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collingwood, Ontario

I am a photogrpaher and lover of glass


  1. I received a reply off site with some interesting information: Belfor is an importer. Your vase was produced by Chlum u Trebone and was designed by Jan Gabrhel in the early 1970s (I believe 1973). ...
  2. Thanks for the comments.
  3. So in other sources the northwood / dugan classification was explained away, still hoping to id this,
  4. I have placed this in Northwood because of previous references to the "jazz Green Colour" this is not a final classification, any help would be appreciated in identifying this vase, there is an intern...
  5. Thanks so much for your additional information!
  6. A reader to my blog has identified this as a canadian piece Toronto company Monogram Glass Company of Canada she has one in original box.
  7. If you re-finish this piece of East Lake Furniture you will reduce its value by more than 50% I wouldn't touch it with the exception of having the upholstery redone perhaps. Do a google image sear...
  8. I think your guess might be accurate, I have seen other Krosno pieces tha tuse this type of leg as well.
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Another FLORA Flower Vase By PRACHEN Glassworks with BELFOR Label A.D. Copier 1963 Cased Collection 2 Kralik Feather Pulled art glass vases, ca. 1905 saara hopea Benny Motzfeldt Cheese Cover for Hadeland, Norway Skrdlovice (( 1954 )) -- J. Beranek


Art Glass Vase with Controlled Bubbles Jack in the Pulpit Old Kids Rocking Horse Kaj Franck Rindskopf pulled feather vase, ca. 1900


posted 8 years ago