Collecting Antique Ball Jars

June 26th, 2008

In this article, collector Bruce Wayne Schank talks about collecting antique Ball jars (fruit jars), and the history of the Ball jar. Based in Pompton Plains, NJ, Bruce can be reached via his website,

One of the most common fruit jars ever produced is the lowly Ball jar. Historical figures show that from between Sept 1, 1894 until Dec 31, 1961, 41,256,856 Gross jars were produced by the Ball Glass Mfg Co. A staggering number, what this suggests is that Ball jars should be a readily available commodity and very easy to find, making collecting Ball Jars a somewhat easier venture since more of these jars exist then probably any of the other manufacturers combined. Yet with all that glass out there to be found, it has become a colossal challenge to categorize, date and fully understand the minutia of variants produced by the Ball Glass Mfg Co. Plus, there is a sub-minutia of variances in the entire differing genre of Ball jars, to make matters even more convoluted.

perfect mason ball jar green

Perfect Mason ball jar

Now, who hasn’t at one time or another, whether at a garage sale, antique store, grandma’s basement or in some hole-in-the-wall come across a Ball jar, whether a PERFECT MASON, IDEAL, SURE SEAL, IMPROVED, SPECIAL or one of the myriad of other varieties of jars produced over the last century plus by the Ball Glass Mfg Co. Incredibly, though, many people have failed to recognize the true importance these jars played in our nation’s history. And believe me when I tell you, Ball jars are a quintessential part of American history and as much so as apple pie or ice cream.

Imagine this: the Ball jar was at one time reviled by the vast majority of the collecting world as worthless and a complete waste of time, money, and energy. Yet a small group of collectors just happened to see the beauty, value, and future in collecting Ball jar, so much so that yes, amazingly, despite all the odds and over many years, Ball jars have now blossomed into one of the most highly sought after collectibles among jar hobbiests today.

Perfect Mason ball jar

Why is this so? Why the drastic change? Well, coming from a 30-year perspective in the hobby, I can say simply a few things; 1) there are many more collectors now than ever before vying for the few good jars known to exist or being discovered. 2) Most of the highly sought after truly historical jars are out of reach financially for the vast majority of collectors. 3) Most of the few prized historical jars are already in someone else’s collection. 4) The few historical jars still left intact are not readily available for the average collector to even consider purchasing. 5) With the advent of eBay the playing field has leveled somewhat but the ultimate overall cost still is a huge factor for the average collector because overall, eBay is not a bargain.

On the other hand, as we have already previously established, Ball jars are a readily available commodity. Plus, the wonderful character of the glass, the beautiful breathtaking colors and hues, the varying closure types, the myriad embossing styles, and the re-worked and modified moulds make Ball jars a viable alternative to other much more expensive collectible jars. And yes, out of all those millions of jars produced, there are many one-of-a-kind Ball jars, rare as well as scarce, and worth considerable amounts of money. Yet I personally consider some of the $1 jars out there to be just as pleasing and desirable as the expensive ones. The passion that truly drives a Ball jar collector on is that around any corner is the possibility of a new discovery, a totally different and unknown variation, a possible piece of the puzzle solved, or a really crude masterpiece.

improved ball jar

Improved ball jar

I truly consider myself a very fortunate and lucky person that I just happened to be one of those few collectors who recognized long ago the intrinsic value, beauty, and history of Ball jars when they were objects of disdain or simply overlooked by so many others. I’m so grateful I had the foresight to collect Ball jars because despite the fact many of the good ones in my early years were financially and geographically out of reach, I still managed to acquire a very small but desirable collection through knowledge, insight, persistence, patience, and hard work.

But, what I have truly gained over the years besides the wonderful jars in my collection is something far more intrinsically valuable, namely the many great people who befriended me, taught me, reasoned, bantered with me, traded with me, sold jars to me, and shared their lives. For that I am truly grateful. I can honestly say that collecting Ball jars has been one of the most satisfying adventures in my life and something I will never regret doing as long as I live.

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  2. Bruce Wayne Schank Says:


    I would suggest you go to the FruitJars Group on Yahoo which I am a Moderator.

    There you can get many questions answered plus you can search yourself through the huge database of info going all the way back to Sept of 2000.

  3. David Krzemien Says:

    Ya hit the nail square on the head Bruce. I have over the past 15+ years gone after many a differnt fruit jars….but in the end…I have always been drawn back to Ball Brothers jars.
    And as with you….I managed to get a few jars when they were well, not considered. I always look to the hunt..the flea market, estate and garages sales.
    I have been fortunate enough to obtain a few nice Ball jars from two pioneer collections now being liquidated. And I see it as was once said…We are not collectors, but guardians of a piece of history.
    Thanks for the great article.

  4. teresa harper Says:

    i have a wax seal old blue ball standard quart jar which looks like it has 3 l’s but it is a loop after the second l and the a in ball is a written a that resembles a p because of a line going up into the a as it was written and on the bottom of this jar it looks like 3 straight lines like one one one inside of a quarter size circle, you can run your fingers across all three and feel them, just wondered if anyone knew anything about this jar…..thanx Teresa

  5. Kelly Fowler Says:

    I also have a seal ball quart jar that says only ball standard and has the three ones on bottom mine is green or aqua lots of bubbles and ball has a extra loop at the end written differently than any other I have seen. Can you help Identify? is it rare? Thanks Kelly

  6. Jim Wood Says:

    I have a jar that says Mason’s Improved on it .The cap screws down on a glass lid.The lid has the trademark C.F.J imbossed on it.Also on the front is embossed a cross (like an Iron Cross) Can someone tell me something about this jar.Much appreciated.Thanks

  7. kathy hogan Says:

    I have found, while cleaning out my basement a collection of ball perfect mason blue jars, I was wondering the value of some of the jars. where can I find this information?

    thank you for any help

  8. Nancy Says:

    Could someone tell me if the word perfect is misspelled on a mason jar if it is rare or if there was alot of these out there???????????

  9. Robert Mould Says:

    Hi. We have what I call a prism colored Ball Mason Jar. on the bottom of the jar–Genuine sculptured Ball Jar. Then in the middle– 62 Mason Jar C5

    What can you tell us about the jar? To me, it has the appearance in the light somewhat like carnival glass. Bluish orange and red.

    Thank you.

  10. curtis lortz Says:

    I came across a ball jar in my grandmothers cabinets. It says ball standard on the front and an M or W circled on the bottom. The only thing I could find out about it on the net was the logo appeared to be apart ot the 3l time range. It has a wide mouth and wax seal top to it. Any help I appreciate it. Thanks.

  11. Juanita Dearth Says:

    I have and old jar with Ball across the top and Mason at the bottom on front of the jar. I would like to know more about this. Can you tell me.

    Thank you.

  12. Tabitha Coffman Says:

    I am a current collector of the Blue Ball Perfect Mason Jars!!! I have loved them for a long time. I think they are beautiful and I try to collect as many as I can. I have several and I hope to collect more. Good Luck to all who collect!!!

  13. Flonnie Morse Says:

    I have a lamb Mason Jar. Do you know anything about these? If so would you please letme know and about the history of them? Thank you so much.

  14. Michael Litant Says:

    Great Column, Bruce! You hit it right on with your comment about the anticipation of what’s around the next corner. It’s what got me out of bed Sunday mornings to scan the flea markets in MA and NH. I was never a fan of collecting something so expensive that you could only add a couple to your collection each year … I’d much rather come back from every trip with SOMETHING! You have a gorgeous collection and a fine Web site.



  15. Laurie Says:

    I have several blue ball canning jars passed to me through generations of lovingly preserving God’s bounty. I have many old jars and am curious to know the history/value of my treasures. I believe most of the blue ball jars I have are the no underscore type 1923-1933. I am curious to know what the numbers mean on the bottom. I have a multitude of numbers from 1-13. If you would inlighten me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you. Laurie

    P.S. I don’t want to sell my jars, since I use them for canning.

  16. Karen McCormick Says:

    My mother collected anything God ever made 2 of. AVON and Fruit jars were her largest collections. When I boxed up her house after she passed, there were 34 cases of vintage fruit jars and 60+ on AVON. My son has the AVON and I am bringing the fruit jars out of storage. She tagged every piece she collected with a code, where she got it, how much she paid, and the current value from the collectors books, EACH YEAR, updating. She was amanzing (we told her she was crazy). I remember in 2004, when I boxed it all, there was a brand of jar I hadn’t heard of and got on line in a chat room and was told it was a Texas mgf who made such a quality jar for less, that either Ball or Mason bought them out and shut it down. Anyone know what the manufacturer was? I know there were quite a few. Let me know, ok? Thanks! Karen

  17. Jess Says:

    I have a few Perfect Ball jars and one of them I have collected has come with the original lid and has a spelling error. Instead of saying “perfect” it very obviously says “pepfect”. I was wondering if this spelling error made a difference in what I have collected. If anyone can let me know if this is of value that would be great!

  18. Trudy Jones Says:

    I recently purched a blue ball one and one half quart jar.Does anyone know when these were made.I can find noone that has ever seen them and I have taled to people in their 80….Thank You

  19. Sharon Swenson Says:

    I have a small collection of blue Ball canning jars that I’ve picked up one by one at garage sales. I’m considering selling them as we need the space. Any interest and what is their value? What should I look for that would indicate a rare piece?
    Thank you!

  20. Sandra Foster Says:

    I was given a Ball Ideal jar that has a patent date of July 14, 1908 on it. it has wire side printed on top and it has the wires for the lid. Unfortunately It doesnt have the lid. Can anyone tell me more about this one? I also have 2 Drey jars that have the wire tops. Can anyone help?

  21. Karen Siefker Says:

    I have a very large assortment of old canning jars. When our children were small we had a huge garden and canned all summer long. Since I no longer can, I am interested in selling these jars. Many of them are green or blue ball, kerr, and mason jars. I know that many of them are very old since they had been used by my grandmother and by my mother-in-law. How do you recommend that I go about selling these jars?

  22. Anne Potter Says:

    I have acquired a blue Mason jar with just the word “Ball” in script, nothing else, on it. Does anyone know anything about this jar?

  23. sharon pearson Says:

    I have a very small Ball jar and it says ball perfect mason on the front of it. Its only 2 3/4 inches high and has a zinc lid on it. I think it might of been a sample jar I was wondering if you could tell me anything about it and if its worth very much.

  24. Elizabeth Libbey Says:

    I’m downsizing and ready to let go of some of my Ball Blue jars. I was trying to figure out dates, etc. I noticed on two of the jars, one quart and one half-gallon, that the “Mason” lettering is not centered under the “Perfect” lettering, i.e., it begins more to the left than the Perfect above it. Both seem to be from the 1922-1933 years. Does anyone know anything ab out this. Thanks.

  25. Ken Spencer Says:

    I’m not a jar collector, but I found about a 1/2 gallon jar that is all clear and etched to look like a wood barrel. Its base is 4in. and widens to 51/2in. with a 41/2in. screw on tin lid. The yellow lid has red writing that says
    NOW! fresher tastier peanut butter. The only other writing is on the bottom of the jar and it says 830-63
    Ball (Ball is written in cursive with the all underlined and looks like 93 under that)
    I can’t seem to find anything about peanut butter jars. I’m wondering if that means it’s extremely rare. If anybody has any knowledge about these or know where to get it,that would be appreciated. Thanks.

  26. Debbie Decker Says:

    I have a case of white lids, some say: genuine zinc cap for ball mason jars. The others say: genuine boyd’s cap for mason jar. I don’t not what their value or if anyone would even be interested in them. Can you contact me to let me know?

    Thank you.
    Debbie Decker

  27. Karl Thomas Says:

    Hi, Excellent article. I have a quart Ball jar with what appears to be roman numerals XIII. The seams from the top screw on part and bottom jar are not in line. It looks like they were two seperate pieces. Glued together??? I would appreciate any info recieved. Thank you, Karl

  28. Jackie Blasiman Says:

    Hi, I have a blue canning jar given to me by a friend that has bubbles in the glass, and has an “H” on the bottom, along with the extra loop can you please tell me anything about it, what year they were made and if it was hand blown? Thanks

  29. JULIE Says:


  30. Chad E.Smith Says:

    My name is cxhad and Ilove the way that old fruit jars look. Ihave coletted over 150 old jars I dont know alot about them Iwish that Icould find aplace ti search As I said there are some with 13 on the bottom 00,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,and so on and so on some have lines under the and Some with glass liads. Also many have littel bubels and some have big bubels I JUST NEED SOME TO HELP ME LEARN ABOUT A PASSION THAT I AM STARTING TO LOVE. MY 10 year old dautger love them to

  31. Terrie Peet Says:

    To ken Spencer, have you heard anything about the peanut butter jar. we also have one the only difference is that is A1 instead of an A2. please email us at if u have any information on the jar. we dont.

  32. Tony Says:

    I have found an old Ball canning jar that does NOT have the patent date on it. It is very short and it is an Ideal Ball canning jar. If someome could date this that would be great if not please try to put a value on it. Thanks.

  33. Rosemary Says:

    Sandra Foster, June 30, 2010

    I have (2) two Ball Ideal jars: blue – 4 3/4 in high – glass tops with

    They too are dated ( pat’d July 14th, 1908)- I’m sorry I do not have
    any infromation to give you. Have you found out anything.


  34. Nicholas Says:

    Clear Ball Jar pint size with Ball underlined and 1-T 233-16 x6 written near the bottom on the side of the jar. It has a screw top. I was looking in an old shed, found this and cleaned it up.

    Thanks for your comments.

    Nicholas 13 years old.

  35. shari Says:

    I have been decorating with mason jars. Then my husband received his grandfather’s old moonshine parts. So he wanted to get the number 13 mason jar. Well we finally found it today. So I came home and google it after buying it. I noticed there are several on ebay. But the prices are so different. Some are like 79.95. There are other for only 9.99. Is there a reason for this. They look just a like. And they both have 13 and are the blue ball jars.

    thank you

  36. Pam Bell Says:

    I have been collecting Ball for a few years. I have just come across a 16 sided Ball jar with zink lid. I have never seen a jar like this before. Last week I was at Dollywood and was going through the replica of her house that she grew up in and on there on one of the shelves was a 16 sided ball jar.
    8 sides are clear and 8 sides ar frosted. It has Ball in very small letter on the bottom.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks, pam

  37. edy Says:

    I just purchased a 5 gal jar with the eagle on one side and ball ideal on the other there is no bi-centenial wording just the eagle and the star on top. it has a glass lid and a wire closure rings on bottom no markings,.
    seams do not go to the top of jar. it is huge.looking for info

  38. Linda Says:

    I have a Ball Perfect Mason Jar with a number ten in concentric circles on the bottom. It holds just less than 1/2 gallon. I was told that it had belonged to my grandmother, who passed away over 33 years ago at age 85. So, it probably was used by her over 50 years ago. Can you offer any closer idea of its age?

  39. amy Says:

    I have a canning jar with the state of texas on it. It is a pint jar and texas takes up most of the front. Does any one know the age or retail price for this jar?

  40. Sheila Says:

    Hi, my dad used to work for the Ball Co in the 70s and at that time they made a special jar for the New York Stock Exchange. I as wondering if you knew how much they are worth. He said there were only 3,000 in production.

  41. Bruce Swain Says:

    I have a lot of old canning jars. Brockaway, Lamb, Metro, Samco to name a few. Also Blue Ball jars some with bales and glass lids. Are they worth anything and who made them and when, where. I also have an All American Pressure Canner with the number 41 on the lid I understand they started making them in 1915 and my Grandparents who bought this canner were married in 1900. They are still in business in Wisconsin.

  42. ronda bazzani Says:

    I have a large collection of bottles and jars of all kinds. A large part of which are mason and ball jars. My question is regarding a few square plastic containers, pint size, aprox 6 in high, opaque white with the word “Ball” in the script lettering. They resemble vintage tupperware but only say “Ball” and nothing else anywhere. I have never seem them anywhere and searched the internet high and low with no luck. I would love to find out something about them and would appreciate any info. Thank you

  43. Marge Bickerton Says:

    I was just given 2 ball Jars with numbers on the bottom of the jar. One was the #2 and the other was # 7 . nothing more was on the bottom or sides. Am just curious as to what it means. thank you

  44. Jo Nelson Says:

    I have PRESTO supreme mason jars and RELIANCE brand wide-mouth mason and can’t seem to find anything on these, Please advise or direct me to a web-site where I can research .
    Thanks JO

  45. Dave Smaha Says:

    Hi, I was cleaning out an old estate home and found about a hundred old canning jars…some are Ball, some Presto glass tops, Atlas, Imperial, etc…I have no idea what they are worth or where to sell them. Any suggestions? Thanks

  46. susie y Says:

    Does anyone know a seller in the UK? Pickings are slim in the UK and postage costs huge from the US.

    I’m desperately trying to start my collection and am really struggling.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.


  47. Charles J Hall Says:

    i found a ball perfect mason jar with what looks like a I66 on the bottom and with a very rusted out metal lid that porcelain lined with a I66 on it to.could you tell what time period it was made

  48. Genia Greenwell Says:

    I have 2 Ball jars that are what I guess you would call aqua or maybe a light blue….they are nearly clear. On both jars the word Ball looks to almost to have 3 l’s. One of the jars the word MASON is under the word Ball and on the other there is no other writing. On the bottom of 1 there is what looks like an I on one side and the number 11 on the other. On the second jar, if you are looking into the jar it has the number 6 on one side and the letter “D” on the other. From the outside of the jar it sort of looks like a small “a” without the tail, the “D” is backwords. Both jars have numerous air bubbles. I’m pretty sure these are rare but I can’t seem to find any info on this. Can you help me with this?

  49. kelly Says:

    ball perfect mason with metal lid with 1 on bottom, ball jar k 2 on bottom, ball pefect mason with 9 on bottom, and a ball ideal with glass lid with wire 75 a10 on bottom with bicentennial celebration imprint. can you please give me the vaules of these jars asap mt mom is selling them tommorrow. please or at least point me to where i can find the values of these and of atlas blue jars.

  50. dianne rose Says:

    I have been told that the mason jars with the no. 13 on them are very rare. That during the moon shine days they were considered unlucky and were destroyed. Any truth to that?

  51. Tiffany Says:

    Hello, I was just cleaning out my husbands g-ma’s old canning room in her basement. We had came across hundreds of canning jars. Well we had found several old QT aqua or light blue Ball jars. One found has black specks and bubbles all through out the glass. Another jar 1896-1910 the signature BALL(3L’s) is barely embossed u cant see it at a distance unlike the others and most of its smooth but you can still tell what it is. Also on another Ive never seen on BALL(3L’s) the B Is all connected cursive( the bottom of the B connects with the top and through) and real fancy like and a period on the other side after 1858. Could these possibly be Collector jars? I dont know whether to save or sell. Thanks.

  52. eddie Says:

    i have a very large jar about 4 gallon in size embosed eagle holding olive branch and arrows with 7 stars around eagle other side has masons then an embosed star patatend november 30 1858 crakled finish embosed on bottom i beleve it to be made in 1976 my question is what would such a large jar be used for and can you tell me where to find a correct screw on lid for it and did it have a carrying handle around the neck if so i need that too i beleve it to have a value between 40 and 80 dollars please correct me if that is wrong any help would be apprieciated

  53. Kelly Says:

    I am a collector of Ball jars and I “think” that I have some rare ones from my curb shopping, garage sales, etc… How do I find out more about them. I really dont want to part with them but I want to know the worth of them. I have searched on line and have not been successful. Please help !

  54. Corey Galvin Says:

    I have purchased a house recently and after cleaning out the basement I have found about 30 different canning jars. Also a few boxes with jar rubbers and lids. Mostly Ball, some Kerr, Atlas and a McDonald. Most are glass lids with wire fastners. I also have 4 of the same 1/2 gallon Ball jugs that the person (post 25) has. Just curious if I can send some pics to determine value and/or if someone is interested in buying them?

  55. libbie boyd Says:

    how do i know my #13 ball jars are authentic?

  56. Rebecca Myers Says:

    I have come across some Ball perfect mason jars which all have numbers on the bottom of the jar,as a collector of old jars could you tell me what the value of them are? Thank you

  57. mel Says:

    i have a mason jar with a picture of a skleton key on it . with red print over the key . and below it says mason. i am trying to find out what year it was made in .

  58. Elana Dalley Says:

    I have come across several jars that have the metal bale on them and are listed as the “Ball Ideal”….if you could give me some information as to the value of these jars. Thank you, Elana Dalley

  59. Patrick Reeves Says:

    I have about 3 dozen old jars including Ball, Mason,and other brands, all are wire closing with glass lids . However I don’t have the rubber gaskets. Some are blue in color most are clear. Can someone help me locate gaskets I would also like to find the value these.

  60. Cliff Meredith Says:

    My uncle died a few years ago and while going through his attic I came upon a box of blue Ball Perfect Mason jars. All but a few of them had the old medal
    tops and there are two sizes, the small has a 15 on the bottom, which looks to be a quart size, and the larger one has a 6, which may be two quarts, I’m not sure. My question is, on the larger one, perfect is spelled “PERFFCT”. Was this common for jars to have misspelled words and how can I find out how old they are? Thanks.

  61. Katherine Jolliffe Says:

    Hi, I have a mason jar pint size kind of a light greenish blue, it has a zinc lid and small bubbles and the only thing it says is THE Mason and the loop from the M goes around the word THE. It has a thin seam down 2 sides and small circles and a 1 or a small line in the center of the bottom. The zinc lid does say Ball at the top so not sure if it’s an original lid or not. Does anyone have an idea on the age or value and what is the best book to buy to determine value.

    Thanks in advance for any help:))

  62. linda sanchez Says:

    I enjoyed your column very much and am pleased to find someone else who likes Ball canning jars as much as I do. My grandmother gave me an agua jar with “Ball Mason” on one side, number “2” on the bottom, more than 50 years ago. That was the start of my collection. I’m almost embarrassed to admit I’ve never canned a single piece of fruit and my grandmother would be mortified! Will you be giving more details about your collection in future columns?

  63. Scott Gibbons Says:

    Folks, some of the best resources out there to answer fruit jar related questions are as follows below.

    Great Book: Red Book of Fruit Jars, most libraries do have one edition or another and this book is currently in it’s 10th edition of printing:

    Great Website: The Antique Bottle Forum has a robust section on Fruit Jars:
    Also using the search function/option in the fruit jar specific discussions on terms such as “13” or other information can answer a number of the posted questions; I suggest using this search function prior to posting a question.

  64. Annette Bell Says:

    We came across two ball mason jars 1/2 gallon size with a glass seal marked with a J in a square and Mason underneath. One has 64A/A10 on the bottom and the other has a 1 underneath the Ball Perfect Mason on the side of the jar. Can you tell us the date of manufacture and value

  65. jennifer fenwick Says:

    I have about 300 green ball mason jars some are quart half gallons, pints, half pints, and some even smaller.I have ben told that some are called moonshine jars
    I would like to sell but I don’t know what they are worth can you help me?

  66. sherin moline Says:

    I’ve been searching ever website I can find to see if anyone else may have a jar like I have. It’s not a Mason Ball jar, but its shape is similar to a fruit canning jar. It’s dark purple, has a wire clasp which only allows the lid to open..not come off. On the front of the jar it says “TEA” and on the top and below the word TEA it has a decorative design like a vine type approx. 3 inch design. Thebottom of the jar says MADE in ITALY…and 1/2L. Ben, from Collectors Weekly has been trying to help me find a picture of it somwhere in different areas, but so far no luck. He’s been wonderful trying to help. I looked at TheBest Of Show (Hall of Fame) and only found one that at least is the same color. The lid is totally different though being wire. At least I’ve been able to find the closest in color. Is there any way I could contact jar collectors on GOOGLE or YAHOO, to see if anyone might have a clue. The local library is ordering a book for me which I hope may be of some help. Thanks for any comments or suggestions. I could sure use any information you may have. Thanks so much. !!

  67. Juanita Morris Says:

    I have an old mason jar (MASON’S PATENT NOV. 30TH 1858) with bubbles and a little lop-sided. I know it is an older jar but I find it a little odd because it has rainbow colors in it. Was this jar made like this or has it been altered? If it was made like this does it make it a valuable jar? Thanks!

  68. pat foster Says:

    I found a jar at a yard sale here in Tennessee. When I returned home and began cleaning it I noticed it had a picture of a black gentleman, mouth open wide, eating what I later found out to be an oyster. It has the words “Nigger Head Brand” on one side and Ball Ideal on the other. It has a glass lid held on by a metal band. Perfect condition. I contacted the Biloxi Historical Society who referred me to the Maritime and Seafood Museum in Biloxi. I can’t seem to find information on this jar only the cans. I do know they changed the name in 1954 or 55 to Negro Head Brand. Can you help me? Thank you so much!!

  69. Alison Says:

    I found this site to be helpful.

  70. Dave Says:

    I have a Ball jar, with an eagle and am looking for the gasket…inside diameter is 4″ Any suggestions? Or perhaps I can make one?

  71. Michael Tabor Says:

    Over the years my church has cleaned out cellars and obtained may of the ball and mason canning jars with the glass lid and wire bail. I am in search of repair kits for the metal bails. Is there anyone out thers who knows where I can find these parts?

  72. sherry henry Says:

    I have a ball perfect mason – blue and the number 4 , when you look at it from the bottom, it’s backwards. is that normal.? Thanks.

  73. Tracey connell Says:

    I recently acquired a couple of old 2quart mason jars. The older looking of the two just says ball (in old script) then mason underneath. Nowhere does it say “perfect”. Is it old or fake or what exactly?

  74. Hailey englund Says:

    Hey there I was at antique store and I found one of the jars I was wounding how it’s worth it’s one of your blue jar with the number 7 with a line under it and the has 10 or a 1 either which way you look at it

  75. renee duprey Says:

    I recently recieved alot of older jars , they have hook wires ,ones that hook into shallow holes on the neck of the jar.Anyway is there anywhere I can get new wires like this to use the jars? Thank you

  76. Christian Says:

    I have a friend who collects jars! She has a jar with an African American male on it eating an oyster bellow this picture it says N*gger head brand. The other side of the jar says Atlas e-z seal. Any info would be greatful.

  77. Lin Jones Says:

    I have a Ball Ideal Jar Pat’d 1908 with a glass lid and wire bail. On the jar neck the words “Bail Here” are embossed. The uniqueness is that the word “Bail” has the letter “B” embossed backward. Anybody ever see this on a jar?

  78. Scott Says:

    I have found a pink decorated vase type thing with a screw on cover that has the name ball inscribed in the bottom as the jars do. Has numbers and letters A10 d23hw

  79. Sandy Chapman Says:

    I have a McDonald New Perfect Seal Pat D July 14, 1908 with glass lid & bale that has 4 embossed backward on the bottom. Is this an error or rare?

  80. Genna Says:

    I have a question. I found a mason jar this weekend and it had the number 18 on the bottom. I have never seen that before and I know they only mad 1-15. Does anyone know anything about this. Thank you. Genna

  81. Robin Says:

    I recently found a 5-gallon clear glass Pickle Jar with a perfectly intact label of ‘Aunt Jane’s Dill Pickles’ on the front with the listing of the ingredients & company address. It has a metal wire wrap around the neck with a handle on the top. Has a white screw-on lid. On the bottom on the jar are wavy glass markings with the number/1 encircled. The jar is a large pear shaped pretty jar. Can anyone direct me on where I may find a listing of information/details/value of these types of jar? Thanks much!

  82. brandy huey Says:

    a friend found a bunch of assorted canning qt jars. One of which says samco super mason on it in raised lettering and the glass is clear in color. the number 18 on the bottom. There were other canning jars …one has no manufacturer name on it but looks like a grid with a smooth place meant for a label. are these as rare as I think?

  83. JIMMIE MOORE Says:

    I have a blue mason quart mason jar with a circled # 4 on bottom and with the letter A on outside of circle. I can’t find any information on this type of blue mason jar.

  84. susie Says:

    i have an old purple kerr canning jar, pint size. does anyone know anything about it?

  85. Kevin Osborne Says:

    I have a blue Ball ideal jar. I beleave it was made in between 1910-1923?I bel eave my jar is a misprint .The d i Ideal isnt barely visable .My question is how much is my misprinted Ball jar worth also it has a 5 underscored on base.please help me identify the value of my jar please. Thank you.

  86. Daniel Says:

    I have a blue ball mason jar it has a f on the bottle but it is not followed my any number what does thay mean

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