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I started buying / selling costume jewelry in the past year and love half of the job (finding great stuff). My shop on Etsy is mypettrinket and on ebay missari1978. I started buying / selling costume jewelry in the past year and love half of the job (finding great stuff). My shop on Etsy is mypettrinket and on ebay missari1978. The trouble is, I like to keep the best finds :) but don't always (Read more)


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Mid Century hand painted, gilt, signed lamp - Lampsin Lamps
Gorgeous Brooch - but whose? Mazer Bros? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Unknown British bracelet - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
What the Heck! Gold and Enamel Toe Ring? - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Need Antique Gold Ring dating help - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
How old is this? Looks asian. - Fine Jewelryin Fine Jewelry
Ralph DeRosa Trembling Flowers Bouquet Fur / Dress Clip - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry
Edwardian Sash or Collar Pin - Victorian Erain Victorian Era
Art Deco Sterling Bracelet - Art Decoin Art Deco
Alfred Philippe Running Horse Brooch Pin Prototype? - Costume Jewelryin Costume Jewelry


  1. Thanks. I'm looking forward to getting these cleaned up and on my end tables!
  2. It does not help having tiny pictures. Can't see any details, or the bottom
  3. Looks wood or bone from the texture inside and along the edges. If it's cold, bone would be more likely. One test might be to heat it up to about 140 degrees. If it cools quickly it's probably plastic.
  4. Thanks Efesgirl, that helps. Now that I know a standard I can do the appropriate research.
  5. Thanks. If you notice on the first link you gave me is a number of basket brooches, mostly unsigned. Many also have the same findings as mine. What do you think of the design of the brooch I have show...
  6. Thanks Efesgirl and Gillian. Actually the link is to my shop. I removed it because it was mis-attributed. Efesgirl, you say all Mazer was signed, but do a search of mazer flower basket brooch and ...
  7. Thanks IVAN49. I was looking for older marks. That could explain the trouble finding them.
  8. Has anyone ever see one of these?
  9. Any other suggestions?
  10. Very purty
  11. I think the marking is upside down in relation to the 14K . Looks like FS to me. What makes it look like a more recent piece? A revival piece then?
  12. I bought it as part of the jewelry from a jewelry box at a garage sale
  13. I've changed 2 images
  14. Thanks for the comments everyone. I think the mystery is solved, I found a very similarly styled Sri Lankan necklace, but without the clasp or enamel here:
  15. Thanks. I've heard Sri Lanka once before. Do you know of any others like it? I recently realized that the enamel is very similar to Niello enamel, except that no well was carved for it, it is just on ...
  16. Thanks. I guess I'll just have to clean it up a bit and wait. I appreciate your help. Maybe my next stop will have to be Antiques Road Show if that's the only way to find an expert familiar with simi...
  17. First, thanks for the love everyone. I did hear back from Heritage, and I'll quote them - "I am not familiar with this necklace." Very helpful. Yes, I tend to agree with you wildvke. Hand woven...
  18. Thanks for the history, wildvke. My best guess so far is late middle ages to early 19th century, India, Tibet region. I sent an email to Heritage, see if I can get an expert opinion.
  19. I tested this and it is sterling silver. I could not find a maker's mark anywhere on it. Can anybody tell me anything about this piece? Anyone here from Christi's of Heritage? As I mentioned above, ev...
  20. I took a closer look at the construction on this and every bit of detail on the necklace and every bead is entirely hand made of many small pieces. The granulation, the twisted wire borders (visible i...
  21. Not sure why this was moved to the fine jewelry category? What was wrong with the vintage category? Just a rhetorical comment. Would love to figure this one out anyway!
  22. I do like a lot of the Etruscan pieces that I've seen. Yeah, the granulation is nice, too bad it's still a lost art since no one knows how they did it back in the 2nd century. Hey wildvke, thanks for ...
  23. Thanks for the link. Yes, but I was looking around a little and see that Etruscan is mainly gold jewelry. Hmm? It also is not enough like Etruscan revival from late 1800s. Now I'm thinking more Afghan...
  24. It is! Saw this at an auction and had to get it. BTW- I took the photos at night and it was a little dark, so the colors are way off. Mostly silverish and black,
  25. Very neat pin
  26. It may help in the future if I find more info in the future, thanks.
  27. and asking
  28. Nope. I'll just hang onto it for a few years, Maybe I'll run across some more info in that time. Thanks for ashing.
  29. No, just high end costume jewelry of the time. Thanks for the bump, Jewels. It still looks to me as if my pin is possibly a prototype of the later pin. They are from the same mold except that the m...
  30. Here is a question to start with: when were the first pieces pave set? By whom?
  31. Giddyap
  32. Thanks Jewels, you're a gem!
  33. Thanks, just wishful thinking. I suppose the truth probably is that no one has any information beyond what is already out there. I would just like to know what to call it if I do decide to sell it, an...
  34. I can sense everyone pondering this.
  35. Thanks, I do too.
  36. I agree. What are these brooches made of? Are they painted glass or litho?
  37. Any ideas on this ring? I have seen a number of vintage engagement rings with two stones
  38. Thanks. That's a useful bit of information.
  39. What TubeAmp said. I haven't been able to identify whose mark that is.
  40. I tested this at someone's suggestion and it turns out that it's 10K gold.
  41. Thanks. Do you mean something along the lines of a poker chip?
  42. It looks like Florenza. I have one on etsy that's similar to this without the cameo. Early 50's
  43. What kind of clasp was this? It's not one I've seen before...
  44. Thanks. I found a picture of a similar piece, but I don't know who that is from either. I've added that picture
  45. I see some people love this, but does anyone know what this kind of piece is called?
  46. I don't know much about it, but I thought the German mark after 1886 wasn't just the crown, but crown and moon. there is no moon on this piece.
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Mid Century hand painted, gilt, signed lamp Northwood ? Grape & Cable Whiskey Set ~ Crystal with Gold Cable How old is this? Looks asian.


Fenton Cranberry Opal Essence Swirl Lamps Sarah link bracelet, Blue enanmel and rhinestone brooch, Blue rhinestone brooch


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