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I have so many things some day I will get around to selling posting ..I have been involved with love of Antiques all my life but in 2005 I hit the books and studyinI have so many things some day I will get around to selling posting ..I have been involved with love of Antiques all my life but in 2005 I hit the books and studying my eye out ..Enjoy learning something new eeveryday (Read more)


  1. There's also a f b group some really funny Brite people from over pond check it out I'm sure steve Osborn or mark Elliott will know
  2. They are very top of the line I'm at a loss at the moment, to remember the maker .hallmark goes way back as for many of the well known makers of kink knacks but the was a company that did alot of rea...
  3. The 1965-1980 a life time ago ..we would get grape try ,find a picture or something that we liked .poster, good size clipping and take burn around the edges. Then clear glue ir to tge try after we wo...
  4. Gossip bench 1965 I CHANGE My Memory CARD SO I CAN'T Remember The Name Of maker GREAT FIND I DO KNOW THE GOSIP Bench $ 300 $
  5. Gossip bench
  6. Sign was placed in the main areas on the big motors that generates gas and electricity.
  7. Oh by the way PG&E was around in the 1920s it was 1932 when they found natural gas in the Sanjoaquin valley K.C. pump station
  8. PG&E pacific gas and electric. .and yes PG&E is was part of the railroad way back when they made railroad going up mountains
  9. How to say it bromaster. .Markers that where good size equipment sweet find 1930s.
  10. Company that made motors to bring natural gas up out of the ground ?1930s
  12. Used in the gold mines ????crates of dienomite
  13. Marker off washer the 1'S that washed but didn't have spin cycle roller with the handle
  14. Same for me daddy's RIP..I have 7 different oil cans most likely 1 of them go back to 1930s keepers. .I will have to look and see if mine have any markings I'll get back but more then likely they we...
  15. Cool find **something you are very good at
  16. PG&E electric the purples one are worth the most but that's what they are used on thelphone poles electric go as far back as 1920 or more along the same as when natural gas was being found in the gro...
  17. Your just about rite ..the some what Big history of natural gas in San Joaquin valley 1923 standard oil Shell oil..do some reading about Howard Hughes. .that is sign on sign
  18. You hang it on the wall and put a roll of string in it back in the day tape wasn't you would cut off what you needed
  19. Look like what they called bed side bottles
  20. I have one from my dad 1930s mine is silver
  21. Gramps Sam worked in the oil field and on the weekend would go to shaver lake to the gold mine at the age of 32 back in 1933 the dynamite blew and he went blind ..so he became blind man Sam the rope m...
  22. It looks just like the one my dad had they used it on the natural gas motors that PG&E BACK IN THE 1920. 1930. cooper and brass. Clark's. I just went brain dead 4 other companies that invented motors...
  23. Why I'm i having a problem finding a website for paper windows this is the only prices I can find shabby chic cottage hand painted ceramic collection from Paper Windows USA very reminiscent of Waverl...
  24. 2002 miller's international antiques professional handbook prices guide
  25. A Continental majolica jug modelled as a fish c 1900 ..high $360-420 [t] MLL AS of 2002 pottery. .they made one that looks like pig ...I do belive all so mallard duck ..I tired to make a box mark...
  26. Thank you but I happen to ask 1 friend and bingo I could not belive it that in no way comes close thanks
  27. Paper windows pottery
  28. I have a smaller 1 I brought in 1983 canvas in a nice frame it grabbed me way back then at Howard Johnson restaurant I paid 55 dollars. .
  29. Most of my goodies are packed up, but my friend had a boutique and she ? If I remember rite she did a lot of her buying in new Orleans just like the basket I can not find the name of the maker any whe...
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