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  1. apostata, Thank you so much for the update.
  2. Thanks billretirecoll. I'll research C & F Enterprises.
  3. Keramikos, thanks for the reference.
  4. Thank you. I saw the fisherman. He had a fish; this one has a vase. I guess it would have been made during the same era.
  5. mp.kunst, Thank you for the link. It appears that the artwork is on the inside of these bowls. My have the art on the outside. How would that be viewed?
  6. apostata, thank you so much for the information. How many pieces would make it complete since you mentioned I have the outside pieces?
  7. Yes, the upload doesn’t allow me to turn it.
  8. I uploaded another picture of the mark. Hopefully it’s better.
  9. See more


Hand Painted Bavarian Plate Creamer with birds Single Slice Toast Rack? Pair Victorian porcelain hand vases Big Black and Beautiful Cranberry Striped Glass Vase Looks like a baroque silver beaker...(but I don't know) Giftware Pedestal Bowl Pin Stripe and Floral Etched Goblet Aqua blue pedestal bowl Pink Depression glass bowl with rolled rim ans floral etching