks, cameras, coins and keys. :) I also pick up random cool items that strike my fancy. II'm an archeologist in Illinois, but I love antiques too! I collect piggy banks, cameras, coins and keys. :) I also pick up random cool items that strike my fancy. I have an academic interest in the American Civil War (specifically POW camps) and culturally modified coinage. Email me at (Read more)


  1. This is awesome! I love the patina. :)
  2. Beautiful stein. Are there any marks on the bottom?
  3. Thank you so much, it's a treasure!
  4. Thank you Mikko!
  5. Hey so I figured it out! It is Dutch, and likely made by de Boer in Workam. Not sure how old it is, but not newer than the 1960's. That explains how it got to South Africa!
  6. Thanks for the loves! :D I had this in the mid century modern category, but apparently that was incorrect. This is so 60's!
  7. Thanks for the love, mustang Tony. :)
  8. Thanks for the loves, y'all. :) and my Internet is fixed, so I'll be posting some better pics here in a minute! :D
  9. Aww is it a panda?
  10. Yep copper luster or lusterware. Gorgeous mid 19th century ceramics <3
  11. Discovered that the prints were published by the Artistic Picture Publishing Co., in NYC. I believe they are dated 1966, but blobby Roman numerals are hard to read. :P
  12. Lenitiv is laxative, and I believe Scamoniea is a sort of purgative.
  13. This guy's got one marked 10c. The 39th usi existed between 1866 and 1869, so that's a pretty tight date range. Whether it was given as pay...
  14. Can you tell us anything about what it might be made of, how big it is and any markings on the other side?
  15. But anyways, the 39th wasn't formed until 1866 when the army was reorganized.
  16. Did you buy the token from the guys posting on that thread? The last post indicates it was sold.
  17. Thank you! Well I had to google her, but I must say I agree!
  18. Well it's a nice memory though!
  19. Thanks y'all, it's a treasure! My friend liked it too, but he was a gentleman and let me have it.
  20. Thank you Kevin, I think it's fair to say that they have more value to me than the market thanks to the family connection. I appreciate you taking the time!
  21. Thank you, I find the colors very cheery :)
  22. The brown marbled pen says Wearever on the clip and the nib says Stainless 14 K Gold Plated. The nib in the green marbled pen says Welsh Mfg Co Stainless Providence RI. My grandmother lived in ...
  23. The paper backing of the frames is pretty much destroyed, like someone wanted to get the pictures out and then changed their mind. I think it's fixable though! I know he will love it because he is cra...
  24. Thanks Mikko and Michael. I keep a couple of these cameras set up on period tripods for display. I haven't used my sx70 yet because the film is very expensive. I received it in may as a graduation pre...
  25. Thank you so much for all the information. :)
  26. Thank you so much! The blue on this guy is really uncommon. And I really appreciate you loving all of my treasures. <3 and I see we are fellow chamberlain appreciators!
  27. Thank you Mikko he is precious to me <3
  28. Thank you :) they are so light, you hardly feel them when you wear them! Additionally, the other cutout Colombian half dollars I have seen have left the letters in a ring rather than cutting around th...
  29. Hey y'all! Thank you for the kind words on my grandmother's school supplies. They are a dear treasure to me as she passed away when I was still young. In fact all three of the pens have that lever to ...
  30. Thank you Bellin, and I appreciate the loves too!
  31. Try searching for lusterware, that might help.
  32. Either way, they are beautiful art pieces by mucha!
  33. That's so cute. Nice froggy!
  34. That's a beautiful box! I agree with chrisnp on the ids. As for the guy in the middle, the only other Irish colonel I can think of is Col. Mulholland, but there doesn't seem to be enough room there fo...
  35. Thanks! I love the lobster one (which has been moved by someone to be the first image, making my description inaccurate). That sounds like a wonderful experience. And I would love to see your flying f...
  36. Thank you! And thanks for the loves. :)
  37. Beautiful! I should post mine I guess!
  38. I think paint palette is a good guess. :)
  39. Not tomahawks, I think they are banner stones or atlatl weights. Possibly made from slate.
  40. Thanks for all the love!
  41. That's interesting! I assumed it was hand done because of how 'sloppy' the writing looks. Thanks for your insight!
  42. I think it could be a small well used pestle, perhaps for grinding pigments.
  43. You're welcome!
  44. Well I think it is, especially given the difference in color. I didn't find that suspicious, just interesting. It would have taken a while.
  45. Thank you!
  46. Thank you! I like the ruler especially as well. The folding rule I use for work is also a lufkin!
  47. Nice haul
  48. Thank you cogito! I just think its beautiful. I was asking about the water because some of the black on the inside appears to be coming off. I guess I'll take this off of unsolved mystery, since y'all...
  49. Those coca cola chaps are pretty fantastic too.
  50. You're welcome, look up torpedo bottles on google to see some of the earliest glass soda bottles. They are impossible to stand upright, so the cork is always wet.
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