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an interesting mysteryby treeguy…
iraqi beretsby JimmyC
iraqi tanker helmet by JimmyC
fedayeen patch insignia by JimmyC
Orangeburg SC Confederate Monument Commemorative Plateby ame4usc
British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
Dad's letter holderby eye4bea…
Confederate States Of America $50 8% Coupon Book 1861by vintage…
Miliary Helmetby DerBayz
Strange swordby W.S
Italian Medal 1936 by ron1939
war ration booksby nittygr…
Bayonet by Bottlesjw
Hill 60 by Sean2928
Victorian Gothic Hilt Swordby Chrisnp
West Point Shot Glassesby Chrisnp
Memorial Flagsby Chrisnp
1903 Pewter Trophy~MA 1st Corps if Cadets~Corporal G. E. Tent?~by Budek
Antique Copper Knife with Engravings 1914 WELK-KIRG Or KRIG ?????by mikeigo…
Unknown Helmet in Ohioby jefft
1977 United States Naval Academy Graduation Pinby BHock45
1840/1906 Hollywood Frankenswordby Chrisnp
Patch with Morning Star and Midieval Axe?by Eric.Randau
Unknown War Veteran Pinby chuckg
iraqi fedayeen helmet by JimmyC
iraqi m80/03  helmet by JimmyC
iraqi m90 by JimmyC
iraqi m90 by JimmyC
iraqi m80 by JimmyC
iraqi m80 republican guard division helmet by JimmyC
iraqi m80 helmet by JimmyC
iraqi m80 helmet by JimmyC
iraqi m80 helmet by JimmyC
1919 peace Medalby ron1939
WW1 FolkArt Canon"1920-30by Alan2310
Yataghan Sword Bayonets collectionby battleg…
Turkish Bayonets very crude manufactureby battleg…
AKM Bayonets M59 & North Korean Type 68by battleg…
Bulgarian M51/72by battleg…
U.S. 1850 Style Foot Officer’s Sword with Movie Connectionby Chrisnp
Brass Belt Buckle(Military?)by superso…
East German DDR M56 Stahlhelm Early Model circa 1959by battleg…
WW1 Shells 1915-1918, Trench Artby EvlynJane
WW2 British Mess Tin, American Paintingby EvlynJane
The Bombing of Dresden Postcard Set… Ted_Str…
WW II Songsheet… Ted_Str…
Unknown Large US Military Jacket Patch Vietnam??by whitman75
Original WW2 Brass Ashtray From the USS SPERRYby whitman75
More Matchbox Militaryby catburg…
Matchbox Military Favouritesby catburg…
USA Wartime Songsheet… Ted_Str…
Bulgarian military Vladimir
WWI British steel helmet, re-issued petey
British WWI steel helmet, re-issued petey
WW1 Damascus Trench Art with Koran quotationsby scottvez
Strange spyglassby W.S
British WWI helmet, re-issued petey
Early British United Nations petey
U.S. Model 1860 Cavalry Saberby Chrisnp
M1873 Italian Cavalry Swordby fortapa…
Old Reproduction Nipponese Japanese Matchlock Muzzleloading Blackpowder Pistol Rifleby electob…
7th Cavalry A company Screw back Hat/Lapel Deviceby highlan…
Topps non sport cardsby catburg…
WWII Restored Canadian Military Helmetby kanukster
WWII Ration Book Humor and My Mother the Ownerby vintage…
Iraqi Mfg Composite Combat helmetby battleg…
"Dead Man's Hand" Aces & Eightsby pw-coll…
 Last of Millions by ron1939
ww1 Plane dated 20/10/18by Merlin
U.S. Model 1840 Style Cavalry Sabersby Chrisnp
Sweet Caporel cigarette insert cardsby catburg…
1966 N.S. Meyer Insignia Myrgold Clutch Pinby pickypi…
Antique Military Button Please Help ID WW1??by whitman75
Strange swordby W.S
 Mk II British Camo with a Canadian twistby kozowy1…
Mk II flashed to the Polish Brigade in Exileby kozowy1…
 Early McCord front seam fixed bail M-1by kozowy1…
Netted and scrimmed 44 dated BMB HSATby kozowy1…
1941 dated C.L./C. flashed to the Winnipeg Grenadiersby kozowy1…
WW2 Army Air Corps Sweetheart pinby scottvez
1940's US Army World War II WW2 Hand Held Walkie Talkie Wireless Communication Deviceby electob…
16th Lancers Boer Warby ron1939
WWII Canadian/British Re-issued Helmetby kanukster
WWI era U.S. MARINE CORPS campaign hatby tlmbaran
U.S. Model 1840 Style Light Artillery Saberby Chrisnp
world war one printsby ron1939
Time Capsule by ron1939
WWII British Fire Brigade steel helmet. by petey
British WWII Malta Cammo steel helmet. by petey
Trench art hat ashtraysby scottvez
Trench Art candle standsby scottvez
Obsolete Brass Air Force Security Police Building Emblemby DGilmer
What uniform is he wearing? by Katzl
Art Deco military wooden Vladimir
Need help identifying this buttonby CC1313
Seeking help with identifying a buttonby CC1313
USA M1917A1 Steel Helmetby battleg…
American Propeller Manufacturing Co. Paragon by Foundar…
USS England plaque by Tommyallen678
Rare, Civil war era percussion cap tinby kanukster
cannon ball gauge (revolutionary war era) by hotairfan
World War One Trench Art Brass shell piece by battleg…
Allied Chaplins Photograph 1921 On British Destroyerby mikeigo…
Federal Fire Dept. - Navy - Badgeby Junquer
World War Two photoby ron1939
Having Trouble Finding Any Info on Thisby RobDerhak
Bakelite Army Pencil Sharpenerby upstate…
Question on what the blue bars areby Porttownsend
Any info would be chrisggard
Trench art bulletby Jerryp182
US Model 1832 Foot Artillery Swordby Chrisnp
LIGHT HORSE SQUADRON CIGAR (box opener)by Militar…
IRAQI M1 Steel Helmet & web gearby battleg…
Sherman Tank Brass Lapel Pinby Axolotl
Vintage Historic Aircraft Decals Magazinesby RuralWi…
Israeli M1 steel helmet Yom Kippur War 1973by battleg…
Polish Eagle facing left gold ring,by Tobysonofbr…
New York National Guard Button Civil War? by stwilli…
Antique U.S. Honorable Discharge Leather Certificateby whitman75
Army 107th NY Insignias Pinsby stwilli…
Antique Truck Show OERM 2014 Military Vehiclesby fortapa…
WW2 Pilots Insigniaby stwilli…
US Six Color Desert Camo M1 Helmet "Choc Chip" camoby battleg…
Need Help to Identify German WW2 Bayonetby mr.toolman
From our visit to the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museumby packrat…
Military mystery barby katyrose
World War One French Model 1915 Adrian Helmet & Bayonetby battleg…
Vintage WW1 or WW2 Era Military Ribbon Please Help ID by whitman75
Signal Corps U.S. Army Handset H-23C/Uby PatSea
Extremely rare Kearsarge medalby robbie66
British WWII Naval steel petey
IRAN - IRAQ War Helmet & Gear circa 1980 - 1988by battleg…
JOHN GLENN autograph Photoby Foundar…
Civil War US Model 1840 Musician’s Swordby Chrisnp
Photograph of the First Titan Rocket Launch 6 Feb. 1959 Signed By Col. Albert Wetzelby Foundar…
Higgins WWII LCVP Brass Parts, Helm Shifter JwalkerT
WWII US M1 Steel Combat Helmet circa 1942 - 1943by battleg…
My parents wedding photo favby catburg…
WWI German Ersatz Bayonet, M1915 Feldflascheby battleg…
Russian Navy Ssh40 Steel Helmet by battleg…
Yugoslavia M59/85 Steel Helmet with Red Starby battleg…
Rare Original USN Good Conduct Medal Inscribedby whitman75
Rare Original USN Mexico Service Medal 1911-1917by whitman75
Rare U.S. Coastguard Life Saving Silver Medal/Award with Boxby whitman75
Spanish M42/79 Steel Helmetby battleg…
WWII Swiss M18/43 steel helmet and entrenching shovelby battleg…
WWI German M16 Helmet Stamp Si66by pickypi…
WWI Prussian Spike Lobster Tail Helmet Model M1915by pickypi…
Handgrips for an antique pistolby Jerryp182
P-51 Mustang Dreamby Rattlet…
British WWII combat helmet. Royal army service petey
British WWII tank crew / armoured fighting vehicle steel petey
Calvary jacketby SeattleRain
Imagine This!!!by Rattlet…
Ejection Seat Wind Tunnel Test Modelby flogger
Ejection Seat Wind Tunnel Modelsby flogger
Civil War Era US Model 1840 Noncommissioned Officer Swordby Chrisnp
Two tanksby mrdaveo7
continued from "Old sword" postby bbmbr2000
Antique swordby bbmbr2000
B-17 Going downby mrdaveo7
Several more of my metal detector packrat…
2003 R.O.T.C. signed flag 30 x 60by koolstuff
Engineering model for Aircraft Nose Gearby flogger
P-51 Landingby Rattlet…
WWI Italian military pistol by Toyman
Brooch? Military? Found in With Civil War Artifacts, Appomattox VA areaby GrammieMae
U.S. Air Force Photo Poster - "F-111A First Flight"by aghcoll…
U.S. Air Force Photo Poster - "B-58 Hustler"by aghcoll…
19th Century Militia NCO Swordby Chrisnp
Letter openerby Jerryp182
1/2 scale Civil War Howitzer Cannonby hotairfan
1914 Christmas Truce Centenialby Chrisnp
Camillus utility knife 1988? marked U.S. Is this military or gov. issued? for itmidce…
Sapphire Guardian Twin Katana Bladesby Guardian
Art? Circa 1915-1918by Mkruse74
The Chaser Newsletter 1945by shareur…
The Chaser Newsletter 1945by shareur…
The Chaser 1945 / Carl Kidwell Artistby shareur…
Korean War Trench Art Ashtrayby DerBayz
Great Oncle Richard(Wagner)mother side"1916"by Alan2310
Please identify this Unknown Badgeby Cameronpeach
Historical   Tin  by ron1939
tmu torch for  (nutsabotas6 )by surfdub66
West German gas mask and helmet with storage canister by battleg…
Ruger 1022 conversion, Hand Madeby roadweasel
Patriotic Swordby Chrisnp
Military Jacket in style of VTG Snorkel Artic Parka w/ unknown & disturbing label!by enelms2244
Fulton Flashlightby nutsabo…
French WW 1 Soldier - What a cool horeau
Molly Pitcher Uniform Buttonby dday1558
Need help identifying, found it with a bunch of military emblemsby Jerryp182
Model 1860 Staff & Line Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
Military Buttonby bbulldog13041
WW2 flag collection by G7brd
Colt 1851 Navy 2nd Generationby jwendell222
Taliban flag 2010 South Helmand by Cosh3299
'War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal'by ho2cult…
saginaw steering gear 1919 mg my father plt#1 1940sby plant2ssg
"SIR" PENT Dated 16 September 1946by pw-coll…
"SIR" PENT Dated 7 September 1946by pw-coll…
Figurines by ron1939
General Officer's Sash & Dress Hanger with 1902 Saberby Chrisnp
U.S. Model 1902 Saberby Chrisnp
Jerry Airportby mrdaveo7
German vs. Russian chess setby Raymi.86
churchby mrdaveo7
Marleneby mrdaveo7
train wreckby mrdaveo7
1977 United States Navel Academy Pin - 18kby BHock45
Found These. by sewelldave
P-51s fightersby mrdaveo7
Airportby mrdaveo7
World War II Solid Gold Eagle Cast Cameo/Intaglio Ring?by Stablu8
1855 BOHEMIAN CRIMEAN WAR MEMORIAL TROPHY VASE Josephinenhütte ?by ozmarty
ME-109by mrdaveo7
border patrol signby phooster
Italian? Liquor bottle set of 9 , unopened bottlesby Serrabella2
Mt Vesuviusby mrdaveo7
US Military Aiguillettes and Glovesby Chrisnp
Tea Tinsby ron1939
Combination shot! by Rattlet…
Original Civil War Belt Bucklesby whitman75
Dad’s French Fourragère and a later American Issueby Chrisnp
British Cigarette Cardsby ron1939
Army Officers Handbookby mrdaveo7
WWI German Postcard…Altenbergby Ted_Str…
Piston and Rod/Spring for Bren MKII Machine Gunby yesterd…
More military pouches/cases  by yesterd…
Misc Gun Itemsby yesterd…
German WWII Pouches/Casesby yesterd…
Military Pouches/Casesby yesterd…
ammunition box ?by sbyrne
Viking Sword with Evil Face?by akanyr
Great uncle Harold's crucifix in leather flapby antiquemaybe
Military Capby ron1939
Miniature Black Powder Cannonby CAD1949
my grandpas war by marcy
Military box made of charmso…
US 1902 Uniform Breast Cordsby Chrisnp
Self Storage? Really?by Rattlet…
Last Man’s Clubsby Militar…
My grandmother's "Arras letter opener"by Busha
unknown military patchby chuckg
Perspectiveby Rattlet…
It's up!!!by Rattlet…
1968 Vietnam war US ARMY issue Jungle Fatigue shirt with "in country" made rank & shoulder patchby tlmbaran
Family in forcesby ron1939
My sons Army Medal in Honor of Veterans Day and his service by Manikin
New addition:)by Justin_…
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 4by Chrisnp
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 3by Chrisnp
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 2by Chrisnp
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 1by Chrisnp
1945 - "History of World War II"by aghcoll…
Thank You Veterans For Defending Our Freedomby CindB
Family Photos - Dad's U.S. Army 1954-1957by aghcoll…
WW1 Trench Art Flagby MissMonty
World War 1 Trio of Medals +Common Prayer Bokby collect…
More P-51 Progressby Rattlet…
First World Warby Peaseje…
Miliatilly Biscuit tinsby ron1939
Biscuit Tins by ron1939
Three  Military   Books by ron1939
My First Raggy-Doodle!by Heirloo…
H.A.C.  Silver Sweetheart Badgeby maggiemay
British and French Light Infantryby ron1939
Flintlock Firearm by ron1939
Military Knifeby ron1939
Ruger Old Army .44 Percussion Pistolby jwendell222
Old Keys from Randolph Field AFB found in dirt!by reliclover
Unidentified Brodie type helmetby rap148
German ww1 Schnapps yewstave
A Souvenir of the The Great Warby Ferguson
WWII War is over!!!by mstevenson
Please Help Identify This Scovill Buttonby junel
WWII Naval Training Aids Able, Baker, Charlie midcenturymom
Sweetheart and military pin collectionby upstate…
Nice pins cheap!by upstate…
Sterling Excellence in Production pinby upstate…
1 Star Sweetheart pinby upstate…
Old blood donor pin?by upstate…
WWII snapshot U.S. NAVY Sailor & Sweetheart "Never Say Goodbye"by tlmbaran
German Mystery Jacketby Chrisnp
First World War Post Cardsby ron1939
Military Badgesby ron1939
WWII Trunkby Heirloo…
Made in Germany,WW2by RimRattler
original WWI U.S.ARMY MEDICAL CORPS photo 1918by tlmbaran
What are these patches?by brenvintage
`Post  Cardsby ron1939
cigarette card alburnby ron1939
WWII Victory Pinby roxygirl
P-51 Progressby Rattlet…
Naval Percussion Boarding Pistolby jwendell222
US Army Model 1884 Enlisted Man’s Jacketby Chrisnp
Strange wooden block, possibly connected to RAF flight logs?by butter_fing…
military hat  with brass plume holder & badge buttonsby kathie25
military shako tar bucket hat with plumeby kathie25
Tricorne hat found in Iowaby kathie25
Documents Passport & Employment War And wound cardby ron1939
1923 U.S. Marine Pilot original photo!by tlmbaran
Great pre WWI U.S. MARINE CORPS R.P.P.C. photo post card with uniform variationsby tlmbaran
a sword I found have no ideal what it isby anthonywk4321
Military / Service buttonsby heatshrink
Protector 1900by ron1939
Not sure what I have here??by tdflyer
1942 - Aircraft Spotters' Guideby aghcoll…
Sex to Sexty Magazine #76, "Pay-Triotic" Issueby poorgir…
Vintage Gunpowder Holder by zeteibao
Old brass Sword with stoneby namji
Views  of Fort Glanville by ron1939
Fort glanville Visiter Centreby ron1939
Whitworth Two pounderby ron1939
P-51 Mustang at Lakeside Storageby Rattlet…
Armstrong sixteen pounder Cannonby ron1939
Armstrong Sixty four Pounder by ron1939
Armstrong Artillery by ron1939
JA Henckles WWII Bayonetby Divanvdb
Boer War    Lithorgraph                      by ron1939
Strange Springfield Percussion Rifleby jwendell222
British Victorian Cavalryman’s Jacketby Chrisnp
Sigre Chart of Nuclear Properties, Instrument Development Laboratories, 1947, Addison-Wesley Pressby tcosbm16
leather bound lead cosh!!by surfdub66
Vintage Unknown Military Ribbon Pin ???by whitman75
William George Armstrong 1810-1900 by ron1939
Bayonet by scavazo…
Antique Handguns by zeteibao
1883 Womens relief Corp. badgeby gargoyl…
Granddad male side by ron1939
Nazi Badge1939 and medal. by dredd454
German Photos by AmourLa…
Son in the Service Ringby upstate…
Dad's old swordby Paul323
Fort Glanvilleby ron1939
Fort Glanville South Australiaby ron1939
VINTAGE RUPTURED DUCK-Honorable Service Lapel Buttonby southcop
Active Duty Army Minute Man Lapel Pinby southcop
U.S. Air Force Ringby Jewels
USMA West Point Cup and Saucerby poorgir…
US Army Air Force Pillow Coverby poorgir…
French Tirailleur Officer’s Jacketby Chrisnp
1942 German Youth Sportfest Participation Pinby rrrohde
Viet-Nam Patchby DerBayz
Match Strickerby ron1939
World War Two Item by ron1939
WWII Radar Unitby DaBandit
wwii ration book and leather holder. by gillygi…
British Royal Engineers Badge. "Honi Soit Qui Mal.Y. Mercer50
Need Help Identifyingby sgordon7422
Haitian Bring-Back M-5 Bayonetby Chrisnp
Ww1 german waterbottle from Templemore prison campby stephfather
WWI Veteran’s Model 1917 Jacketby Chrisnp
kaiser helmet with pinby largeandlov…
Designed Tin Calendar From 1919by FanciGirl
HELP  1942 yeoman patchby Crimz
Civil War Buttonsby FanciGirl
French WWI Lebel Bayonetby johnm2
Flintlock pistolby Brianne163
Old Toy Jeepby mikecas…
A Military Collectionby clundbe…
Leather Leggings Converted from Bootsby Chrisnp
US Army Wool Wrap Putteesby Chrisnp
US Army Model 1910 Canvas Leggings (Gaiters)by Chrisnp
AER? NER? military? railroad?by foolsinapril
Gurkha and Indian Cap Badgesby Chrisnp
M-16 ButtStock cleaning Kitby southcop
France Gendarmerie Nationale Mle51 helmetby battleg…
WWI Canadian Cap Badges and Shoulder Titleby Chrisnp
WWII or Vietnam Era???  Prop & Wing Ringby shareur…
WWII German Visor capby baldwinloco12
Me in the Army in the 90'sby Jewels
Photos from Manassas Battlefieldby Jewels
Veterans - A Special Recordby musikchoo
Lighter and charmso…
Hilroy Notebooks - War Related Graphicsby RosaChan
Bayonetby lcdenault
Graphic Notebooks - Scribblers 1939-1940's by RosaChan
Buttons from Mother's Button Boxby ButtonBlazer
Trying to Identify WWII German Nazi Dagger and Paperwork - ???by lostone777
The World War, Historic Deeds of Valor, 1919 Illustratedby FanciGirl
Military Missile Tip?by drelec
Israeli Defense Forces Six Day War helmet with netby battleg…
West German Para helmet , Stahlhelm Luftlande M61by battleg…
Polish WZ63 / East Germany Paratrooper steel helmetby battleg…
Brown Water Navy Vietnam Warby battleg…
 Gulf War era Saudi Arabia Export  M1 Steel Helmet from Taiwanby battleg…
World War I 1918 Handmade Soldier Doll Made By, Maude Cadwalladerby lisa1218
unidentified large metal flaskby msjar
British Arms and Services Cap Badgesby Chrisnp
don't know anything about my grandfather's trench art please help me outby goldenboy
Any Value to a WW2 US "Captured Enemy Equipment" Certificateby LOUMANAL
WWII French M1926 Adrian steel helmets by battleg…
WW1 Trio and Military Medal to Pte H Jackson RAMCby collect…
WW1 Medals to MID W E Jackson RNRby collect…
Czech M53 used by the North Vietnamese, war trophyby battleg…
Mysterious metal object by RossHathaway
West German M40/52 Stahlhelm with netby battleg…
My Clock -- Very Old Canon Shaped ( 19th Century )by antique…
WW2 (?) Belt Buckleby Mocha123
Indian Wars & Spanish American War Era M1874 Mess Kit & Utensilsby battleg…
WWII German M40 Heer Stahlhelm & Lugerby battleg…
WWII Spanish M42 steel helmet & M41 Bolo Bayonetby battleg…
Old Marine Corps Pocket Knife ! Semper Fi by Manikin
Dutch M34 Police steel helmetby battleg…
Romanian M73 steel helmet dated 1976by battleg…
British Royal Artillery Cap Badgesby Chrisnp
China GK80A steel helmet PLA issueby battleg…
East German M56/71 Stahlhelmby battleg…
Old Family Photo of Great Uncle in Uniform but was He Army officer ?by Manikin
Is this a sweetheart ring? RAF?by Samanth…
Vietnam War era US Navy shipboard helmet displayby battleg…
Mk2, Malta Camo w/ R.A. Flashesby tinlid
Navey anti aircraft shellby leavensg1973
Boer war fighter Pietr Cronje frankyone
Trio of WW2 Trench art planesby scottvez
Sword belt from Bengal Artillery,Rebellion of 1857by stephfather
British WWI New Branch Cap Badgesby Chrisnp
Trench art/ Sweetheart jewelry pin from WW2by scottvez
German Glass Mugby kegan32
Flakhelfer helmet?by D24Ortal
Vintage WWII WAC Clothe Dooby mahall709
Wool 1963 west german Garrison capby D24Ortal
Toy Invasion Barge and Tank 1943  Wood Commoditiesby cindyjune
Brass shell caseby Peaseje…
Teeth dice and Bakelite sweet heart pin with photo of my father in law. by jhussar
British Foot Guards Cap Stars/Badgesby Chrisnp
MarkV diving suitby D24Ortal
Explosive ordinance disposal informational guide by D24Ortal
Ssh-40 helmetby D24Ortal
East German side cap by D24Ortal
French paramilitary riot helmetby D24Ortal
East German officers capby D24Ortal
1840 Toledo swordby D24Ortal
Hitler Youth belt buckle by D24Ortal
Strange Findby Rattlet…
Mysterious Red (Military??) Jacketby miska3
A-N 6530 gogglesby D24Ortal
All medal Jeep 1942?by Bigsarge
British helmet used by The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canadaby petey
British WWII Home Guard steel helmetby petey
Royal Australian Air Force Officer's visor capby OCAD
Geo S. Cook Charleston SC ambrotype of woman by scottvez
Two old Confederate Veterans photographby scottvez
Confederate Veteran showing numerous Badgesby scottvez
British WWII paratrooper steel helmt 1943by petey
British WWII Police Messenger steel petey
Scarce British WWII Dispatch Riders Face Maskby petey
US Army Challenge Coinsby Bigsarge
WWII Coffin box Silver Star medal by tlmbaran
Confederate Veteran with his Southern Cross of Honorby scottvez
Partial WWI Trophy Beltby Chrisnp
My Military Toolsby Bigsarge
1952 - U.S. Air Force Survival Manualby aghcoll…
78th Division WW1 soldierby scottvez
Uckers boardby Cpomedx
Ashtray 4.5 inch shell Cpomedx
Barclay Soldiersby pattymanwar…
Please help with identifying this knife. Any information will drumforyou
I.V. Brass Buttonsby carolclark
HMAS Perth DDG 38 Commissioning plaqueby Cpomedx
Charcoal Heaterby BorisXp
U.S. Army Air Service Search Lightby AZVinta…
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 7by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 6by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 5by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 4by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 3by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 2by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 1by Chrisnp
Is this a Pre-Revolutionary War British Navy officers button?by WSH1923
1967 - "The U.S. Fighting Man's Code" - Bookletby aghcoll…
1953 - USAF "Air Log Observer" Newspaperby aghcoll…
Over the Hump O MY!!!!by filmnet
antique Indian Dhal Shield by antikar…
German M35 DDby tinlid
Mk2 Ambulance Driverby tinlid
Vintage Tin with Pilot holding Ice Creamby allans799
MAMMOTH plate ambrotype of Civil War soldier and Familyby scottvez
My Dads Vietnam and planes from his reconds 1966by filmnet
My Dads Flight recordsby filmnet
British Worcestershire and Sherwood Forester Regiment OCAD
WW2 Service Pinby patchman
Army Gas Lantern by Bigsarge
old (copper?) buttonby doublemks
Old US Navy quartermasters Bellby Cpomedx
Canadian Welcom Home Medals and Bookby Militar…
military uniform button? canadian?by NEWF5540
canadian uniform button??by NEWF5540
antique german military  beer steinby antikar…
Medalsby collect…
Medalsby collect…
French Cavalry Helmetby Chrisnp
Wrenches?  Belonged to my Dad!by CardinalLady
 victorian percussion box lock pistol P.BOND, LONDON , circa 1850by antikar…
Trench Art Ashtay WWII dated 1946 by Manikin
WWII British Enfield Revolverby Chrisnp
Medium Landing Compass I need info. on this item. In original box and Please educate meby lukegri86
World War 2 German Luftwaffe Patches Insigniaby whitman75
2 x pair of WW1 Medalsby collect…
WW2 Nazi knucklesby Tim6
"Saxonia" SS Lodge No.1  July 31, 1918  (Somewhere at Sea)WW1by mpruter7851
My three Luger Holstersby Chrisnp
WWII Era German Luger Pistolby Chrisnp
Sword by ABklynguy
AEF Solider 1918 Aircraft Propeller Frameby Frederick
British WWII Worcestershire Regiment steel petey
British WWII Auxilliary Fire Service steel petey
WWII Greek steel petey
Need help identifying.... Thank youby LauraL
Bermuda Rifles /WWII steel helmetby petey
1942 - Aircraft Spotters' Guideby aghcoll…
WW2 British General's Service OCAD
Ammo Case?by AmberRose
Colt Model 1911 Pistolby Chrisnp
The Eagle Has Landed...Apollo 11 Wrist Watchby kerry10…
WWII practice bomb, dated and "Last bomb produced" garage sale find!by tlmbaran
French military button collectionby BODO
Tribute to General charmso…
MK2 No.2C Home Guardby tinlid
WWII U.S. ARMY AIR FORCES snapshot of an Aviator 5" X 4" with Tail Number. tlmbaran
Panzer assault 100 Badgeby rrrohde
Vintage silver Jack Knife from World War One with Otto von Bismarckby Zeelo
Mk2 No.2C Stretcher Partyby tinlid
WWI USMC MARINE CORPS in US ARMY 2nd Division uniforms RPPCby tlmbaran
Mauser 1896 Broomhandle Pistolby Chrisnp
siapan 194? WWII NEED HELP WITH THEMby lewi-sext
Vtg German ? Helmet? Felt-like covering on MLyons
Imperial German Reservist’s Stein of Reservist Brudy, 3rd Prussian Machine Gun Detachment.  by bluemax…
Ships For Victory Award Of Meritby upstate…
British WWII Messenger steel petey
British WWII late war cammo petey
British WWII Wardens petey
WWII late war American helmetby petey
IRAQI Kevlar helmet made in Sloveniaby battleg…
Iraqi steel helmet with combat gear Desert Stormby battleg…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Seaman Netzby bluemax…
Mk2 No.2C Medical Officerby tinlid
COOKER ?  ARMY ISSUE ? Can anyone identify this item please ?by bazzas28
Wind Intensity Meterby upstate…
armor pauldronby tess
Post WWII Displaced Persons Mapby Ted_Str…
Soviet Nagant Revolver Holsterby Chrisnp
Russian Model 1895 Nagant Revolverby Chrisnp
1945 U.S.A.- Philippines 5 Centavo Mintmark Errorby ddubocq
World war one shell charmso…
Imperial Germany reservist's flask of 1907-1910by cwnewbie
A PICTORIAL HISTORY OF THE SS 1923 - 1945by antique…
Sea Service Military Brass Barreled Blunderbuss 1637-45 by Foundar…
WW II Sweetheart Pin With Medical Insigniaby upstate…
Dutch reissued British MK2 helmet WWII??by southcop
M1 Bayonet for Garand Rifleby fortapa…
Wide Awakeby janpentz
1943 Christmas Greeting from The US Naval Receiving Station, Norfolk, VAby Ted_Str…
Custer Massacre Account 1876 South Dakota Territory Paperby rccon3
USMS American President Lines officer hat, WWIIby LanceG
Propeller Sweetheart(?) pin by upstate…
Eagle sweetheart pinby upstate…
Sweetheart pendantby upstate…
"E" production pinby upstate…
General George Mather (US Army) DFV US Military M3-style binoculars (made in Brazil).by fourstargen…
US M4 Bayonetby Chrisnp
WWII US M1 Carbineby Chrisnp
Japanese WWII steel petey
British WWII Officers steel helmet, KRRC (King's Royal Rifle Corps)by petey
JACKET ,SHELL,FIELD M-1951by southcop
Large Special Congressional  Medal awarded to Charles E. Yeagerby southcop
British WWII steel helmet. Incendiary bomb petey
Canadian WWII cammo steel helmet of the Winnipeg petey
WAR MAP OF THE DARDANELLES david henry souter,for e.j.kerrby rockshow
Early version US army pistol beltby southcop
Pro deo et Patria & Hungarian 1941 "DÉLVIDÉK" medal for Yugoslavia fightingby southcop
American Civil War dug up sleighbell relicby southcop
World War II binocularsby KathyRose
West Point ashtray by Lilpikabud
US Model 1917 Enfield Bayonetby Chrisnp
US Model 1917 Enfield Rifleby Chrisnp
Help please!by Chubbles23
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Artilleryman Ludekeby bluemax…
Duxford airshow May 2014by petey
British WWII Home Guard steel helmetby petey
Russian WWII Ssh39 helmet, produced in petey
Miniature Replica Cannonby DerBayz
What can is this military?by Zoedad
Robert e. Lee portraitby td123
RAF MK IV Flying charmso…
Man on the Moon charm braceletby Pastime…
Antique Brass Spanish American War ? WWI ? Era Cigarette Lighter Eagle & Shield sides by rgbrunson
US Model 1905 Bayonetby Chrisnp
US 1903 Springfield Rifleby Chrisnp
some kind of military gizmo by crazydanmusic
Vintage Suitcase with Military Insignia Red & White Ringed Blue Ball by JSmed
old brass bugle...don't know what regimentby kerryman
World war 2( possibly made by soldier)???by finmar6945
Sword/ Fightingby Razorsedg77
1968 - U.S. Navy Pamphlet - "Flag Display"by aghcoll…
WWI aerial weapon?by Fan45876
1966 - Dept. of Defense Pamphlet - "The Viet Cong"by aghcoll…
WWII American fixed bale petey
Military cylinderby clpitts
WWI German Ammo Pouch and Beltby Chrisnp
German 1898/05 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German 1898 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German 1898 Infantry Gewehr by Chrisnp
Reservist’s flask of Imperial German Hussar Urmetzerby bluemax…
This Old Manby Younglisa
Aircraft Global Survival Kit C-2, Victor Tool Companyby flogger
WW II Patch Identification Helpby Pencil-neck…
Silver Dish "The Group" Yokota Japan 1969by Jonah812
M95 Steyr Ammo Pouches and Nazi Produced Ammo by Chrisnp
Model 1895 Steyr Bayonetby Chrisnp
Austro-Hungarian Model 1895 Steyr-Mannlicherby Chrisnp
lucky find trying to find history on both items. by shellp38
trench lighter?by Maggi
Vintage WW2 Airplane Designed S.S.C. No. 3000 Lockby whitman75
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Gefreiter Eckertby bluemax…
Imperial  German Reservist’s stein of Jäger Johan Mayerhofer 1877-1880by bluemax…
French Model 1892 Second Pattern Bayonetby Chrisnp
1892 French Berthier Artillery Musketoonby Chrisnp
Naval Reservist's Stein whose ship was torpedoed twice by British submarinesby bluemax…
Imperial  German Reservist’s stein of Grenadier Moll  by bluemax…
1960's - Laon AFB N.C.O. Club Trade Tokenby aghcoll…
Some Different War antique…
kellogg switchboard company field phonesby mikesbi…
Dad's WWII Schwazsticker Army Shortsby Spunkys…
WWII Purple Heart medal issued to my wife's great uncle K.I.Aby tlmbaran
1961 - Patriotic Advertisements (from Comic Book)by aghcoll…
masontic  swordby mikesbi…
WWII US NAVY Sailors graffiti on rail car shipping out!by tlmbaran
nice WWI U.S. ARMY 2nd Division Machine Gun photoby tlmbaran
Us army item by Dogs
Civil War CDV of Heroic Bucktail Soldierwho died at Gettysburgby scottvez
WWII Japanese Officers Samurai Swordby chezpatty
British/Commonwealth Pattern 1903 Bandoleerby Chrisnp
Australian Pattern 1907 Bayonetby Chrisnp
Australian SMLE Rifleby Chrisnp
Alpina WW1 Tranch Watchby Luckski
Tank Germanyby tintinman
What goes either sideby tintinman
WWII Nazi Brass Knucklesby Rayn
World War II - VHS Tapesby aghcoll…
Rare Wisconsin National Guard Award Photoby Militar…
A Family Picture ( History )by antique…
US Mills Model 1894 Mounted Cartridge Beltby Chrisnp
US Model 1892 Krag Bayonetby Chrisnp
US Krag Jorgensen Rifleby Chrisnp
samurai sword setby Xkresearch
WWII "R.F.M.P.  Reserve Medical" pannier--wicker with canvasby janeste
Previous posting of TL-29 knife, with the holster and pliers added onby Thrifty…
1950's - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Insignia Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Ribbon Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pin by aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pinby aghcoll…
Antique  RLM Nav B UHR Watchby mssue64
WWII Propaganda Poster | He's Watching Youby Breweri…
Mess kit trench art - 2nd postby Jayblade
Italian Bandoleer for Model 1891 Carcano Ammunitionby Chrisnp
Model 1891 Carcano Bayonetby Chrisnp
Italian Model 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano Rifleby Chrisnp
Mess kit art by Jayblade
military ???by surfdub66
Vintage Ammo Crate/Trunkby passion…
0ld army clothes buttonsby hamido
old army clothes buttons by hamido
old army clothes buttonsby hamido
Royal Navy Chaplain's visor capby OCAD
CCT-46217 Military Radio Receiver Stromberg Carlsonby TubesVa…
Russian 1891/30 Bayonetby Chrisnp
Russian/Finnish 1891 Mosin-Nagant Rifleby Chrisnp
'MacArthur' Heart Pin - 1940'sby Betty1978
WW-2 framed photo shrapnel Aleutian Is. Repost but now framed with informationby toracat
1973 - Liberia - "Astronaut" Postage Stampby aghcoll…
Metal By Deschler & Sohnby rrrohde
Vintage John Summers Soldier Paintingby Vetteman
Vintage Tank Painting by, John Summers by Vetteman
Type 26 revolverby Jonah812
Pennsylvania "Bucktail" Civil War officer CDVby scottvez
1860's Civil War Bullet Moldby kanukster
First World War Royal Navy Officer's cap OCAD
Lafayette Escadrille Medalby FilBawdy
Help me find out What these areby taholman
WWII Japanese Peso Serial Number #87?by PaperHoarder
1962 4¢ "First Man In Space" Project Mercury Stampsby tom61375
1974 US10¢ Skylabby tom61375
1969-british newspapers-moon landing-the birmingham post-25th anniv michael…
lahr germany canadian forces baseby NEWF5540
Chinese Hanyang 88 Rifleby Chrisnp
1949 Final National Encampment of the GAR 3¢ Stamps (4)by tom61375
WWII British Blackout Flashlight by kanukster
Arabesque Burwood 9th Infantry wall  (My Vietnam Unit) from Traverse City toracat
"The Church War Cross" Pendantby aghcoll…
Irish Army Helmets by danb
Vintage Apollo Space Shuttle Glassesby Vetteman
WW1 Trench Art Cannon OPERATIONAL!by wickdways
45 RPM 1969 record  ALIENS! Do not believe this!! It is false!  NOT TRUE!!!by toracat
WW2 Uss LST 479 Military Ledgerby mssue64
German/Turkish Gewehr Commision Rifleby fortapa…
Vintage Foreign (German?) Military Photograph Postcardby papasgirl
1969-the concorde/the budget-british newspapers-birmingham michael…
WW I Sweetheart Pinby upstate…
Unidentified badge - 1928 with wings and omsby Ziggytom
[ Item # 3 of 3 ] -----> OLD PHOTOS Packaging by antique…
[ Item # 2 of 3 ] -----> OLD PHOTOS by antique…
[ Item # 1 of 3 ] ----->  OLD PHOTOS by antique…
Vietnam Belt Buckle!  Thanks to Opium and Boxer Rebellion 1900 China Eight Countries sent troops!!by toracat
German Model 1888 Carbineby Chrisnp
WWI His & Her Walking Sticks Carved By Austrian POWby Quinnst…
My Knight's Helmetby tom61375
WWI Engraved German Bavarian Saberby Dallasee
German 1916 Ersatz Bayonetby Chrisnp
German Reichsgewehr Model 1888 Rifleby Chrisnp
Father Buckley 23rd Fighter Group Letterby Fritziii
World War ll USAAF Wool Jacket  84th B Squadron / Twelfth Air Forceby Truthis…
Brass Japanese Ship Map Weight?  Can anyone read the bottom?  by NativeJ…
Phtoto of Alden K Sibleyby LanceG
1920s or 30s University of South Carolina ROTC dress capby LanceG
11th Airborne Division Japanese Occupation era Tour Jacketby scottvez
French WWI steel helmet for Colonial petey
British WWII Auxiliary Fire Service steel helmet 1940by petey
Scarce WWII Greek steel petey
WWII P-44 USMC H.B.T. combat fatigue jacket variant buttons = WTF??by tlmbaran
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481by aghcoll…
1956 - Family Photos - Dad in U.S. Armyby aghcoll…
WWI German Airdropped Peace Proposalby Chrisnp
Silver mounted flintlock dueling Stregan…
Lebel Bayonet “Rosalie”by Chrisnp
French Model 1886 Lebel Rifleby Chrisnp
commission pennant by redflower3
Destroyer Flotilla Four Combat Ready Plaque by redflower3
Helmetby Teamdean
Major General Leonard Wood Stuffed toy/dollby Mrs.Tun…
Allons Pinby DrFluffy
ww11 escape axe in plainsby ralph
Old Military Order Cross Insignia? Patchesby Furee65
Sword or bayonet covered in preservative?by LauraL
Sword holder?by LauraL
Bayonet Holder again?by LauraL
Another military thing... by LauraL
A few more military things... Thanks in advanceby LauraL
Even more military stuff... What is this for?by LauraL
Sheath for Bayonet? Antique?by LauraL
Shovel holder?by LauraL
Military..... by LauraL
Even more military stuff... What is this for?by LauraL
More military things!by LauraL
Antique bayonet & sheath holder? What is this?by LauraL
Antique bayonet sheath holder? What is this?by LauraL
Shovel holder #2? What is this.... Any idea?by LauraL
Is this a shovel holder? World War II?by LauraL
Military Identification needed. Thanksby LauraL
WWII or reproduction?by LauraL
Bayonet? What is this thing?by LauraL
German or Japanese shovel from WWII?by LauraL
Military part 3! Shovel?by LauraL
Military part 2by LauraL
Military goodiesby LauraL
Wooden Trunk/toolbox ?by Teamdean
US Army cabinetby jamiedpt
German 1871 Mauser Ammo & Cartridge Pouchesby Chrisnp
German Model 1871 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German Model 1871 Mauser Rifleby Chrisnp
NASA Collectible Chips:Made in Canadaby Vetteman
Back, wounded from Vietnam and off to war again!  In Chicago 1968!! Then later to Detroit!  It was on fire!!!by toracat
Recent find while cleaning- Liberation of Kuwait medalby aweie
Model 1863 Sharps Carbine in tintypeby scottvez
I bought this Monark in Moscow. Original Conditionby nicklivesey
2 Soldiers and a prop :-)by Manikin
WWII Family Member  who was there on  D-day Normandy by Manikin
1941 Westinghouse Sharon, PA photoby Oldies1…
Original WW2 U.S. Pilots On R&Rby whitman75
Military Memory Quiltby Chrisnp
1962 - USAF "Sentinel" Newspaperby aghcoll…
Eagle Close-up by Obuschman
The Eagle Has Landedby Obuschman
US Model 1876 McKeever Cartridge Boxby Chrisnp
US Model 1873 Bayonet for the Trapdoor Springfieldby Chrisnp
U.S. Model 1884 Springfield Rifleby Chrisnp
 Cross of Liberty 2nd class 1941 from Finlandby Vintage…
Film Holder and Tin - Saigon, Vietnamby aghcoll…
Cat from Special Forces ;)by Vintage…
War medals from Finlandby Vintage…
USAF Patch - 507th Fighter Wingby aghcoll…
Odyssey of the Fighting Two book signed by Mom Chungby Fritziii
You know you're a hoarder AmberRose
Prussian Pickelhaube of Jaeger zu Pferd officerby Stregan…
Original WW2 U.S. Fighter Plane And Pilots Photosby whitman75
1900 A. Paul Keith & Eward F. Albee Vaudeville Army Girls Trans Tabacco Ephemera by cmharding
Original WW2 U.S. Fighter Planes Photos Help whitman75
Memorabillia. 1945. Englandby elainek…
Life of General Taylorby Ravenrose
Mk2 No.2B Home Guardby tinlid
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 521by aghcoll…
U.S. Military Payment Certificate - Series 481by aghcoll…
Bayonet for the NY Militia Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Model 1872 New York State Militia Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Space shuttle Chalenger license plateby Trey
WW2 7th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment Slouch hatby OCAD
Primus Aut Nulusby DrFluffy
Army Figurineby jjsr
Post WW2 visitors to New York Statue of liberty WHATYOU…
British WWII Paratrooper steel helmet. 1944by petey
British WWI and WWII Air Force cap petey
British WWII Senior Fire Officer steel petey
Rare silver medallion celebrating the end of petey
columbia is lost feb,2-2003-paperby n2bmn123
Cap Badge by DrFluffy
Need help Identifying this medallion by easonsylus
French Model 1866 Chassepot Bayonetby Chrisnp
Egyptian Remington Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservists stein of Tambour Adolf Thomaby bluemax…
"Wave" Naval Trunkby designaffic…
Nepali Kukriby Chrisnp
Military Globe Pins WWII, or WWI ?, Need Help Identifyingby lisa1218
American Legion Police Badgeby Militar…
BC-683-B US ARMY Tank Radio Receiver WW2 by TubesVa…
Tintype of 1880s US soldier with unusual rifleby scottvez
WWII German K98K Bayonetby fortapa…
WWII Japanese Bayonetby fortapa…
Love this trunk, know nothing about itby Alley2812
WWII U.S. Army Canteen with Pouchby aghcoll…
VFW Milwaukee Security Police Badgeby Militar…
KA-BAR USMC Fighting Knife Olean NYby fortapa…
Brodie Helmetby Pattywh…
Pattern 1876 Bayonet and brass Martini-Henry muzzle cover by Chrisnp
Martini, Anyone?by Chrisnp
Humantiarian Daily Rationsby jonima
British WW11 Senior Wardens steel petey
British WWI first pattern steel helmetby petey
Traditional Royal Air Force Squadron Leaving Tankardby petey
1945 USSBS Interview w/ Hermann Goeringby PaperHoarder
vintage patch and bumpernstickersby logsplitter
1942 Miss victory by fred waring lyrics by jack dolphby victoria17r…
"Tischfernsprecher 38" German WWII Bunker Telephone - 1939by kehphones
Large Pin-Back Internationalby redsprings
French infantry M15 Adrian helmet, WWIby petey
British WWII semi cammo Civil Defence steel helmetby petey
British WWII cammo and netted steel petey
British Pattern 1853 Bayonet with Scabbardby Chrisnp
British Enfield Pattern 1853 Rifle Musket, Indian Manufactureby Chrisnp
British Pattern 1839 Bayonet with Lovell Catchby Chrisnp
ear trumpetby hotairfan
A group of ww1 medals  5939 PTE   A . RAWLINGS RIF Brig : by Phatbud…
Buckingham Palace Flypast. petey
Civil War HERO of Maineby scottvez
British Pattern 1842 Musket, East India Company variationby Chrisnp
Japanese Nambu Type 94by jwendell222
Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Yosegaki DoubleEnvel…
William T. Sherman autographed DoubleEnvel…
WWII Imperial Japanese Hinomaru Yosegaki Good Luck Flagby DoubleEnvel…
Civil War Artillery Fragments - I dug up. These were last touched by humans when they were fired during the Civil DoubleEnvel…
CAL .ST. Al.BAN.USA  CRATEby passion…
Small Ammo/Drug Crateby passion…
Old sword turned into a candleholderby Stillwa…
This amazing, and beautiful part of history really touched my heart. I hope this post survives. by Aimathena
navy pin or badge?? help identifyby NEWF5540
Mk2 Gas Identification Officerby tinlid
Buzz Aldrin Signed 8 Track Tape Cassetteby MacDadd…
1962 John Glenn Parade Flag Signed By John Glennby MacDadd…
First World War Royal Navy Officer's cap badgeby OCAD
Found Great Grandpa's Gun stash !!by froggym…
CDV of woman with Civil War backdropby scottvez
Unusual General Robert E. Lee mourning stereoviewby scottvez
Civil War veteran in GAR uniformby scottvez
Del Miller flight diploma, plus cartoonby Belltown
Old cop "black jack" New Yorkby Frankie…
WW2 US Soldiers letter home on Messerschmitt Factory Letterheadby JSmed
my favorite antique toy cannon firing on .32 caliberby cannonc…
1971 - National Geographic - Apollo 14by aghcoll…
Attempted delivery of Christmas presents and mail. North petey
Model 1872 Forage Capby Chrisnp
military antique chest by mdavis
Addendum to the USS MACON postby Jono
Missile Nose Coneby Jono
British WWII Docks Police steel petey
British WW11 Papier Mache and cloth MP petey
PHSCC Combination cover with stitched LanceG
Cap Lock Pistol by danb
Looking for Info on this Cap Losk Pistol by danb
Union soldier in Occupied Richmond c. 1865by scottvez
Spanish American War New Jersey Volunteerby scottvez
war cartoonsby ralph
Mk1* RASCby tinlid
Uncle Julius 1917by sarahoff
Trench Art, RAF Boulton Paul Defiant WWIIby petey
Great uncle Julius Brown- 331stfield artillery united states army 1917by sarahoff
WW1 ERA4 visor OCAD
Mk2 Engineerby tinlid
Trench Art Ashtray - Possibly 76/40 Casing Used?by mckenney27
Antique sword by sade11210412
Military Remembrance Bowl - Sterling Silver??  From 1964by slaake
1895 Forage Capby Chrisnp
"Service dress gray"  US naval officer's combination LanceG
m1895 federal service forage capby LanceG
My dad's World War II lighterby Jono
Tactical Air Command Patchby Jono
WW1 War Bond Poster Helpby Fritziii
silver or silverplated biplaneby getthat…
Pearl Harbor Remembrance Dayby ttomtuc…
1961 - The Astronauts - Pioneers in Spaceby aghcoll…
1969 - First Man on the Moon - Newsweekby aghcoll…
1969 - First Explorers on the Moonby aghcoll…
USAF band hat pieceby fdshade
Uncle brought home signed by his fellow troops Japanese flag after WWIIby dizbean
British WWII Herefordshire Regiment steel helmetby petey
British WWII Warden Fire Guard steel petey
Funny print of 2 planes , and a 2 star General  Ernest F. Easterbrook with my Dad to rightby filmnet
Possibly pow camp Korea Ddas collectionby filmnet
Vietnam patch for burning S___!  Worst job detail in Vietnam!by toracat
Autograph of Andrew "Jack" Lummus - posthumous Iwo Jima Medal of Honor recipient. 1941 New York Giant's football DoubleEnvel…
Philip Henry Sheridan Autograph - Civil War General, General of the Armies of the United Statesby DoubleEnvel…
Another blunder…
Part 1 of my Japanese Hinomaru Yosegaki "good luck flag" collectionby DoubleEnvel…
My favorite Civil War person's autograph. West Point dated letter written from Important Civil War General Emory DoubleEnvel…
Wilkinson Sword by Jono
K&Co Worcester by Mcoenh
Nazi tanker helmet?by Quote27
1969 Coca Cola Foods Division Coffee Signed by Astronautsby MacDadd…
WW2 Free French organisation lapel badgeby OCAD
My Dads Badges from 1950's from Convair Aircraft from 1950's by Manikin
Placing Picture from my  Dads collection over 24 yrs flying around the worldby filmnet
My Dads Military Recordsby filmnet
My Dad's military collectionby filmnet
Will never forget the sound!by blunder…
vintage roller skating case military germany by crazydanmusic
Vintage WW2 U.S. Miltary Hatsby whitman75
WW2 Royal Navy Chaplain's visor capby OCAD
WW2 Royal Navy Commander's visor OCAD
WW2 Royal Navy Officers visor capby OCAD
Royal Marine Officer's Visor capby OCAD
More clothing from steamer thegirlnext…
WWII clothing found in old trunksby thegirlnext…
Nazi Germany war medal , pin & emblem for hat?by budkoh
Canadian military flaskby dereakink
Mk2 Wardenby tinlid
Luftwaffe Honor Gobletby kegan32
Old steamer trunks found sealed in my mom's attic wall. by thegirlnext…
Doolittle's Tokyo  Raidersby Jono
1986 - Space Shuttle Challenger Crew Photoby aghcoll…
 WW2 US M1 helmet (1st Infantry Division)by OCAD
 WW2 RAF escape compassby OCAD
BSA Folding Paratroopers bicycle. by OCAD
First World War US M1917 helmetby OCAD
Given to me by my Grandfather...Russian WWII Pocket Watchby Scootah
Second World War RAF Flight OCAD
Second World War 78th Infantry Division OCAD
First World War Officer's Forage OCAD
My Dad's 6,000 Fying hoursby filmnet
Vintage Original WW2 German Dagger Handleby whitman75
Vietnam era?  stock?  Chinese?  only bought because price $6.99by toracat
Imperial German Reservist’s beer stein depicting the Schutenliesel (the “Target Girl”by bluemax…
Unusual mint porcelain reservist’s stein belonging to Reservist Julch by bluemax…
WWI Mounted Medals: Pip, Squeak and Wilfredby Chrisnp
Happy Veterans Day to all!by aycocko…
In Honor of Veteran's Dayby jonima
Japanese Spear Signed Pre Showaby ronsoverstu…
West Indies, Gurkha & South Africa Victory Medalsby Chrisnp
Know your Navyby Jono
German daggersby BillD
Best night of my Air Force careerby jonima
USAF Survival Knifeby jonima
US Victory Medal Service Claspsby Chrisnp
Former Soviet Union and Allied Countries Pins & Patchesby jonima
ID'd Croix de Guerre & 33rd Division Victory Medalby Chrisnp
  Unknown Military patch by innisdg
Pearl Harbor Survivor’s Medal Groupby Militar…
Vietnam Jungle Boots US Army circa 1960's!  From Goodwill $10.00 and my size!by toracat