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Delft Tile Tea Tin 1920's; Verbelfa Krommenie, North Holland

GreatGrandma Ross's "Delft Tile" Tea Tin (1920's):("Verbelfa Krommenie" printed under lid, on front of the tin's lower lip) Mfr by Verbelfa Canning Company located in Krommenie, North Holland. DESCRIPTION: Blue Artwork on White background (naturally yellowed) each side of tin illlustrates hunt animals: dog, rabbit, fox; top/lid depicts Dutch/Holland huntsman(photos at: www.collectorsweekly.com/stories/41625-verblifa-krommenie-tin ) EST value in 2012: $300-600 US MFR NOTES: Thomassen & Tracker-Verblifa (now IAV) was a Dutch company that fabricated metal packages/tins for use in the food and chemical industries. The tins consisted of thin rolled steel or aluminum. The company headquarters was located in Deventer and had factories in Leeuwarden , Hoogeveen , Krommenie , Zaandam , Amsterdam , Doesburg , Deventer and Utrecht . Thomassen & Tracker (T&D) was founded in 1919. In 1952, the Drenthina Tin Factory in Hoogeveen was taken. In 1965 came Thomassen & Tracker-Verblifa from a merger of T & D in the United Blikfabrieken (United factory complex (called Verblifa), by a large Amsterdam glance printer who originally came from the Zaan . On the75th anniversary of the canning factory in 1963 the artist MC Escher designed a special commemorative tin. On 16 April 1969, factories closed in Dordrecht , Krommenie and Utrecht announced, due to redundancies. In 1970 TDV was taken over by Continental Can Company Inc., the second-largest tin producer of the United States. In 1991 the German conglomerate VIAG took the packaging company Continental Can Europe, including TDV. The company was established in 1997 split and integrated metal packaging group Impress Group . TDV enjoys some notoriety as one of the first Dutch companies in early seventies to allow guest workers into the Netherlands. In 2009 there were just over 8,500 people worldwide, and more than sixty Impress Factories. In the Netherlands there are branches in Deventer (headquarters and production), Hoogeveen , Leeuwarden , and Zaandijk . On 7 December 2010, Impress was taken over by the Irish Ardagh Glass. The total group is now called Ardagh_Group . http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomassen_%26_Drijver-Verblifa

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