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A Family Picture ( History )by antique…
US Mills Model 1894 Mounted Cartridge Beltby Chrisnp
US Model 1892 Krag Bayonetby Chrisnp
US Krag Jorgensen Rifleby Chrisnp
Strange sword, need informationby W.S
samurai sword setby Xkresearch
USS Saratoga CV-60 Bugleby DianeAn…
USS Saratoga Flight-deck helmet and headsetby DianeAn…
WWII "R.F.M.P.  Reserve Medical" pannier--wicker with canvasby janeste
Previous posting of TL-29 knife, with the holster and pliers added onby Thrifty…
1950's - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Insignia Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Ribbon Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pin by aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pinby aghcoll…
Weelly News Review ...this one from 1946by Roycrof…
Antique  RLM Nav B UHR Watchby mssue64
WWII Propaganda Poster | He's Watching Youby Breweri…
Mess kit trench art - 2nd postby Jayblade
Italian Bandoleer for Model 1891 Carcano Ammunitionby Chrisnp
Model 1891 Carcano Bayonetby Chrisnp
Italian Model 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano Rifleby Chrisnp
                WW II........... support at home by Roycrof…
Mess kit art by Jayblade
military ???by surfdub66
Vintage Ammo Crate/Trunkby passion…
0ld army clothes buttonsby hamido
old army clothes buttons by hamido
old army clothes buttonsby hamido
Royal Navy Chaplain's visor capby OCAD
CCT-46217 Military Radio Receiver Stromberg Carlsonby TubesVa…
Russian 1891/30 Bayonetby Chrisnp
Russian/Finnish 1891 Mosin-Nagant Rifleby Chrisnp
'MacArthur' Heart Pin - 1940'sby Betty1978
WW-2 framed photo shrapnel Aleutian Is. Repost but now framed with informationby toracat
1973 - Liberia - "Astronaut" Postage Stampby aghcoll…
Metal By Deschler & Sohnby rrrohde
Vintage John Summers Soldier Paintingby Vetteman
Vintage Tank Painting by, John Summers by Vetteman
Type 26 revolverby Jonah812
Pennsylvania "Bucktail" Civil War officer CDVby scottvez
1860's Civil War Bullet Moldby kanukster
First World War Royal Navy Officer's cap OCAD
Lafayette Escadrille Medalby FilBawdy
Help me find out What these areby taholman
WWII Japanese Peso Serial Number #87?by PaperHoarder
1962 4¢ "First Man In Space" Project Mercury Stampsby tom61375
1974 US10¢ Skylabby tom61375
1969-british newspapers-moon landing-the birmingham post-25th anniv michael…
lahr germany canadian forces baseby NEWF5540
Chinese Hanyang 88 Rifleby Chrisnp
1949 Final National Encampment of the GAR 3¢ Stamps (4)by tom61375
WWII British Blackout Flashlight by kanukster
Arabesque Burwood 9th Infantry wall  (My Vietnam Unit) from Traverse City toracat
"The Church War Cross" Pendantby aghcoll…
Irish Army Helmets by danb
Vintage Apollo Space Shuttle Glassesby Vetteman
WW1 Trench Art Cannon OPERATIONAL!by wickdways
45 RPM 1969 record  ALIENS! Do not believe this!! It is false!  NOT TRUE!!!by toracat
WW2 Uss LST 479 Military Ledgerby mssue64
German/Turkish Gewehr Commision Rifleby fortapa…
Vintage Foreign (German?) Military Photograph Postcardby papasgirl
1969-the concorde/the budget-british newspapers-birmingham michael…
WW I Sweetheart Pinby upstate…
Unidentified badge - 1928 with wings and omsby Ziggytom
[ Item # 3 of 3 ] -----> OLD PHOTOS Packaging by antique…
[ Item # 2 of 3 ] -----> OLD PHOTOS by antique…
[ Item # 1 of 3 ] ----->  OLD PHOTOS by antique…
Vietnam Belt Buckle!  Thanks to Opium and Boxer Rebellion 1900 China Eight Countries sent troops!!by toracat
German Model 1888 Carbineby Chrisnp
WWI His & Her Walking Sticks Carved By Austrian POWby Quinnst…
My Knight's Helmetby tom61375
WWI Engraved German Bavarian Saberby Dallasee
German 1916 Ersatz Bayonetby Chrisnp
German Reichsgewehr Model 1888 Rifleby Chrisnp
Father Buckley 23rd Fighter Group Letterby Fritziii
World War ll USAAF Wool Jacket  84th B Squadron / Twelfth Air Forceby Truthis…
Brass Japanese Ship Map Weight?  Can anyone read the bottom?  by NativeJ…
Phtoto of Alden K Sibleyby LanceG
1920s or 30s University of South Carolina ROTC dress capby LanceG
11th Airborne Division Japanese Occupation era Tour Jacketby scottvez
French WWI steel helmet for Colonial petey
British WWII Auxiliary Fire Service steel helmet 1940by petey
Scarce WWII Greek steel petey
WWII P-44 USMC H.B.T. combat fatigue jacket variant buttons = WTF??by tlmbaran
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481by aghcoll…
1956 - Family Photos - Dad in U.S. Armyby aghcoll…
WWI German Airdropped Peace Proposalby Chrisnp
Silver mounted flintlock dueling Stregan…
Lebel Bayonet “Rosalie”by Chrisnp
French Model 1886 Lebel Rifleby Chrisnp
commission pennant by redflower3
Destroyer Flotilla Four Combat Ready Plaque by redflower3
Helmetby Teamdean
Kjobenhavns Toihuus Danish mfg. Remington M-1867 Rolling-Block Rifleby pw-coll…
Major General Leonard Wood Stuffed toy/dollby Mrs.Tun…
Allons Pinby DrFluffy
Military Trench Windwal…
ww11 escape axe in plainsby ralph
Old Military Order Cross Insignia? Patchesby Furee65
Sword or bayonet covered in preservative?by LauraL
Sword holder?by LauraL
Bayonet Holder again?by LauraL
Another military thing... by LauraL
A few more military things... Thanks in advanceby LauraL
Even more military stuff... What is this for?by LauraL
Sheath for Bayonet? Antique?by LauraL
Shovel holder?by LauraL
Military..... by LauraL
Even more military stuff... What is this for?by LauraL
More military things!by LauraL
Antique bayonet & sheath holder? What is this?by LauraL
Antique bayonet sheath holder? What is this?by LauraL
Shovel holder #2? What is this.... Any idea?by LauraL
Is this a shovel holder? World War II?by LauraL
Military Identification needed. Thanksby LauraL
WWII or reproduction?by LauraL
Bayonet? What is this thing?by LauraL
German or Japanese shovel from WWII?by LauraL
Military part 3! Shovel?by LauraL
Military part 2by LauraL
Military goodiesby LauraL
Wooden Trunk/toolbox ?by Teamdean
US Army cabinetby jamiedpt
German WWII stamps Windwal…
German 1871 Mauser Ammo & Cartridge Pouchesby Chrisnp
German Model 1871 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German Model 1871 Mauser Rifleby Chrisnp
NASA Collectible Chips:Made in Canadaby Vetteman
Back, wounded from Vietnam and off to war again!  In Chicago 1968!! Then later to Detroit!  It was on fire!!!by toracat
Recent find while cleaning- Liberation of Kuwait medalby aweie
Model 1863 Sharps Carbine in tintypeby scottvez
I bought this Monark in Moscow. Original Conditionby nicklivesey
2 Soldiers and a prop :-)by Manikin
WWII Family Member  who was there on  D-day Normandy by Manikin
Japanese Puzzle Box - carried on HMS Amethyst during Yangtze Incidentby VanessaT
1941 Westinghouse Sharon, PA photoby Oldies1…
Swastika War Merit Crossby nutsabotas6
Ruptured Duck Buttonby nutsabotas6
Canada Buttonby nutsabotas6
Original WW2 U.S. Pilots On R&Rby whitman75
Military Memory Quiltby Chrisnp
1962 - USAF "Sentinel" Newspaperby aghcoll…
Eagle Close-up by Obuschman
The Eagle Has Landedby Obuschman
US Model 1876 McKeever Cartridge Boxby Chrisnp
US Model 1873 Bayonet for the Trapdoor Springfieldby Chrisnp
U.S. Model 1884 Springfield Rifleby Chrisnp
 Cross of Liberty 2nd class 1941 from Finlandby Vintage…
Film Holder and Tin - Saigon, Vietnamby aghcoll…
Cat from Special Forces ;)by Vintage…
War medals from Finlandby Vintage…
USAF Patch - 507th Fighter Wingby aghcoll…
Odyssey of the Fighting Two book signed by Mom Chungby Fritziii
You know you're a hoarder AmberRose
Prussian Pickelhaube of Jaeger zu Pferd officerby Stregan…
Original WW2 U.S. Fighter Plane And Pilots Photosby whitman75
1900 A. Paul Keith & Eward F. Albee Vaudeville Army Girls Trans Tabacco Ephemera by cmharding
Original WW2 U.S. Fighter Planes Photos Help whitman75
Memorabillia. 1945. Englandby elainek…
Life of General Taylorby Ravenrose
Mk2 No.2B Home Guardby tinlid
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 521by aghcoll…
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481by aghcoll…
Bayonet for the NY Militia Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Model 1872 New York State Militia Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Space shuttle Chalenger license plateby Trey
WW2 7th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment Slouch hatby OCAD
Primus Aut Nulusby DrFluffy
Army Figurineby jjsr
Post WW2 visitors to New York Statue of liberty WHATYOU…
British WWII Paratrooper steel helmet. 1944by petey
British WWI and WWII Air Force cap petey
British WWII Senior Fire Officer steel petey
Rare silver medallion celebrating the end of petey
columbia is lost feb,2-2003-paperby n2bmn123
Cap Badge by DrFluffy
Need help Identifying this medallion by easonsylus
French Model 1866 Chassepot Bayonetby Chrisnp
Egyptian Remington Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservists stein of Tambour Adolf Thomaby bluemax…
"Wave" Naval Trunkby designaffic…
Nepali Kukriby Chrisnp
Military Globe Pins WWII, or WWI ?, Need Help Identifyingby lisa1218
American Legion Police Badgeby Militar…
military navy hat by bearsmith123
BC-683-B US ARMY Tank Radio Receiver WW2 by TubesVa…
Tintype of 1880s US soldier with unusual rifleby scottvez
WWII German K98K Bayonetby fortapa…
WWII Japanese Bayonetby fortapa…
WWII U.S. Army Canteen with Pouchby aghcoll…
VFW Milwaukee Security Police Badgeby Militar…
KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife Olean NYby fortapa…
German Hat Windwal…
WII Belt Windwal…
Brodie Helmetby Pattywh…
Pattern 1876 Bayonet and brass Martini-Henry muzzle cover by Chrisnp
Martini, Anyone?by Chrisnp
Humantiarian Daily Rationsby jonima
British WW11 Senior Wardens steel petey
British WWI first pattern steel helmetby petey
Traditional Royal Air Force Squadron Leaving Tankardby petey
1945 USSBS Interview w/ Hermann Goeringby PaperHoarder
vintage patch and bumpernstickersby logsplitter
1942 Miss victory by fred waring lyrics by jack dolphby victoria17r…
"Tischfernsprecher 38" German WWII Bunker Telephone - 1939by kehphones
Large Pin-Back Internationalby redsprings
French infantry M15 Adrian helmet, WWIby petey
British WWII semi cammo Civil Defence steel helmetby petey
British WWII cammo and netted steel petey
British Pattern 1853 Bayonet with Scabbardby Chrisnp
British Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket, Indian Manufactureby Chrisnp
British Pattern 1839 Bayonet with Lovell Catchby Chrisnp
ear trumpetby hotairfan
A group of ww1 medals  5939 PTE   A . RAWLINGS RIF Brig : by Phatbud…
Buckingham Palace Flypast. petey
Civil War HERO of Maineby scottvez
British Pattern 1842 Musket, East India Company variationby Chrisnp
Japanese Nambu Type 94by jwendell222
Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Yosegaki DoubleEnvel…
William T. Sherman autographed DoubleEnvel…
WWII Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Yosegaki Good Luck Flagby DoubleEnvel…
Civil War Artillery Fragments - I dug up. These were last touched by humans when they were fired during the Civil DoubleEnvel…
CAL .ST. Al.BAN.USA  CRATEby passion…
Small Ammo/Drug Crateby passion…
Old sword turned into a candleholderby Stillwa…
This amazing, and beautiful part of history really touched my heart. I hope this post survives. by Aimathena
navy pin or badge?? help identifyby NEWF5540
Mk2 Gas Identification Officerby tinlid
Buzz Aldrin Signed 8 Track Tape Cassetteby MacDadd…
1962 John Glenn Parade Flag Signed By John Glennby MacDadd…
First World War Royal Navy Officer's cap badgeby OCAD
Found Great Grandpa's Gun stash !!by froggym…
CDV of woman with Civil War backdropby scottvez
Unusual General Robert E. Lee mourning stereoviewby scottvez
Civil War veteran in GAR uniformby scottvez
Del Miller flight diploma, plus cartoonby Belltown
Old cop "black jack" New Yorkby Frankie…
WW2 US Soldiers letter home on Messerschmitt Factory Letterheadby JSmed
my favorite antique toy cannon firing on .32 caliberby cannonc…
1971 - National Geographic - Apollo 14by aghcoll…
Attempted delivery of Christmas presents and mail. North petey
Model 1872 Forage Capby Chrisnp
military antique chest by mdavis
Addendum to the USS MACON postby Jono
Missile Nose Coneby Jono
British WWII Docks Police steel petey
British WW11 Papier Mache and cloth MP petey
PHSCC Combination cover with stitched LanceG
Cap Lock Pistol by danb
Looking for Info on this Cap Losk Pistol by danb
Union soldier in Occupied Richmond c. 1865by scottvez
Spanish American War New Jersey Volunteerby scottvez
war cartoonsby ralph
Mk1* RASCby tinlid
Uncle Julius 1917by sarahoff
Trench Art, RAF Boulton Paul Defiant WWIIby petey
Great uncle Julius Brown- 331stfield artillery united states army 1917by sarahoff
WW1 ERA4 visor OCAD
Mk2 Engineerby tinlid
Trench Art Ashtray - Possibly 76/40 Casing Used?by mckenney27
Antique sword by sade11210412
Military Remembrance Bowl - Sterling Silver??  From 1964by slaake
1895 Forage Capby Chrisnp
"Service dress gray"  US naval officer's combination LanceG
m1895 federal service forage capby LanceG
My dad's World War II lighterby Jono
Tactical Air Command Patchby Jono
WW1 War Bond Poster Helpby Fritziii
silver or silverplated biplaneby getthat…
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Dayby ttomtuc…
1961 - The Astronauts - Pioneers in Spaceby aghcoll…
1969 - First Man on the Moon - Newsweekby aghcoll…
1969 - First Explorers on the Moonby aghcoll…
For Scottvezby fhrjr2
USAF band hat pieceby fdshade
Uncle brought home signed by his fellow troops Japanese flag after WWIIby dizbean
British WWII Herefordshire Regiment steel helmetby petey
British WWII Warden Fire Guard steel petey
Funny print of 2 planes , and a 2 star General  Ernest F. Easterbrook with my Dad to rightby filmnet
Possibly pow camp Korea Ddas collectionby filmnet
Vietnam patch for burning S___!  Worst job detail in Vietnam!by toracat
Autograph of Andrew "Jack" Lummus - posthumous Iwo Jima Medal of Honor recipient. 1941 New York Giant's football DoubleEnvel…
Philip Henry Sheridan Autograph - Civil War General, General of the Armies of the United Statesby DoubleEnvel…
Another blunder…
Part 1 of my Japanese Hinomaru Yosegaki "good luck flag" collectionby DoubleEnvel…
My favorite Civil War person's autograph. West Point dated letter written from Important Civil War General Emory DoubleEnvel…
Wilkinson Sword by Jono
K&Co Worcester by Mcoenh
Nazi tanker helmet?by Quote27
1969 Coca Cola Foods Division Coffee Signed by Astronautsby MacDadd…
WW2 Free French organisation lapel badgeby OCAD
My Dads Badges from 1950's from Convair Aircraft from 1950's by Manikin
Placing Picture from my  Dads collection over 24 yrs flying around the worldby filmnet
My Dads Military Recordsby filmnet
My Dad's military collectionby filmnet
Will never forget the sound!by blunder…
vintage roller skating case military germany by crazydanmusic
Vintage WW2 U.S. Miltary Hatsby whitman75
WW2 Royal Navy Chaplain's visor capby OCAD
WW2 Royal Navy Commander's visor OCAD
WW2 Royal Navy Officers visor capby OCAD
Royal Marine Officer's Visor capby OCAD
More clothing from steamer thegirlnext…
WWII clothing found in old trunksby thegirlnext…
Nazi Germany war medal , pin & emblem for hat?by budkoh
Canadian military flaskby dereakink
Mk2 Wardenby tinlid
Luftwaffe Honor Gobletby kegan32
Old steamer trunks found sealed in my mom's attic wall. by thegirlnext…
Doolittle's Tokyo  Raidersby Jono
1986 - Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Photoby aghcoll…
 WW2 US M1 helmet (1st Infantry Division)by OCAD
 WW2 RAF escape compassby OCAD
BSA Folding Paratroopers bicycle. by OCAD
First World War US M1917 helmetby OCAD
Given to me by my Grandfather...Russian WWII Pocket Watchby Scootah
Second World War RAF Flight OCAD
Second World War 78th Infantry Division OCAD
First World War Officer's Forage OCAD
My Dad's 6,000 Fying hoursby filmnet
Vintage Original WW2 German Dagger Handleby whitman75
Vietnam era?  stock?  Chinese?  only bought because price $6.99by toracat
Imperial German Reservist’s beer stein depicting the Schutenliesel (the “Target Girl”by bluemax…
Unusual mint porcelain reservist’s stein belonging to Reservist Julch by bluemax…
WWI Mounted Medals: Pip, Squeak and Wilfredby Chrisnp
Happy Veterans Day to all!by aycocko…
In Honor of Veteran's Dayby jonima
Japanese Spear Signed Pre Showaby ronsoverstu…
West Indies, Gurkha & South Africa Victory Medalsby Chrisnp
Know your Navyby Jono
German daggersby BillD
Best night of my Air Force careerby jonima
USAF Survival Knifeby jonima
US Victory Medal Service Claspsby Chrisnp
Former Soviet Union and Allied Countries Pins & Patchesby jonima
ID'd Croix de Guerre & 33rd Division Victory Medalby Chrisnp
  Unknown Military patch by innisdg
Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Medal Groupby Militar…
Vietnam Jungle Boots US Army circa 1960's!  From Goodwill $10.00 and my size!by toracat
1968 Apollo 8by Jono
S. G. Adams Boxed Victory Medalby Chrisnp
1981 - "Space Shuttle" First Day Issueby aghcoll…
Cadet Donald Duck helps war effort 1940  as a Naval Cadet!  Over 20 drawings in 1940 Flight Book!by toracat
WWII USMC snapshot of a young Marine in a camo jacket drinking a beerby tlmbaran
apollo 11by stephen6599
Silverplate Uniform/Military Buttonsby emvintage
United States Marine Corps knifeby Jono
World War II American Bayonetby Jono
What is it?by laurabel
Mo hidden junkby blunder…
help identify  cap badge???by NEWF5540
WW2 Bomber Engine Cowling & Ignition Ring R-2800-98 Radial Engine 'Same Plane'by DianeAn…
AK-47 Bayonetsby jonima
Home Support Pinsby upstate…
Victory Pinsby upstate…
WW I and WWII Sweetheart Pinsby upstate…
Military Branch Pinsby upstate…
Home Front Pins Plusby upstate…
Solid brass drinking gobletby Jono
Large shell, undisclosed caliberby Jono
"Army-Navy "E" Award"by Jono
Some of my buttons and pinsby Jono
Lead pinby Jono
German May Day Tinnie Pin Badgeby Jono
Helmet of soldier served with Co. B 504th Battalion, Pleiku & Machete given by sandyfrommaui
Vietnam U.S.Marines 3rd Marine Division combat helmet @1968by tlmbaran
My Halloween costume lolby Jono
Monument to the fallen in the two World Wars .  A Question by mechanoboy57
Japanese Mystery Buckleby julius012
1989 - "Moon Landing" Stamp First Day Coverby aghcoll…
WWII Navy pinby Jono
WW2 Sweetheart Lockets and Pinsby ttomtuc…
Cartridge pepperboxesby Jono
My best friends fatherby Jono
1896 22 and a 38by vanskyo…
British (Possibly Polish Brigade?) WWII steel combat petey
Scottish 51st Highland Division WWII Officers petey
M16A1 Instruction Bookletby petey
From Monastery to Militaryby Militar…
Galand Revolverby pw-coll…
Aircraft Instrument ADF indicatorby Kollector
PISTOL BALL 45 CALIBER ammo from 1944by Kollector
Unused British Cold War gas mask from the 1950's/60'sby petey
Unused WWII Gas Mask dated 1942by petey
WW2  U.S. ARMY SONG BOOKby Kollector
Great Uncle in German Uniform, 1915by LanceG
Nazi wartime cigarettes by raven1
Pre WWII US Army officer's hatby LanceG
WWII US Army enlisted man's LanceG
Machete, Cane cutter, or a quick trip to the surgeonby Jono
My Dad and his service to our countryby Jono
Iron Crossby Jono
British WWII Navy issue Cruise Visor steel petey
British WWII Paratrooper steel helmetby petey
British WWII Dispatch Riders steel petey
British WWII Plasfort petey
British WWII Police steel helmetby petey
British WWII Civil Defence Rescue steel helmetby petey
World War II Japanese Bayonetby Jono
Re-purposed Military Bomb Fuze Wood Crateby aghcoll…
1900 Stetson Hat?by LauraL
British Mk4by tinlid
Possible Swedish gas mask bag?by nsvmom
Supplementary Fire Partiesby tinlid
Military Mortar Cartridges Boxby aghcoll…
NATO Military Ammo Boxby aghcoll…
Last of my Military Collection by DrFluffy
Military Insigniasby DrFluffy
U.S. Pinsby DrFluffy
Military Castlesby DrFluffy
1950s window flagby canterb…
Vintage Ammunition Rocket Box ???by onesnof…
Korean War Air Force wings by valenti…
Military Sterling Pinby DrFluffy
These ones are not like the others... DrFluffy
Sterling Military Wingsby DrFluffy
US brass military pinby clpitts
Military Ribbonsby DrFluffy
Medals... Medals... Medals... by DrFluffy
WW1 Service Medal for Great World War 1 Veteransby DrFluffy
V is for Victory WW2 Sweetheart Jewelryby ttomtuc…
WW2 Sweetheart Military Headgear Pinsby ttomtuc…
WWII Trench Art Jap Zero bracelet by Laurenw602
Personal size firearmsby Jono
British WWII Chief Fire Officer steel petey
British WWII steel combat petey
British WWII Winter Cammo steel helmetby petey
German 1919 Bond (?)by JDManzie
Military Metal Container Of Some Sortby rachierachny
"Modern" .50 caliber M2 Ammo Boxby aghcoll…
Scarce British WWII cammo steel combat helmetby petey
British WWII Police steel helmetby petey
British WWII Royal Air Force Crash and Fire Rescueby petey
TENO Dagger and Hangersby kegan32
1886 Military post card general orders Prov. R.I./1915 The adjutant General duty Station Post Cardby mikeigo…
silver the size of a quarter with two XX on it  ONLYby monk32
Royal Corps of Signals senior officer dress hatby LanceG
Pour le Merite Orderby jerryk25
A 1916 Child, Who Later Joined Pastton's Army, then guess whatby Aboundi…
Real WWII Philippine Battle Scene Death - Weak of heart stay out pleaseby Aboundi…
signed trench art ashtray from namby vanskyo…
1942-navana studios-london-parents/ michael…
Antique 1925 Plattsburg Military Training Camp Relay Medalby whitman75
WW1 equipment and medals still life oil painting c. 1920sby scottvez
WW-2, Spanish American War memorial in 2nd bedroom and dad's hats!by toracat
Argentine beret from the petey
British WWII late war beret petey
British Army WWII side petey
British WWII beret. Reconnaissance Corpsby petey
British WWII Gordon Highlanders 1941by petey
Canadian Military Police by petey
Bancroft US Air Force Capby fhanatic1
Claim of Exemption From Serviceby upstate…
W.W.2 miniture Commodeby Zowie
unknown wwii planeby PaperHoarder
Korean War Soldier Art?by PaperHoarder
'The Eagle has Landed' by peteeone
WW2 U.S. Army Medical Corps Compactby ttomtuc…
KINGS OWN BORDER ERS buttonby blunder…
British WWII Royal Navy Volunteer Reserve steel petey
British WWII Civil Defence Senior Fire Guard steel helmetby petey
British WWII Civil Defence Wardens steel helmetby petey
British WWII Railways Senior Official/Warden steel petey
British WWII Civil Defence Fire Guard steel petey
British WWII 8th Army steel helmetby petey
Civil war Soldier doll with metal hands-sword-flack coat-Who is He??by EllyM
USN wearing the Sampson Medal, GCM and other awardsby scottvez
Help ID this uniformby NantucketWh…
Military clothing - World War 2??by silveruser
British Expeditionary Force WWII steel petey
WW2 Army Headgear Sweetheart Locketby ttomtuc…
 WW2 Army Headgear Pin by ttomtuc…
WW2 Sweetheart Necklace Army, Navy, Marine Corpsby ttomtuc…
WNG King Medalby Militar…
British WWII Royal Air Force Officers steel petey
British WWII early steel Dispatch riders steel helmet petey
An M1A1 Modifiziert Stahlhelm of 1985. petey
1956 Dutch steel helmetby petey
WWII Trench Art Ashtrayby DrFluffy
MARCHESby bratjdd
"Over There" pinby upstate…
Husband In The Service Celluloid pin. by upstate…
WW1 32nd Division Soldier from WIby scottvez
photo taken during Korean war 1952by chachir
British WWII 8th Army desert cammo petey
British Royal Air Force WWII Crash Rescue steel petey
British WWII converted paratrooper steel helmetby petey
First Naval District Athletics Medal 1919by Militar…
British WWII Military Police Combat petey
WW2  Recognition Magazineby Kollector
Old army trunk original art workby Johnybinfan…
USSR Whichamacallit... And thanks to Kerry:  USSR Parade cap emblemby DrFluffy
Mk2 Civil Defenceby tinlid
German ww1 machine gunby RonM
More Mystery Militaryby AmberRose
Which War?by AmberRose
WWI Paradeby AmberRose
Standard of the 1st SS Panzer Division "Adolf Hitler"by bluemax…
U S ARMY PHOTO PLATE by antique…
British WWII YMCA steel helmet, (civil defence).by petey
British WWII combat steel helmet. Ox and petey
Defense Worker Eagle Pin by Fogstruck
Identify this pin pleaseby redman
WW1 soldier with Keystone collar brassby scottvez
M35/40 nazi macca
British WWII Civil Defence  steel helmet 1940sby macca
British WWII Chief Inspector of Police steel petey
British WWII Repair Party steel petey
British WWII Civil Defence steel petey
British WWII Civil Defence steel helmetby petey
knuckle dusterby vanskyo…
What is it? Please help...Possible Militariaby geoiggits
WW2 101st Airborne Company C 506th PIRby Fritziii
USM8A1 VIZ Scabbard and Knife - Help!by Vintage_Hun…
Ashtray: USS Oklahoma Cityby Marcus
Weathered Civil War veteran from Wisconsinby scottvez
10th CAV "Buffalo Soldiers" playing crapsby scottvez
grenade ? ageby lundy
3rd Infantry Division Lamp Station at drill RPPCby scottvez
3rd ID Trooper "As we were on the front" RPPCby scottvez
SAW Stereoview of 2nd Infantry Color Guardby scottvez
WWII Foot Lockerby Stephanie
Mariner Mars 1964 Model by Foundar…
Imperial German Souvenier Stein of Feldwebel Paul Geickler who served in the 103rd (4th Royal Saxon) Infantry bluemax…
Army officers note/sketch book c.1890sby Vintage…
Maritime signal cannonby tugboatgus
Mystery buttonby rexco
Service Pilot who died during his WW2 serviceby scottvez
WW1 Spad XIII after a "rough landing"by scottvez
WW2 sweetheart bombadier wingsby scottvez
Nazi p-38 bring back by Thoscah…
1950's Marx Tin Litho E-12 Toy Wind Up Tankby electob…
Civil War veteran in full GAR regaliaby scottvez
My completed collection of Air Force signsby jonima
Military Insurance Coasterby ockitty714
collection of Eagle Globe and Anchor US MARINE CORPS cap badges (e.g.a's) WWI to todayby tlmbaran
ww1 or ww2 helmetby paulbeddows…
ww1 macheteby Kollector
Table from Apollo 11 crew trailer!by Rhodesron
Vintage Airplanesby Ted_Str…
94th Regiment, George William Lodge No. 325, under the Grand Lodge of Mystics…
walking stick swordby nightwing
White Star Line ,very rare Furniture from HMHS Britannic sunk in WW1by RichardWill…
John Glenn Autographed National Geographicby Foundar…
Fanders Fields and Victoryby shortfe…
Unknown what type of Military jacket this is. by mikeigo…
Unknown Military Jacket or Coatby mikeigo…
British WWII Leading Fire Officerby petey
British WWII Paratrooper steel helmet 1943by petey
USAF Falcon Hughes AIM-4D Missile Shellby sign5
Trash or history ?by Liosbaker
WWII Royal Air  Force Embroidery Prime Minister Churchill Quoteby Spunkys…
British WWII D-Day Beach Group steel helmetby petey
British late WWII steel combat helmetby petey
British WWII King's Own Royal Border Regiment steel petey
British 1950's Officers steel helmetby petey
WW2 "Your Scrap Brought it Down" Posterby Fritziii
Medal? by Thoscah…
German money from ww2by Thoscah…
Kilroyby Thoscah…
World War Oneby Thoscah…
Replica Baden "109th Grenadiers" Officer spiked helmetby bluemax…
Service Dress Visor Cap of a Marshal of the Soviet Unionby bluemax…
Parade Visor Cap of a Marshal of the Soviet Unionby bluemax…
WWII German Infantry Officer's Peaked Capby bluemax…
a certificate for acting service by kelly_mcgin…
Armorer's Tool Chestby ho2cult…
leather ramrod? end of a hammer?by andyman
British WWII Civil Defence Factory Guard steel petey
British WWII 51st Highland Division steel petey
British WWII Reconnaissance Corps steel helmetby petey
British WWII Civil Defence steel petey
Space kcl
Dad, a computer expert in Vietnamby sarahoff
NATO Aircraft Grease from Socony Mobil Oil Coby IAmAries123
Nazi War Medalby JUDDANT…
Antique Original  Civil War Kepi, I mikeigo…
British WWII Police steel helmetby petey
British WWII steel combat helmet. Kings Regiment petey
British WWII National Fire Service steel helmetby petey
British WWII Civil Defence Wardens steel helmet 1940by petey
British WWII steel combat helmetby petey
12 gauge single shot shotgunby vanskyo…
Gyor, Hungary WWI memorial and dramatic villa by train stationby valenti…
Photo Me 1967 Black Virgin Mountain, Vietnam  Tay Ninh And 1968 with my Triumph, Calif. and Ft. Carson Colo.  top of Pikes Peakby toracat
Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorialby valenti…
Apollo Space Collectionby kcl
Space collectionby kcl
September 11,2011 Iraq,  Proud Army aviators. by Thoscah…
Brass Bandby Militar…
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Otto Kühne, Eisenbahn Regiment Nr. 1, Berlin-Schönebergby bluemax…
 Trench Art Lighter - IIby TheRoper
Lost & found by blunder…
F.B. Radom 1933 Kbk.S.wz.31 Rifle - My Grandfather Brought Home From WWIIby Downhome
British WWII Cammo Royal Artillery steel helmetby petey
British WWII Civil Defence Medic steel helmetby petey
British WWII combat helmetby petey
WWI U.S.M.C.  Marine Corps Officer grouping RPPC @1918by tlmbaran
S&W "Australian Colonial Police" Revolverby pw-coll…
have a lamp and want to find out what it may be worth, but can't find anything, jawsisubu
Rip Van Scottvez & C.W. showby blunder…
WWII 1944 105mm M14 Shell Casing by MattyG
Soldier's Pin Up Foot Locker World War Two collection Jim Lindermanby JimLind…
“Awe Craps”by Militar…
German Paratrooper Knifeby SkippyKam
WWI Simson & Co. Suhl Bayonet by MattyG
Officer's Mess Kit 19th Century by Heron789
37mm shellby huck2050
WW I Bullet by TheRoper
Trench Art Lighterby TheRoper
Old U.S Army Range from 1941by Jaymers3450
I am a Doughboy Feb. 1945by musikchoo
Prussian Enlisted spiked helmet dated 1915by bluemax…
Bavarian spiked helmet of a One-Year Volunteerby bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Aegid Bleitfuls with rare Sniper thumb liftby bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Adam Bayerliebby bluemax…
'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.'by ho2cult…
Mega-Rare Imperial German Companion Reservist’s steinsby bluemax…
Here Men from the Planet ho2cult…
1969-usa-nasa-moon landing-'mirror' michael…
1969-usa-nasa-moon landing-21st michael…
Rare Austro-Hungarian Empire Reservist’s Stein of Alois Gruber, “Zugsfuhrer”-(Platoon Leaderby bluemax…
Wartime Postcardby lydaben…
Postcards sent to the USA from Italyby lydaben…
Voice - O - Graphby musikchoo
French Sword/Bayonet - 1872 - Replica?  Help?by BHock45
Civil War (1861-65)by FAWIV4
Photo of me!  Taken by Beautiful Nurse! I am 18,  Field Hospital Vietnam 1968by toracat
Unidentified Cannonby blacksc…
Miniature cannon,1 Morgan dollar, 4 walking liberty half dollars by blacksc…
Old WWI soldier grave site photographby MattyG
6 metal antique uniform?buttonsby PegsBut…
Bavarian Military Merit Orderby fokkerp…
British WWII Civil Defence Factory Guard steel helmet. by petey
WWII French steel petey
British WWII 1st Division steel helmet. 8th Army. by petey
found in the yard with metal detectorby Grizzz
British WWII 1st Division Officers steel petey
WWII British Cammo Combat steel petey
British WWII Royal Air Force Ambulance steel petey
British WWI Cammo steel petey
Air Force/Army Recruiter Porcelain Signby retrora…
WWII British Police Station Signby petey
Military and Unknown Pins and Badgesby mikeigo…
?1936 Jaeger military watchby Briank
Mom's WW-2 Camera, posted for rniedermanby toracat
Milwaukee Friedensfeier 1871by Militar…
Vintage Original WW2 Era German Flagby whitman75
What is this?  Anybody???by parpskid
British WWII Auxiliary Fire Service Senior officer steel petey
British WWII steel helmet from petey
British Army Film Photographic Unit steel helmet. petey
Nice, France...1945by Ted_Str…
French Riviera...1945by Ted_Str…
Vintage Nice, France Ted_Str…
Nice, France...pre-War Snapshotsby Ted_Str…
Nice, France Snapshots.....1940sby Ted_Str…
WWII Fighter Pilot Mothers Pin ?by MattyG
WWI USMC 2nd division photo and E.G.A. groupingby tlmbaran
WW II Tank Pinby upstate…
Middle Eastern Broadswordby sarawak
Unknown Fire Chief's 'C' Army Air Base hat Badgeby Rtd_sf_eng
WW2 Victory gardenby mickeys…
Battlefield Max Cohn jacket  with chaplain crossby Finy
The Mouse that Roaredby blunder…
Button dug in Pulaski Co, KYby Ahunt0018
WW1 Distinguished Service Cross souvenir ring and ribbon barby scottvez
Imperial German mint pottery Reservist's stein of Uhlan Gefreiter Grolzmannby bluemax…
Vietnam, 1967, by Cambodia, Photos I tookby toracat
De Forest Long Wave Type Radio Receiver R 36 Made for U.S. Coast Guardby Trencha…
5in Brass Bell with HMS Queen Marry ebossed on DanielB.
Antique Miltary Brass N.S.Meyer New York Coat Buttonby whitman75
War weaponsby MarioZ
Old WW1 Doughboy Helmetby kaiserl…
1876 Martini-Henry Bayonetby Chi-Tre…
British WWII Provost Marshal steel petey
British WWII Special Constable Sergeant steel petey
British London/Liverpool/Glasgow Salvage Company steel helmetby petey
British WWII Ambulance crew steel petey
British WWII Experimental Cruise Visor steel petey
Fornasetti al Meritoby AmberRose
British WWII London Underground steel petey
British WWII Factory Fire Brigade steel helmetby petey
my shin guntoby asroel
WWII gun 32 calby Bluegill85
My Friend Nicholas "Porky" Cutinha, Medal of Honor Winner, photo of him and me 1968 Tay Ninhby toracat
British WWII Colliery Fire/Rescue steel petey
Mk1 Helmet, Steel, Royal Armoured Corps by tinlid
Does anyone here own this group?by Militar…
Militatry 3 Generations From WWII to Iraq by Manikin
Iconic Robert E. Lee Civil War CDVby scottvez
Mk2 Royal Artilleryby tinlid
Antique Civil War Jackson Amputation Bone Sawby whitman75
RPPC of early 20th century soldier on horsebackby scottvez
Civil War cavalry soldier cabinet cardby scottvez
Kendall war ration bottleby gargoyl…
Simmons Gas Mask Pouch?by PrimePickins
Civil War soldier with Colt pistolby scottvez
British WWI Stretcher Bearers steel petey
Super Rare British WWI Generals Private Purchase steel petey
British WWII 1942 Dispatch Riders steel petey
British WWII 51st Highland Division steel petey
My dad's Asian Pacific Medal Ribbonby anokienurse
Trench art doll house tableby scottvez
Trench art souvenir of Egyptby scottvez
Trench art goblet or vaseby scottvez
RPPC with trench art souvenir beltby scottvez
Canadian Royal Signals Mk2 by tinlid
Memorial Day Tributeby pw-coll…
Vintage Rapco WW2 Lead Toy Soldier Setby whitman75
WWII Canada Navy Uniformby PaperHoarder
Military Pendent possibly Indian.  Does anyone reconize this insignia?by jenniec…
vintage army hat by lundy
Dad's WWII Dog Tags & Mom's Citizenship & Air Raid Protection Bookletsby Spunkys…
1950s US Military Patchesby PaperHoarder
Mini Metal Cannonby pw-coll…
Ultra mini WWI era pocket knife/trench art watch fob?by antiqua…
Civil War Photo Frame with Tin Type Photoby musikchoo
National Museum of the Pacific Warby musikchoo
triangle bayonetby Samovar88
New York Herald 11/12/18by Samovar88
British WWII Senior Mines/Rescue Officer steel petey
British WWII Police Senior Officers steel helmet. 1939by petey
Some small finds for Todayby Rivertr…
British WWII Bury Fire Brigade steel petey
British WWII First Aid Party steel petey
WWII Royal Ulster Constabulary (Police) steel petey
British WWII Special Constable Sergeant Police steel petey
British WWII Police Sergeant steel helmetby petey
British WWII Repair Party/Water, steel helmetby petey
British WWI steel helmet, re issued WWIIby petey
British WWII Repair Party steel helmetby petey
British WWII Fairey Aircraft Factory steel helmetby petey
British WWII Civil Defence steel helmet 1939by petey
British WWII Home Guard steel helmet 1940by petey
British WWII National Fire Service steel helmetby petey
British WWII National Fire Service steel helmet 1941by petey
British WWII National Fire Service steel helmetby petey
Timex Prototype MIL-W-46374by JerseyMo
WWII Yokogawa voltmeterby Markos10
British WWI helmet re issued WWIIby petey
British WWII Civil Defence Rescue Senior Officerby petey
Scarce British WWII steel petey
British WWII Home Guard steel petey
Mk2 No.2B Rifle brigade home guardby tinlid
Post WWII, U.S. - ZONE Germany Binocularsby pw-coll…
Confederate States of America Half Dollarby earthan…
Harpers Ferry musketby blunder…
British WWII Escape Compassby petey
Super rare WWII helmet (unused) decals!!!by petey
British WWII Royal Ordnace Factory steel helmetby petey
British WWII Police Sergeant steel petey
British WWII Rescue Senior Officers steel helmetby petey
British WWII steel helmet used in cold petey
British WWII 8th Army desert steel petey
Wood Military toysby vintage…
Shackleton Bomber Co-Pilot Seatby Griffin
Memphis Belleby RonM
Mk2 Royal navy, Commanderby tinlid
WWI British Royal Flying Corps Mark V 30 hour Non  Luminous Pocket Watchby Jaq
Expo 1970 Osaka:  Apollo Medalby stevehouse
My grandfather - Arthur " Barney" Palmerby kimbly61
Things my grandfather sent back from Nth Africa during WWIIby kimbly61
Things my grandfather sent back from Nth Africa WWIIby kimbly61
A Tale of Two Medalsby Militar…
Folk Art PEACE sign with Dove (Victory Float Parade Piece collection Jim Lindermanby JimLind…
Scarce British WWII Home Guard steel helmetby petey
British Civil Defence WWII Fire Party steel helmet 1941by petey
British Civil Defence WWII Factory Guard/Worker steel helmetby petey
British WWII Rescue Party steel helmetby petey
The Complete Machine-Gun 1885 to the Presentby pw-coll…
Early Cast Aluminum P-47B Thunderbolt Display Modelby ohmyflyguy
quart cansby sohiosl…
The Value Of An Eyeby Militar…
French military binocularsby tbrosius
Buttons Dug in Easton Spiperato
Ladies' "patriotic" sash-belt/dress-beltby Spiperato
Artillery & Ammunition of the Civil Warby blunder…
British WWII Senior Wardens steel helmet. 1939by petey
British WWII Fire Watchers steel helmet 1940by petey
More Hawaiian 1920s Ted_Str…
WW II Gasoline Ration Stamp Booklet (FARM)by Spiperato
for tinlid, close up photo of stamp in Zukerman helmetby petey
Amer. Rifleman 1964 bound editionby blunder…
A Japanese Tsubaby rrrohde
British WWII Civil Defence helmetby petey
British WWII First Aid Post steel helmetby petey
British WWII Zuckerman Civil Defence helmet 1941by petey
WWII Aircraft Recognition Bookby petey
WWII Aircraft Identification book (part two)by petey
WWII German Navy Officers visorby The-Warden
WWI sweetheart hat pinsby petey
WWII British Expeditionary Force Christmas Cardby petey
WWII 1944 Stomperud Krag ?by pw-coll…
WWII German Motorcycle/Riding Goggles - 2 Sets of Replaceable Lenses - Original Box and Cleaning Clothby BHock45
WWII Russian Mortarby Trencha…
Very interesting Civil War Document Lot incl. Passport - Brigadier Generalby collect…
3rd post 1940 Navy flight yearbook 1940  my father two advertisements, and school, trainingby toracat
1940 Navy flight yearbook, 2nd post of my fatherby toracat
Dad's 1940 Flight  Yearbook   double wingers at first!by toracat
British WWII National Fire Service Helmetby petey
British WWII steel combat helmetby petey
Trench Art from WW2by apple____
WWII Home front Sweetheart Braceletsby ttomtuc…
Confederate Armsby blunder…
1950's Royal Air Force Stratton Powder Compactby petey
Can anyone tell me what this is and how old?by whatisitple…
Trench Art? Opium Pipe??? HELP!!!by Jillskii
British WWII Wardens steel helmetby petey
British WWII Factory Security steel helmetby petey
British WWII Engineer's steel helmetby petey
British WWII Factory Fire/Securityby petey
Wided bladed takouba swordby takouba
WW2 E-5 TECH SGT. STRIPES?by hulalad…
The Civil War & Smith & Wessonby pw-coll…
U.S Signal Corp "Toaster Phone"by huck2050
Help with military items and coinsby Needingassi…
shell case lampsby blunder…
vietnam era flight suitby hulalad…
Nice WWI  U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division photoby tlmbaran
WWI - Large Antique Photo: Canadian Army Dental Corps 1918by antiqua…
WWI Original Prints on Silk: Earl Kitchener - 1 of 2by antiqua…
WWI Original Print of Gen. Joffre on Silk with Vignettes of War in Cornersby antiqua…
post WWI U.S. Army 2nd Division yard long photo 1925by tlmbaran
These are two Civil War erra rings that we found digging around the battle fields in Chickamauga BIGSORK…
Mk2 No.2C Batteryby tinlid
Pre WWI U.S. Navy Shore Patrol Cavalry???  RPPCby tlmbaran
WWII Gun Buster Booksby lovedec…
WWII "Factual" Booksby lovedec…
WWII Novelsby lovedec…
Confederate States of America $20 Gold Coinby earthan…
Third Air Force - North of the Alps - Sub-Saharan Africa  - Challenge Coinby BHock45
Grand Army of the Republic G A R buttonsby PegsBut…
Aircraft Identification - British Monoplanes - Part 1by lovedec…
We fought them in Gunboatsby lovedec…
They Flew Through Sandby lovedec…
Ten Fighter Boysby lovedec…
Stand by to Beachby lovedec…
brought back from pacific after world war 2 not sure where it came fromby moby
Reservist's stein of Hornist (Trumpeter) Mohr, who bugled for the 5th Baden Infantry, 113th Regiment, 9th Companyby bluemax…
Fight for the Standard and Ayer's Pillsby Chrisnp
1897 Pattern British Infantry Officers Swordby lovedec…
WWI U.S. Army Officer 1st Infantry division with "wound stripe" RPPCby tlmbaran
VRC Chromium Plate Dishby tammyleclaire
"Old Ironsides" USS Constitution, oldest Navy ship in world still sailing, built 1795 Printby toracat
British Atomic Bomb Test Souvenirby lovedec…
Hawaii 1920s or 30sby Ted_Str…
Between Wars Scenes in Ted_Str…
Hawaii Scenes from 1920s Army Menby Ted_Str…
RARE KOREAN WAR 7th Marines Battle flag~ tactical air control party (TACP)by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar Discs from my uniform collection #3by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar Discs from my uniform collection #2by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar discs from my collection of uniforms #1by tlmbaran
WWI Sapper Trench Sawby lovedec…
WW2 CBI Theater souvenir ringby scottvez
Civil War Tin Typeby biffyclyro
Russian Military Hatby rosborn…
WWI US Army Collar Disc Collection ~group #3by tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Collar Disc collection ~group 2by tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Collar Disc collection ~group "A"by tlmbaran
1920s Scenes from a US Army Baseby Ted_Str…
US Army Personnel,  1920sby Ted_Str…
Army Women 1920s..California or Hawaiiby Ted_Str…
OIF Kevlar Helmet by scottvez
German Military Bookby Harborguy
Interesting pair of Spanish American War Medical Personnelby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art ashtray, 4th AR Divisionby scottvez
WW2 New Guinea Trench Art lampby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art ashtrayby scottvez
WW2 CBI theater trench art ashtray or paperweightby scottvez
Troopers cleaning their Riflesby scottvez
WW2 trench art Camp Lee paperweightby scottvez
WW2 Army Air Corps trench art paperweightby scottvez
WW2 trench art candlesticksby scottvez
Elusive WWI U.S. Marine Corps E.G.A. cap badge & Matching French made collar discs!by tlmbaran
U.S. Navy Balastby ho2cult…
Mk2 Head of Rescue Serviceby tinlid
Mk2 Senior Rescue Officerby tinlid
Military Buttonby EStefaniaL
Canadian @ Fort George Wright Button and Cap Enlargementby Ted_Str…
Confederate Belt Buckleby NicoleJ…
Metal U.S. love it but don't know exactly what it is or how it was Dr.e13
Col. Max Weber civil war pipeby Gvanbrunt
US Army troops with Maxim M1904 Machine gunby scottvez
Freundlich 1940s Wac doll 15 inches all original with label by Manikin
korean war  souvenirby andyman
1830s Fotherby Wakefield Shotgun-want to know more about it!by retrora…
Germany or Austria Post WWIIby Ted_Str…
Naval Artillery. British WWIIby petey
British National Hospital Service Reserve steel helmet (1949 - 1968)by petey
Post WWII Photos in Europeby Ted_Str…
Military collectionby RonM
Is this a ww11 missile?by Rivertr…
1939/45-ww2-german gestapo military michael…
Mk2 Shelter Marshalby tinlid
P.O.W Trench Art. 1896 "1 African Shilling". man looks to be smoking Blake_Tennant
WW2 Manintenance Manual for Watches and Clocksby scottvez
Just in...two porcelain NASA signs circa retrora…
WW1 War Exposition Bookletby scottvez
WW2 Standard Oil Co. Factory propagandaby scottvez
WW2 trench art lighterby scottvez
WW2 trench art ashtrayby scottvez
WW2 trench art ashtray with Japanese shell baseby scottvez
WW2 simple style trench art ashtrayby scottvez
Wav Military doll by Ralph Freundlich WWII 1940's by Manikin
What is the? Yes, I know, it's a sword, but from where? Age? by Racnreno
1969-the concorde/budget/moon landing-the birmingham michael…
WW2 Trench Art B-17 Flying Fortressby scottvez
B-24 Liberator trench art ash trayby scottvez
National Geographic - Apollo 11 - 1969by BHock45
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Tambour Jehlby bluemax…
Civil War redeemed slave child CDVby scottvez
Viet Nam War trench art mugby scottvez
Model 1935 German Army Dress dagger with hangers and knotby bluemax…
HACO SA Model 1933 Dress Daggerby bluemax…
Uncleaned Early Personalized 1st Model Luftwaffe Daggerby bluemax…
WWI British steel helmet, re issued early WWIIby petey
Mint Scottish WWII NFS steel helmetby petey
Fort George Wright Photos, Near Spokane, Washington...1920sby Ted_Str…
Fort George Wright Photos, Near Spokane, Washington...1920sby Ted_Str…
Fort George Wright Photos, Near Spokane, Washington...1920sby Ted_Str…
Boy sailor from the USS Kearsargeby scottvez
WW2 Aiborne Trooperby scottvez
WW2 Trench Art Lighthouseby scottvez
Fort George Wright Photos, near Spokane, Washington...1920sby Ted_Str…
Fort George Wright Photos, near Spokane, Washington...1920sby Ted_Str…
Fort George Wright Photos, Spokane, Washington..1920sby Ted_Str…
British WWII leather civil defence helmetby petey
British WWII Rescue/Control Station steel helmetby petey
WWII armoured vehicle communicationsby petey
WWI U.S. Cavalry Coporal Trooper on Horseback with full gear RPPCby tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Cavalry Trooper on Horseback RPPCby tlmbaran
Military item unknown roundby papa
Alexander Gardner "Incidents of the War' Civil War photo -- need help identifyingby lostone777
Helmet, Steel, Airbourne Troopsby tinlid
GAR Medal c. 1933 New Jersey by thisold…
Early NSKK model 1933 dagger, blade by very rare maker C. Schlieper by bluemax…
Boker Ground Roehm M33 SS dress daggerby bluemax…
MACHIGONNE (Steam Yacht) 1909 -Later USS MACHIGONNE (SP-507) 1917-1919by LOUMANAL
Bronze plaque made from salvage parts of The USS Maineby thisold…
Henry Tibbets ship Captain in the Revolutionary war before birth of the navy, 3 captains from Salem 1775-1880sby filmnet
WWI soldiers paperworkby petey
Allied Anti-gas hood. 1943by petey
Mk2 2nd Anti-Aircraft Div'by tinlid
Small aviation dress plate- is it Bannerman?by airhead247
National Guard badgeby airhead247
very high quality ornate Austrian "Freiheit" (Freedom) belt plate and complete belt assemblyby airhead247
Another mystery: Youth group? Fascist? Eastern Euro? Help!by airhead247
Mystery plate: US? Military? Fraternal?........not a clueby airhead247
WW1 era Army Pilot with wingsby scottvez
WW2 AAC female Lieutenantby scottvez
General William Shafter cabinet cardby scottvez
1943 army coats my Dadby filmnet
Gil Hibben Swordby nldionne
us goverment hard hatby mikesbi…
GAR plate with 2 starsby airhead247
Ball and chain?by Wedgwhat
Unique Milwaukee Militia Medalby Militar…
Military Helmet Please Help I.Dby whitman75
Mk2 Factory Civil Defenceby tinlid
AAC Trench Art Bracelet with Officers collar insigniaby scottvez
WW2 30th Division soldier patch and discharge paperworkby scottvez
British WWII Messenger steel helmetby petey