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Hi. My name is Jessica & according to the younger generation I am considered "vintage"...thus the name of my antique booth "Vintage Artworks & Antiques". I collect &Hi. My name is Jessica & according to the younger generation I am considered "vintage"...thus the name of my antique booth "Vintage Artworks & Antiques". I collect & sell oil paintings, antique furniture particularly Swedish & French, bisque figurines, & French porcelain...oops & architectural salvage. (Read more)


My most recent find - Furniturein Furniture


  1. Oh okay! That's what I get from looking at things late at night. :-) THANKS for posting this! Beautiful!!
  2. If you don' mind me saying, this ring is so lovely you should wear it every day. I find that surrounding myself with beauty, whether it be jewelry or fine art, just makes me smile. Thank you for shar...
  3. Wow!!! Amazing you made the connection. I think these small portraits are beautiful. Is this painted on ivory like the other ones I have seen on CW? These are fascinating.
  4. I researched and found a set of 19th century chairs with the curved front rails and you can tell they are 1800's from the patina. From the photo I really think a '40's repro. Not sure about the wood.
  5. I would say early 1940 ' best guess from a photo. What makes me think that is the curvature of the 2 front rails. You don't see that very often, at least I haven't. In addition to that the way...
  6. It looks very similar to an old Stargazing Chair. It's gorgeous!!! I am shocked they left it. What a treasure! Although it may just be a chaise. Looks like it's a 1950's piece from the photo.
  7. The question marks on the comment above was a laughing face. :-) Guess those don't post on this site.
  8. Totally!!! ????
  9. PostCardCollector...I love her!!! She is looking at the camera like "who are you & what on Earth are you doing with that camera!". It looks like the lady behind her is leaning on a crutch. Love this!
  10. Glad I could help! Have a great day!
  11. Uh oh...I hate when that happens. But chances are you will find another one soon. They seem to be coming out of the woodwork lately.
  12. Yes I noticed this table last night. Very similar to mine. Did it sell?
  13. I just started learning needlepoint and embroidery because it is so beautiful and becoming a lost art.
  14. This is fabulous!!! What a great piece of artwork with the collage AND positive/negative space techniques. I LOVE this!
  15. BOBBY725 & bucket head thank you for responding! Bobby725 I will check your table out. I think they are so interesting. So much prettier than the MDF tables of today. Have a great night all & thanks f...
  16. Caperkid....thank you for telling me about appraisals being a "no go". I didn't realise that. Hope I don't get kicked off!
  17. I have a similar lamp from the 1920's. It is made of some type of metal and it is a little girl with her 2 small dogs. I had to have it rewired. The figures in these lamps are very sweet. I bought min...
  18. Again, this is so wonderful because of the expressions and free spirits of the children. So unusual. I love it!
  19. Could it be ivory?
  20. This photo is priceless because of the animated nature of the older man in front. Usually the subjects in photos during that time period had very stoic expressions. Stern. It was easy to tell life had...
  21. Thank you! Can't imagine painting on such a small scale.
  22. beautiful. sorry about your shelf...YIKES!
  23. Amazing.
  24. These are exquisite. What size are they in inches?
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Bernard Instone Silver, Enamel and Ruby. Brooch 1930s THOMAS L MOTT GILT & ENAMEL PORTRAIT BROOCH HAND STITCHED- SILLOUETTE NEEDLEPOINT MY DAD AND TWO ARMY BUDDIES ON LEAVE Art Noveau Lady and small child Fountain Lamp Old picture of Gypsy girls Old photograph of a farm family MANITOU SPRINGS,COLO. INCLINE RIDE., BOBBY725 SOLVED IT! Edwardian Stem Vase? 1942 BIG Coca Cola Advertising sign Botticell's Primavera Miniature on Ivory  Rosenthal Selb Bavaria & Pickard plate A Trio of Miniature Paintings on Ivory


Ruckl - Confetti Decor (tornado pattern)


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