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Blue Mountains outside Sydney Australia

Crazy about glass and Archimede Seguso is the MAN for me...


  1. Hi Seguso777, you would not say that if you saw it. I bet yours did not have lines that did not line up exactly and slightly different sizes (an absolute no no to A.S.) and the bowl of the vase was ou...
  2. Thanks Rick - It went for a reasonable amount. I will watch that site more carefully.
  3. Wonderful match to your perfume bottle. Do you have the 3rd piece? It is normally a bottle with a stopper. A good starting spot having seen both is some googling on Seguso VdA.
  4. Not sure who made this but the sommerso is really excellent. It is a high quality piece and it would not surprise me if SVdA made it.
  5. Thanks sweet wasabi will post a pic tomorrow. Lost the original shot of the base. MS in its use of files totally confuses me some times.
  6. BTW forgot to mention that you click on the +, after you click on it to make it bigger if that makes sense. That way you can see the work up close.
  7. HI artislove. Thanks for that. The picture is dark for a reason and if you click on it you will see the full effect of the silver in this piece which would be lost in a full exposure. regards
  8. I would almost kill for one of these Nastro Richiamato vases. Tried to buy one from the US in 2008 but he would not ship it and in the end someone made him an offer and he accepted it. Can't believ...
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Murano witch hat Archimede Seguso vase. BARBINI - Murano Art Glass Bowl -- with Scroll Tip  Seguso Cobalt blue and aqua sommerso vanity bowl Seguso Cobalt blue and aqua Sommerso perfume bottle Very Large Archimede Seguso Pillow Vase Archimede Seguso. BLUE MURANO GLASS BASKET GOLD INCLUSIONS Murano?