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I don't really consider myself a hardcore collector of specific things. My collections always start out the same: I just want one of a certain thing. That one thing I don't really consider myself a hardcore collector of specific things. My collections always start out the same: I just want one of a certain thing. That one thing is the start of a new collection. I have a collection of vintage, European (mostly German) coffee mills with the hand cranks on them, a collection of sad irons and trivets, and my most recent sickness, old, advertising signs and thermometers. I also scour the flea markets, not for anything in particular, but whatever happens to catch my eye as I'm walking around. I also like old tools and several other old items that are too numerous to mention here. Having served in the Air Force for 26 years afforded me the opportunity to collect many different things while stationed around the world. I'm retired now but wish I was still traveling and collecting. (Read more)


  1. It doesn't belong to me. I was trying to find out info for a friend of mine who owns it.
  2. Thanks for the love, Jewels, bb2, agh, eye4, and PatSea.
  3. Thanks for the love, agh!
  4. I've seen some similar to this here that people say are cobblers' benches.
  5. The "hammered" look pieces were cast like this. A hammer never touched them. Chicago Hardware Foundry make a lot of pieces in this style, but they usually had marking on the bottom. This handle does...
  6. Thanks, nutsabotas6, and thanks for the love nuts and agh.
  7. Thanks, Sean!
  8. Thanks for the love and comment, Vintagefran.
  9. You should start posting pictures of your collection. I'm sure a lot of people would like to see them.
  10. Seriously! :) Thanks for the love, walksoftly.
  11. I meant nothing either, was just wondering what the mystery was. As ggc said, only you or an admin can delete comments.
  12. What's the unsolved mystery on it?
  13. Thanks for finding my crock! Now if you'll kindly return it....... :-) Nice find!
  14. No rust? You must live in Arizona or Nevada. :)
  15. Thanks, Sean. Merry Christmas! John
  16. I had one of these a few years ago before I got into collecting signs, etc. It was in really good condition too. And I sold it. I'm still kicking myself over that one.
  17. Yeah, I don't want to hear it. LOL.
  18. I saw a complete set in the box earlier this year at the flea market and didn't buy them. Been kicking myself ever since.
  19. Nice. It almost looks to be the size of a caboose stove.
  20. My comment up there should say "My wife......" That's interesting about the Gatorade. Makes sense though. I wonder if it makes the eggs a little sweeter too.
  21. I've never heard that. I'll give it a try.
  22. Why wife was just talking about the square feed.
  23. I would, but there isn't a category for them.
  24. As small as the skillet is, I'd have to have 8. :) And I don't know if my square chickens can lay that many square eggs in one day. Thanks for the love, fhrjr2, bb2, agh, officialfuel, and ggc!
  25. I have an old Lodge #6 skillet that I made cornbread in a few nights ago. Best cornbread I ever had. I'm just starting to get into cast iron. I'm liking it.
  26. Don't tell me that, fhrjr2, now I'll be looking for that skillet.
  27. I have a couple square chickens. :)
  28. Now that's interesting. I wonder what the purpose of having a clear bottom is.
  29. I do what I can. :) I know there's another complete set like these that are all different shades of yellow, and there's another set that are different shades of green. I've never seen either compl...
  30. Aim, yes, the thicker ones without the numbers are the old ones, most likely from the 1940s.
  31. Take a look at the picture of mine, and you can see the difference. All but the yellow one have the thick foot. Here's a great website that I found that explains a lot.
  32. Are they the older ones with the thicker foot on the bottom, or the newer ones?
  33. I do what I can. :)
  34. That's a great price for that set!
  35. I mean that I've never heard of such a thing like a deposit on a potato chip can. I thought deposits went away with the glass pop bottles that we used to take back to the gas station.
  36. Interesting. I've never heard of such a thing.
  37. Thanks for the love and comment, Sean. Merry Christmas to you! And thanks for the love ggc and walksoftly.
  38. Can return? Is there a deposit on the can?
  40. It looks like a sad iron heater.
  41. What is rare about it?
  42. Awesome piece. Being from PA originally, I'd love to have that.
  43. Is it a flush cut saw?
  44. These are from the early 1970s. I have the pedal one in my listings. I've since given it to my nephew. He's a huge VW Beetle fan.
  45. Thanks for the love, geo and ggc!
  46. Thanks for the love, officialfuel, agh, Sean, and bratjdd!
  47. First thing that comes to mind is a Welsh Love Spoon, but it's not as ornate as they usually are, so I'm probably wrong. :)
  48. hotairfan, you are correct! I put this tool in my handy, dandy electrolysis tank to get the rust off. Took it out this morning and cleaned it off. Now I can read it. It's a Triumph Trap Placer mad...
  49. When I was in Saudi Arabia, there was tons of this stuff in the markets. They weren't antiques, just had the typical brass tarnishing from age, etc.
  50. My first thought was old, dog nail clippers, but the opening is probably too small for that.
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