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I know it is Leeanne
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Just got it today at an ACorbin
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Marine Time by the German company Timemaster brass and glass in the typical round shape of a bulkhead clockby GeodeJem
Metamec pendleum clock a 1980s quartz wall clock with brass, glass and a leather effect body all working and quite GeodeJem
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Ingram banjo clockby wolfpack
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Family Heirloom info needby Txnhealthnut
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The 1934 Three Little Pigs Series From Ingersoll for Disneyby kerry10…
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Swiza 8, Swiss Made brass clock and alarm brass body in excellent working GeodeJem
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Sessions Mantle Clockby danders
Needs a little refab, but basically all Hereby kerry10…
grandmother's clock,Hamburg Amerikanische Uhrenfabrikby jbeebe0365
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Mid-Centuryby unclemo…
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 Metal clockby were
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pink balarina clock- The Florn Companyby kita
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Ansonia chime clock an very rare jimoreno2
Aesthetic Movement Clock, the enamel face designed by Walter Crane and Lewis Dayby kiwipaul
Two items by Albin Muller, leader of the Darmstadt Artists' Colonyby kiwipaul
A Goldscheider Pottery Nursery Clock - A Child and Her Pet Rabbit circa 1900 by kiwipaul
WK Sessions Grandfather Clockby ltucker04
My late dads fathers clock dad passed at 93by Orange123uk
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Seth Thomas Wall Mount Wind Up Schoolhouse Clockby Rosebudsand…
who made this clock and when?by chuck67
Anyone Tell Me Who Made this Clock?by Minchroadster
Japanese shrine clockby Pagagee
Our mystery Case Clock/Grandfather Clockby Wdonat
My beautiful og clock.(whitney Jocelyn annin painting) by Jessicadrazen
New Haven Mantle Clock Metal Painted with Cherubsby lsctreasures
French brass & glass mantle clockby Lincolnite
Antique Mantel Clockby KramerGma
Mantel Clock of Unknown Origin, Please Helpby eandrew…
Seth Thomas Bellevue Mantle Clockby dudeman64
Royal Bonn ansonia porcelain clockby Tangoes
Ansonia Royal Bonn "La Croix" Mantel Clockby MsKathrene
Unknown Model Tele-vision/Pennwood Numechron by rlwindle
Do you know how old i am?by Locon
Marble or Onyx?by Nye
Waltham Watch Desk Clockby edjames
Seth Thomas Clock by Dillsnills2
Cuckoo Clockby Sewingconcern
Herman Miller  or Howard Miller? Does anyone know more about this?by Schonett
Vintage Cigarette Lighterby nutsabo…
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Plymouth Tambour Westminster Chime with 124 Movementby motoxdude
Mid century Welby clock(Bryce Hudson design)by Pagagee
Elgin Travel Clockby nutsabo…
German Florn Desk Clockby Anella
Barn yard and shop estate sale findby EJW-54
old german made clock?by clockworks
Seth Thomas Clock in Oregonby cami
My favorite H.A.C. clockby HEDVAL
Marble and Slate clockby nsaari
A. Letcoultre Sandoz Swiss Travel Clockby rollie45
antique clock.  appr. 5" tall. wind bucky70000
Grandmother's Clockby tlmessick
New Haven Elwoodby vabernathy
My Favorite Clockby Fairbanks.p
europa clockby paul55555
What Is My Name?by clockman57
Cottage wooden mantle clockby kinohrev
ENDURA - FRANCE /1930-1949by SEAN68
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Floridaby putt1103
Westinghouse Roaster with Clock Timer Installedby fortapa…
Westinghouse Clock/Timer for Westinghouse Roasterby fortapa…
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Kienzle uhrenby HEDVAL
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60 year old Seth Thomas Grandfather clockby tommtgman
Smith Enfield Bakelite mantle clockby GeodeJem
Mystery clock by Gaustad
Frink Polaralite elevator signby romes868
Mid-Century? Deco? Heron Mantel Clock, Unknown Makerby hoosier…
RARE NEON Harley Davidson table clockby aliweedman
 Seth Thomas Lynton 2W mantel clockby eshnick
Ansonia mantel clock - New York - Patent date June 18 1882 - cast ironby Sherwood2013
Grandfather Clock 1679by Ipanagapka
Old Clock. E Ingraham by frankm32
Seth thomas clock found at a garage pkinfl
Wood Mantel Clock - Can anyone tell me about it?by Optima
need help to identify, on the back it says made in Germany . no date included by CodyDensel
Toshiba RC-K4 AM/FM Clock Radioby Caleb20
Blaupunkt Digita 24 (1973/76)by jptf
Forestville Wall Clockby grc102
A large Goldscheider "bronze effect" pottery clock in the Symbolist manner by E. Simon by kiwipaul
Grundig Sono Clock 250 (1977/78)by jptf
Inherited Grandfather Clockby oldjunk
Vintage W R Nye Superior Clock Oil in Boxby gthandy…
Lux Mantle Clockby upstate…
Lux Sun Up Alarm Clockby upstate…
Seth Thomas gallery clockby kimmy521
My Grandfather Clock -Tyme waiteth upon no man Help Yourselfby HTS
Angelus alarm clockby Oknicronma
Dorson Jr. Date/Time Stamp Clockby pw-coll…
Help identifying this rconguam
Tele-Vision/Pennwood Wooden Black Horse and Jockey Clock, 1945-55by rlwindle
Antique clock with American Indian on faceby KewpieLou
General Electric Alarm Clock by verousa…
working windmill action clockby bmiller039
Bulova Desk Clock - Quartzby antique…
The Western Clock Mfg. Co. (Westclox)by fhrjr2
Seth Thomas "Adamantine" Clockby vintage…
Porcelain Ansonia Mantle Clock by vintage…
Seth Thomas Banjo Clock Thomas Jefferson Monticelloby vintage…
Waterbury Banjo Clock George Washingtonby vintage…
Europa Clock West Germanyby gofast325
Lackner Neon-Glo "Dulcy" Shelf Clockby Chadakoin
A Syroco...I psperber
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"Queen Elizabeth" Wall Clock Ansonia 1890by vintage…
Seth Thomas "Savoy" Balloon Clock circa 1905by vintage…
Rock clock or clock charmso… Vladimir
1800s Mantel Clockby riccon64
Antique clock with no marking - bakelite or like it horn subi450
LWAIN (Lawson Without An Interesting Name), Style 219, 1940 - 45by rlwindle
My beautiful old clockby Vebie
Seth Thomas banjo clockby schalle…
Westclox. Made by western clocks co. charmso…
Inside of 8 Day Atkins Clock Co. 1850s mantel clockby sallynussbaum
1950's Ruppert Knickerbocker Beer Shadowboxby Prells6
Time keeps on tickin tickin in to the beachba…
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More pictures Of the clock I inherited by Newhavenclock
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Mantle recently pkinfl
Lawson Model 217, The Southerner, 1948-1975by rlwindle
Cristal regulator clock by Tangoes
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1965 Grandfather Clock by George Nelson for Howard Millerby dj-reverb
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Found this clock on holidays and had to get Brenden
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 Linden Desk/alarm Clock w/Delta Airlines memorabiliaby CindB
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 Item	Price	Qty	Total # 15320414 - Lot of 5 Small Desk Clocks - Rhinestone	$7.38	1	$7.38by toracat
Rare 1937 Gun Metal Grey Pennwood Numechron, "Hesperus" Model # Unknownby rlwindle
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Richard Ward Winchester by Aimathena
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unusual looking antique French clock with Farcot movementby DrNessa
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1950's Jaeger-LeCoultre ATMOS Perpetual Motion Clock -Serial #45*** from Geneva, Switzerland by tom61375
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Westcolx World Timeby MikeyC
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White Pennwood "Chieftain" (AKA Jefferson) with Horse and Jockey, 1950'sby rlwindle
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