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Grandfathers WW2 by TG_TFS1125
WWII Winnipeg Grenadiers Welcome Home Pinby BlackWa…
Could you tell me about this pin I have can't find it anywhere on the internet. It's about the size of a penny sterling silver by jbjonze
Navy ship Lapel Pin,Submarine??by NEWF5540
WWII Army pinby Guayo
Can anyone help identify this? by OneJeepChick
Vintage Military Screw Back hat pin?by ComoFamily
Trying to find out what it isby Bribruce33
Old American Legion Pin with mark on the back - from my Grandfatherby KarenLR71
US Marines Pinsby Mrstynd…
Gold Star family pinby marered…
Unable to identify military pinby galaxy2386
Army unit insignia pin?by unaka
Polish Military Pinby poorjamesbond
Canadian General Service Lapel Pin ~ WWII ~ Sterling ~ Imprisonment Clause ~by antique…
US Military NiniMarion
Button Hole Ribbonby Sting
Vintage Military Collar Deviceby Marine-…
Fouled Anchor (Hat) Deviceby Marine-…
Box of old medalsby Mrstynd…
Military pin?by Rowens915
Bugle on a blue enamel shield shaped pin, gemsco ago g-2 on the backby relivingmyy…
Unidentifiable military pinby avoyles
Ship sweetheart badge by Enigma
I have found these two pins I don't know what they are or if there real or a toy can anyone helpby Earlydisney…
pin ID?by Mel75
Found on Beachby Jpaszczak
Solve The Mystery of the Military Geoleo
WWII Black Anchor Red and White Round Enamel Pinby HenryGarcea
WWII Maltese Cross Pinby HenryGarcea
What is the background on this?by Rustedshut
Soviet Officer Cockadeby katheri…
World War 2 USAAF ID Badge and Aircraft Flash Card Bookletby whitman75
Overseas duty in the PI c. 1904by scottvez
Early 20th century Wounded Marinesby scottvez
Unidentified Soviet Pin 18k by PennyOlivia…
Saudi Arabia Military Insigniaby baldboy77
Just found by gwb4290
A Most Interesting German Pinby SpiritB…
The dark and light crest shaped pins, any idea to meaning?by Milsurly
US Army Service Stripesby Chrisnp
Gold pinby gailm
28ID 103RD Keystone Caduceus Medical Pin Badge?by knol1968
Late 19th Century US Enlisted Dress Shoulder Knotsby Chrisnp
Dutch Fascist pinby blunder…
Need information on the pin and the Germany patch, by mjulrich
Military insignia pins by jaywahl
Men's 10k Ring, Military Insignia inscribed May 31, 1943by BillD
"Nazi" luftwaffe personnelby blunder…
Maltese Cross Medalby BillD
Marked 18K - Russian Pin - Unknownby saltman329
World War 2 Nazi Germany Stick Pinby whitman75
I need help identifying pleaseby Viperx9ball
Military pinback I need info aboutby Viperx9ball
Officer silver leaf for shoulder. I got these in a storage unit. Hope to get more info on them. Any info would be nice. by Thebeardman
NSDAP WWII Political Buttonby DerBayz
Spanish American War?by tradsell
old silver war ring with artillery insignia, vintage unknown!by brianfarn06
Unknown by Whitefeather
WWI German Kokarde (Rosettes) by Chrisnp
2 Piece Military Pin - Gold and Silverby saltman329
CARR US NAVY shirt with ribbon and medal - is this a us navy shirt?by Jean123
WWI German Officer’s Shoulder strapsby Chrisnp
Cornell's War Medals and Pinsby TwenyGa…
World War 2 Bullion Citation Ribbon Barsby whitman75
Mysterious WWI Ribbon Barby Chrisnp
Large Silver Pin/Brooch by BillD
military pins by Destiny…
Military Pin???by hilyamused
Found this pin or insignia in Wilmington near civil war camp site and old house siteby Williedigit
Pep military pinback premiumsby catburg…
help identify gold color iron cross military badge by markalan702
Please help identify this antique solid gold pin by WhatIsThis2…
British Woman Soldier pinsby catburg…
Do you know anything about this soldier pin I found todayby ginacristina
WWII Airborne Jump Wingsby highlan…
Gregorby gregrower132
World War II US Marine Corps Pin by r3rosoff
Military medal? Pin back. Purple & yellow ribbon with five-point star in centerby CantFigureT…
Gold/yellow (military service?) bar with red, white & blue stripes on either endby CantFigureT…
WW11 yamishita name tag -collar lapel five stars with japanese symbolsby chris.092
Sweetheart, Etc. collectionby upstate…
NSKK German Motorcycle Corps Insigniaby pbennet…
Some of my Dad's Air Force badgesby mjuliennow
BRONZE EMBLEMby antique…
WWI Veteran Lapel Buttonsby Chrisnp
LAPEL PIN -- " ANAF 376 ( The Club ) Kelowna "by antique…
Unknown pinsby Donia
Lapel Badge/Pin WWI by Tirotai
Unidentified Bronze Eagle Pin with Lightning Arrows & Olive Branchesby jstipes
war patch. Unidentified. by Tanni
has anyone seen these I'm in search of there history. thanksby carol74
UNIQUE NAVY PINby artifexs
WW1 Medallion for Service at the Frontby freiheit
Post Civil War Pinby Harborguy
WW2 Japan Pin Badge ???by whitman75
 Duke Alfred "Sachsen Coburg Gotha and Duke of  Edinburgh" 1900'sby peckham…
WW2 Brigadier General  Shoulder Boardsby BRussel
an unknown button soldered to a long pinby sparky192
SS sleave-eagleby huddyhu…
Unknown Service Pin ( Metal Badge ) -- Militaryby antique…
 Canadian Red Cross Society ---> Service Pin by antique…
Need help with identification PLEASE!!!by Russc.1
US Army Ranger Tabby scottvez
British Royal Ordnance Factories Decalby petey
Vintage USMC Eagle Anchor & Globe Pin Early Versionby whitman75
WWII pin I found in my dad's box I have no idea what this pin is!by baileybailey
Cross, sword barbed wire and Russian pinby Use2use
Vintage Solar Lieutenant of Guards Brass Badge Pinby whitman75
Can Anyone Identify This?by snoopyfan99wi
U.S. NAVAL or COAST GUARD Insignia- Which and From Whereby LOUMANAL
Prussian  Schützenabzeichnung (lanyard) awarded to a sharpshooter 7th classby bluemax…
Identification of Military Insigniaby boise7
The Greatest Qualification Bar&Badge Ladder Collection Ever!by musashi007
Japanese Navy and Merchant Marine insignia from WW2by scottvez
1977 United States Naval Academy Graduation Pinby BHock45
Unknown War Veteran Pinby chuckg
WWII Military Pins Sebring, Florida Hendrick's Field WWIIby vintage…
WWII Wings & Pins Hendrick's Field Sebring, Floridaby vintage…
7th Cavalry A company Screw back Hat/Lapel Deviceby highlan…
1966 N.S. Meyer Insignia Myrgold Clutch Pinby pickypi…
Question on what the blue bars areby Porttownsend
LIGHT HORSE SQUADRON CIGAR (box opener)by Militar…
Sherman Tank Brass Lapel Pinby Axolotl
Army 107th NY Insignias Pinsby stwilli…
WW2 Pilots Insigniaby stwilli…
Military mystery barby katyrose
Vintage WW1 or WW2 Era Military Ribbon Please Help ID by whitman75
1977 United States Navel Academy Pin - 18kby BHock45
World War II Solid Gold Eagle Cast Cameo/Intaglio Ring?by Stablu8
US 1902 Uniform Breast Cordsby Chrisnp
1968 Vietnam war US ARMY issue Jungle Fatigue shirt with "in country" made rank & shoulder patchby tlmbaran
Nice pins cheap!by upstate…
Old blood donor pin?by upstate…
Vintage Unknown Military Ribbon Pin ???by whitman75
Active Duty Army Minute Man Lapel Pinby southcop
1942 German Youth Sportfest Participation Pinby rrrohde
vintage mn lapel pinby Mercer50
WW2 Service Pinby patchman
Ships For Victory Award Of Meritby upstate…
Vintage Suitcase with Military Insignia Red & White Ringed Blue Ball by JSmed
World war 2( possibly made by soldier)???by finmar6945
1950's - U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Insignia Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Ribbon Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pinby aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pin by aghcoll…
1950's - U.S. Army Unit Pinby aghcoll…
Lafayette Escadrille Medalby FilBawdy
Help me find out What these areby taholman
Arabesque Burwood 9th Infantry wall  (My Vietnam Unit) from Traverse City toracat
Vintage Commemorative Patriotic pin celluloid? plastic? by goho
Cat from Special Forces ;)by Vintage…
Military Globe Pins WWII, or WWI ?, Need Help Identifyingby lisa1218
Spanish American War New Jersey Volunteerby scottvez
Nazi Germany war medal , pin & emblem for hat?by budkoh
Former Soviet Union and Allied Countries Pins & Patchesby jonima
Home Support Pinsby upstate…
Victory Pinsby upstate…
Military Branch Pinsby upstate…
Home Front Pins Plusby upstate…
Lead pinby Jono
German May Day Tinnie Pin Badgeby Jono
WWII Navy pinby Jono
WW2 Sweetheart Lockets and Pinsby ttomtuc…
US brass military pinby clpitts
V is for Victory WW2 Sweetheart Jewelryby ttomtuc…
WW2 Sweetheart Military Headgear Pinsby ttomtuc…
WW2 Army Headgear Sweetheart Locketby ttomtuc…
 WW2 Army Headgear Pin by ttomtuc…
WW2 Sweetheart Necklace Army, Navy, Marine Corpsby ttomtuc…
"Over There" pinby upstate…
Husband In The Service Celluloid pin. by upstate…
Defense Worker Eagle Pin by Fogstruck
WW1 soldier with Keystone collar brassby scottvez
I have no Thoscah…
Military Badge...South African?by gailm
found in the yard with metal detectorby Grizzz
WWII Fighter Pilot Mothers Pin ?by MattyG
WW II Tank Pinby upstate…
Military Pendent possibly Indian.  Does anyone reconize this insignia?by jenniec…
WWI sweetheart hat pinsby petey
more WWI U.S. Army Collar Discs from my uniform collection #3by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar Discs from my uniform collection #2by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar discs from my collection of uniforms #1by tlmbaran
WWI US Army Collar Disc Collection ~group #3by tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Collar Disc collection ~group 2by tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Collar Disc collection ~group "A"by tlmbaran
korean war  souvenirby andyman
US Tiawan Defense Command (USTDC) Souvenir Lighterby scottvez
US - Veterans of Foreign Wars Pin 82by BHock45
Vintage Child's USMC Dress Blues Uniformby whitman75
United States Military Academy Class Crest for Blazerby scottvez
WWI Regular, National Guard and National Army Collar Disksby Chrisnp
WWI Collar Disks and Regimental Affiliationby Chrisnp
Trophy belt continuedby Poop
WW2 Australian Red Cross Wallace Bishop Pinby kindy
Navy rating Badges and Hash Marks/Service Stripesby ttomtuc…
251st Air Defense Artillery and The 7th Air Force Shoulder Patchby ttomtuc…
WW2 enamel unit insigniaby scottvez
WW2 enameled patches for homefront itemsby scottvez
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR) dogtags and photographby scottvez
Discharge papers 1945,Neptune Regis Certificate 1943by filmnet
Awards, ribbons, medals, valenti…
My Fathers Pinby clocker…
MacArthur Guards Pinby bbchevelle65
US Army pins 1954 Germanyby filmnet
Remember Pearl Harbor Items On The Antique Roadshowby ttomtuc…
Pin a bought at an antique show and would like more info on itby Jordan.sands
WWII Rail Road Eagleby rrrohde
Patriotic boy with Spanish American War support badgesby scottvez
WW2 Bombadier Wingsby scottvez
Horace D Box, a Nashville WWI vet. 30th division 114th Field Artillery. by Dr_Rambow
Small group of bringback items from 30th division WWI vet. by Dr_Rambow
Nazi Tinnieby jimbora…
Spanish American War Pin I found at yardsale in junk jewl tray labeled $1 eachby MattyG
3rd BN 37th FA BN Commander Ashtrayby scottvez
Military Pinsby smiley0804
187 Infantry unit coinby scottvez
Vintage Military Pinsby AirFighter
WWII German M39 breast eagleby Driewer
Sun Yat-sen-Kuomintang (KMT) Pre-Revolution Chinese 24K  Gold Flag Pin/Brooch (with opal and jade)by Keikilani
Vintage Japanese Pinbacks?by whitman75
Soviet badges/buttonsby Driewer
WWII USMC MP Armbandby Driewer
WW2 Army Air Corp clutch back wingsby scottvez
WWII "Vet Bring back" itemsby Driewer
WWII Russian Frigate Pinby purpledog
Pilot's Wings from Vietnam War Eraby purpledog
USMC lapel Pinby wolfrem
Comic book premium??  HELP!!!by Mattsdad
WW2 USN service member wearing aerial gunner wingsby scottvez
Russian inhammer
WW2 parachute wingsby chuckg
Can anyone identify this Germany WWII pin?by myeclectics
US WWI AND WWII Insigniaby picking…
World War II Dog Tagsby picking…
WW2 AAC Civilian Flying Instructor photographby scottvez
WWI items from one lot - insigniaby Chrisnp
French Blue Enamel Torch Pin, Dragoby bdeclee
Viet nam era Cavalry Scouts vehicle antenna guidon flag???by tlmbaran
OMA Pinback any idea what the OMA is?by jeepnman
US Navy Belt Buckle USS Van Voorhisby ttomtuc…
1939-1945 Air Gunner USAAF Wingsby elayem0…
Pre-1981 Jewish Chaplain's Insigniaby Chrisnp
Early Military Sweetheart pinsby scottvez
1st CAV Division, Korea tour souvenir c. 1963by scottvez
USM pin by Zorro
Eagle from my dads hat, and DOR from 1963 Thailandby filmnet
Viet Nam US Army Green Beret Special Forces uniform groupingby tlmbaran
RARE WWI era US Navy "look left" eagle cap deviceby tlmbaran
Vintage Military Emblemsby Thrifty…
A Nurse's Life Time of Service and a Handfull of Pinsby Militar…
Enameled Pinby walksof…
Antique German Hat Pinby Rosiegirl01
USS Pearl Harbor (LSD-52) Plank Ownerby ttomtuc…
10k wwii us navy officer Pin ?by JessWondering
US Army Master Parachutist cigarette case by scottvez
war pinby brendas…
 Light Horse Squadronby Militar…
WW2 Army Air Corps Crew Member Wing photographby scottvez
WW2 Army Air Corps Pilot w/ Wings photographby scottvez
WW2 Son in Service pinbacksby scottvez
USMA, West Point crest stick pin pre- 1923by scottvez
WW2 Army Air Corps wing trench art braceletby scottvez
Vintage US Insignia Patches Pins etcby Mrj303
WW1 Army Member Service Apr.6.17 Nov.11.18by Dave18947
USMC Medal of Honor Recipients ID bracelet from WW2by scottvez
Army pins tyring to locate valueby tothemurphys
WWII Pacific forces uniformby justins…
Patrol Squadron Sixteen (VP-16) USN  Painted Beer Stein c. 1958by scottvez
Unknown Military Pins and Collar Discsby wckarem
What is it??by signgilder
USAF patches and pinsby Mrj303
WW2 6th EN Battalion screw back DUIby scottvez
Damaged DUI needs IDby Bootson
Son In The Service Pinsby upstate…
Military Award?by chris6096
A Few More Bars & Patches From My Dads World War Two Yearsby bahamaboy
1930's Swedish Pinsby Grendel…
Military medalby Toyman
Some of my WWII enameled itemsby upstate…
Unit insigniaby CAD1949
B-29 Squadron pinby Ivan
B-2 Rollout pinby Ivan
military pinsby Toyman
Here are some purple heartsby Toyman
Rangers Pinby Toyman
Military pins?by Toyman
Men in the service star pinsby ttomtuc…
ww1 pinby Curtis1581
"A Day That Will Live In Infamy"by ttomtuc…