Blue White Transfer ware open salts or sauce cups bowls - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
Unknown Made in Germany Animal horn or tusk Musical instrument or horn - Musical Instrumentsin Musical Instruments
Antique Pastel Art Piece by Dan W Smith "Doctor R" race horse - Animalsin Animals
Antique dual key Mantle Chiming Clock - Clocksin Clocks
Antique Chinese Pottery Corked Pot with Carry Case - Potteryin Pottery
My Japanese Kirimon Back stamp Moriage Beaded Porcelain Wall Pockets Vases - Potteryin Pottery
I bought this model horse about 35 years ago at antique auction barn. - Animalsin Animals


  1. Still looking for help with this please. Thank you
  2. I cant find anything with Meissen.. any ideas?
  3. OlofZ thank you so much! I was wondering Meissen but there were no marks.. the two tiny holes on the bottom have me stumped I know I have seen them on pottery before. Will check with Meissen Thanks ag...
  4. Received a response from an expert on these. Any other insights would be appreciated. Thanks. This is the response: I can’t be sure but these items appear to me to be signaling devices. A modern da...
  5. Im still coming up with no definite identification on these. Any ideas?
  6. Looks to me like it was made to haul on top of a stage coach maybe an old box that they shipped gold with? Rifles maybe not sure
  7. Thank you for the information. That is what I found on him as well. Doesnt seem to be much information out there for someone that had a history for his work does there?
  8. I just came across something that I didn't know so I learned something too. I am pretty sure your piece is a moriage flower frog used to display stemmed flowers. The hole on the bottom would be the wa...
  9. I believe that is the 1935 Murray Streamline Velocipede. Hallmark made an ornament after it also. The history behind the making of those bicycles is rather interesting. There is a whole legacy behind ...
  10. Update: I have identified the mark as a mark supposedly only used by royals as the Kimiron back stamp. Anyone know who the maker would be? I have exhausted the research with everything I know to try. ...
  11. Wonderful thank you for all your help. I appreciate your time to do this. Hope to talk with you again someday. Take care. ?
  12. Bruce99 you are awesome! I looked through jewelers loupe and it does have the s and f just as you said. There is a whole on the bottom and the pendulum seems to be missing. Thank you so much for all t...
  13. Yes I see that now. You are very helpful Tutzie thank you so much for the info.
  14. Thanks for the tip Tutzie! I appreciate all your help
  15. Tutzie I have looked at it every where and cannot find a mark any where. It does resemble Wiliam Gilberts work but he marked all of his I believe. I would have to take to a a repair shop and I found o...
  16. Kerry good call on that I didn't notice it until you mentioned it. Have any idea who made it or its age? And thanks for bringing that to my attention. Can it be fixed?
  17. Still looking for an answer to who may have made these if you have any suggestions? Thanks
  18. And thank you Manikin and AzTom :)
  19. I looked at the eye through a jewelers loupe and really dont know for sure it almost looks like glass but it looks like a very rough surface (not machine made hand made)
  20. Thank you AzTom. I was kind of thinking that was what it was made of. I appreciate it. Do you think it was hand made or factory?
  21. Still looking for any help with these?
  22. It looks like shaved beaver and could be valuable. Take it to a fur cleaner they should be able to help you.
  23. Your welcome. Let me know what you find out!
  24. Looks like possibly a salt or sugar spice shaker something of that sort but it is done in Moriage hand painting that should give you something to start with in the pottery research. http://www.ebay.c...
  25. Looking for any help on identifying my model horse. Thank you for any suggestions.
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New garage sale find: Murray Tricycle