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New Mexico


  1. Hello, Kaz, I did not find out any more information, do love his work. You are lucky to have one!
  2. I see the resemblance!
  3. Hello! I am an admire of her work. I have the above and the ceramic pieces with me here in New Mexico. She seems like quite the talented and overall amazing person I wish I could have met.
  4. Yes, I have thank you - I'm hoping to find some one who knew her. she seems like such an interesting person.
  5. Mystery solved! Appears to be Fred Evangel maker's mark.
  6. What a great dress could have been on Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In!
  7. Love the colors!
  8. T or D, My dish isn't nearly as nice as the set in the link you provided. Now I know what to look for!
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Wheel Thrown Pottery Bowl An Interesting Face