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What is it? - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Haeger Label Green Drip Covered Dish - Potteryin Pottery
Lighter - majolica ceramic pottery - Tobaccianain Tobacciana
Vintage Elephant Planter (unmarked) - Potteryin Pottery
Anyone have any information on this perfume bottle with the gold filigree leaves? - Bottlesin Bottles
Mid Century Bar Glass - American? - Mid-Century Modernin Mid-Century Modern
Art Glass w/ Rigaree Handles - Mid-Century - Studio?   - Art Glassin Art Glass
Majolica Small Pitcher Help Identify? - Potteryin Pottery
Blue & White c1820 Bathwell & Goodwin Basket & Flowers."   - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…
European (?) Pillow Vase on 4 gold painted ball feet. Hand painted.  - China and Dinnerwarein China and Dinnerw…


  1. Great. Thank you for this information.
  2. No I have no idea. I guess I was hoping you'd know. As I said mine is really very heavy. How about your's? I 'm wondering if the heaviness if any indication of quality. I't has one's a ...
  3. Love the purple one. I have one similar. It's very very heavy. Is your heavy? Do you know who made yours? About how old is it?
  4. I did take a look. The signed name of Rhea looks similar. I'll need to follow up on this. Maybe she's in Facebook. Or i'll see if she's listed in a studio. That's a good start Mary. Thank you fo...
  5. Also I just noticed the brass mechanism is stamped "Japan". I don't think that it necessarily means the item was from Japan does it? Don't other countries order parts from Japan for their products?
  6. It appears to very much like illus. of the Palmer Brownies. Try Googleing "images" Palmer Brownies dishes
  7. Do a search for Japan Awaji pottery. I believe that's what it's called.
  8. I'm a Pat also and love going to the thriftshops. The teapot is lovely with the Wisteria. Lucky find.
  9. Forgot...mechanism is brass (colored)?.
  10. Still need help identifying this mark? Country of origin?
  11. No one's responded. Come on folks... any suggestions welcome.
  12. Reply to art pottery; You've really earned a gold medal for all your time spent finding out this information. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You made my day. With all the images of elephants especially fro...
  13. to art.pottery. I looked more closely with a mag. glass. I saw all sorts of letters but like my bathroom linoleum I can find all kinds of animals if I look hard. I think it's a trick of the mind & ...
  14. I looked carefully, there's no "N" on any of the feet. Possible that some never got marked?
  15. You didn't say but do you know that this is named "Thousand Faces"?
  16. Mrstyndall. You'll like this. It's Nippon made with Moriage decoration. I found a few on Google "images". Do a search for "Nippon Moriage Handled dish". Several on Ebay and I see one on Pinterest....
  17. You need to include a picture of the base. (underside). I've been searching. This could help.
  18. I quickly looked into this. It does look similar. This is a good place to start. How nice of you to respond. I've got some digging to do and a place to start now. Happy Day to you
  19. I have 3 similar plates. 2 out of 3 were professionally mended with staples. It must have been expensive and was a popular method I believe in the 1800's. I'd like to send you a picture to compare. I...
  20. Made in Japan after the Hummel child figurines. In the 40's and 50's I'm thinking.
  21. Thank you Maryh1956 for sharing that great information.
  22. Thank you so much. Very Interesting information. No luck, so far, Googleing for any information on this exported in France. What kind of resource do you use to have researched this? You're so fortu...
  23. Thank you, I appreciate your reply.
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