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  1. Thanks for loving this lamp samwell
  2. Thanks mikko for your beautifull love & comment :)
  3. Thanks for your love bellin
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  9. First i say thanks for your love and this is print :)
  10. Thanks to every one for your love and comments.
  11. Thanks Micmac, its not cracked glaze that is just shade, i'll update the pictures later then you check it.
  12. Thanks bellin for your love
  13. Thanks stef for your comment. I'm not using this dish i have another dish wich i use regularly.
  14. Thank you for the sweet compliment, Kathy.
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  16. What do you think, they look like !....... Thanks for your love tool :)......
  17. Thanks for the love Mikko.
  18. Thank you, that's very kind of you! Scandi.
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  24. Oldies is Goldies. Never mis memories ha!!! - I still use, one of my place. ThanQ for good comment & love Scandi.
  25. Stef it's beautiful. one of that picture looks same like your smile.
  26. Its beautyful, is this designed particular use or only for decorative. I love this bowl.
  27. Yes it is, there is complete info about WWII. This is Armed services memorial Edition. Thank you for the love Clockerman.
  28. Thanks Mrmajestic for the love.
  29. Thanks Amber Rose for your comment.
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  32. Thanks for comments stef.
  33. I forgot to say even Rajastani people wear this kind of shoes in India.
  34. These shoes either made in India or Pakistan, mostly this shoes use the people orginated from Punjab.
  35. Thanks for your comments Manikin.
  36. Thanks again for your comments.
  37. Thanks Manikin.
  38. Thanks for your comments and clues, Manikin.
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  41. Thanks for your comments, Stef. I agree with your valuation.
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  45. Thanks Stef, for like that little bears and furniture.
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  48. I just called Mr. Barbie. I have no idea what his name.
  49. Thanks stefdesign. does it have any value ?
  50. Thanks Manikin.
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