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Bank bank bank in the tank tank tankby racer4f…
WWI Mills Cartridge Belt For Enfieldby fortapa…
Found buried in my great great grandparents backyardby Sweetsister…
AL military buttonby MTNSTUFF
British army WWI or WWII Gordon Highlanders kiltby Neima
Is this an 1893 mannlicher carbine by Thoughtbuilds
antique bavarian nicker knife and a decoraby whyatt
Interesting WW1 plateby Mrstynd…
Septimus Vaughan Limited 1915 WW1 entrenching toolby jearve
World War I : A Momento of the World War Reverse Glass Painted Pictureby alecloranca
Antique military documentby matt5150
World War I  newspaper findsby ChristineSl…
NY Times Picture Section 1915-1919by clennyrun
Civil war jacket and medals by Lamplov…
houston and picturesque camp logan bookby pcmadis…
WW1 77th Infantry Helmetby Cbrink8168
Post WWI Dumler and Breiden Ashtray for American Occupation Forcesby lil1steve
WWI 15ct Gold Photo Signet Ring SWEETHEART PIECEby TassieD…
Two world war one shells?by charmso…
Buttons on WWI British Overcoat~What does "CBU" mean?by Pencil-…
In Flander's Fields by SpiritB…
WW1 Trench Art Christmas Greeting from Franceby TassieD…
OOOH Arrrh Captain lets pipe the Admiral aboard with these Bosuns Whistles, one is marked with owners GeodeJem
Flea Market Find a Mosin-Nagant 4 side Socket Bayonetby billret…
Body Armorby pderrick
Reichswehr Saxon Infantry Officers capby bluemax…
Stereo Viewer Pictures in 3D by collect…
antique tiger solingen  rigging whyatt
A French Grande Guerre WW1 medalby tigerch…
Pith Helmet from the Days of Lawrence of Arabiaby Bugguy
WW1 Gunny Sack?by trunkman
Early 1900's Officer's Clothes Brushesby jscott0…
Bullet, Cartridge, and a Victory Medal (metal detecting finds)by tigerch…
Huge Silkwork Embroidered Trapunto Banner 1907 Cruise WW1by Vintage…
28ID 103RD Keystone Caduceus Medical Pin Badge?by knol1968
WWI German Wound Badge and Certificateby Chrisnp
A rather strange discovery! by History…
Unknown L'ESCADILLE LAFAYETTE Medal 1917-18 by sub2001zero
Dunkirk. British WWI helmet re issued WWII British Expeditionary petey
anyone know what exactly this is and what's it's value? by venis
Imperial German Guard Eagle – Real or Memorex?by Chrisnp
Mephisto - the last extant A7V tankby racer4f…
WW1 German Postcardsby SpiritB…
Foreign Service Certificate Woodrow Wilson Signatureby Owl
WWI German Kokarde (Rosettes) by Chrisnp
Third Liberty Loan?by SpiritB…
FUMSUP Good Luck Charm with original box and cardby TassieD…
When We Meet Againby SpiritB…
WWI German Officer’s Shoulder strapsby Chrisnp
Mysterious WWI Ribbon Barby Chrisnp
German WWI Hindenburg Crossesby Chrisnp
Hungarian and Bulgarian WWI Commemorative Medalsby Chrisnp
Model 1910 field-gray visor cap of the Kgl. Sächs. (Royal Saxon) 2. Husaren-Regt. Nr.19 by bluemax…
Model 1880 Hessian Technical/Artillery officer's visor capby bluemax…
April 25th, Remembering Friends on ANZAC Budek
Austrian World War I Commemorative Medalby Chrisnp
WWI commerative letter opener by markeba…
Signed by Mussolini WWI Diplomaby fenix2
WWI Austrian Karl-Truppenkreuzby Chrisnp
WWI Austrian Bravery Medalsby Chrisnp
US Enfield WWI 1917 Boyonetby fortapa…
WWI Belgian Military Decoration and Victory Medalby Chrisnp
Looking for info on this old beauty by CanUDigIt
Soldiers Of the World WWI U.S.A Infantrymanby fortapa…
My Granatenwerfer 16 - "Belching Bertha" by Correus
WW1 Magazine Artby SpiritB…
WWI French Médaille Militaire  and Verdun Medalby Chrisnp
visor cap of a reserve officer of the Prussian Garde du Corps or the Prussian 4th cuirassier Regimentby bluemax…
Weimar-Third Reich transitional Artillery officer/NCO visor capby bluemax…
WW1 Pin?by SpiritB…
WW1 Imperial German Battle flag original NOT nazi by southje…
WWI French and Belgian Croix de Guerreby Chrisnp
Czechoslovakian Medal of the Revolutionby Chrisnp
My new favourite piece, but not sure what it was for? by MissMonty
General Pershing's WW I  bronze medalby IVAN49
Private WWI Photo Albumby petey
Private WWI photo petey
WW1 Soldier's Personal documents Boxby jearve
WWI British War Medal and 1914-15 Starby Chrisnp
WWI Italian War Merit Cross with Swordby Chrisnp
WW1 Regimental Steinby jerseyplant
Boxed Unofficial Type WWI French Victory Medalby Chrisnp
Markdale Ontario Unlisted WWI Medalby Militar…
Four More WWI Victory Medalsby Chrisnp
WWI Victory Medal Short Drape Mysteryby Chrisnp
The Angel of No Man's Land, SpiritB…
US WWI Victory medal from the Italian Frontby Chrisnp
Marine Post WW1 era U-Boot Post cardby southje…
WWI Veteran Lapel Buttonsby Chrisnp
WWI Victory Medal with Defensive Sector Clasp and Boxby Chrisnp
German WW1 Bombing Postcardby SpiritB…
ID’d US WWI Victory Medalby Chrisnp
2 World War 1 Prints: Saturday Evening Postby SpiritB…
Early American Dog Tagby SpiritB…
1914 Austrian Heller by SpiritB…
WW1- and Automobile-Themed Magazineby SpiritB…
WWI US Victory Medal for 2nd Division with boxby Chrisnp
War Herosby Rattlet…
Fleur De Lys Buckleby Andrew_Russ…
Sacchini Made WWI Italian Victory Medal Planchet with Chrisnp
WWI Siamese and Brazilian Victory Medalsby Chrisnp
ww1 (coins/medals)by Chrisdixon
Armistice Day - Veteran’s Day – Remembrance Day 2015 by Chrisnp
Ross Robbins & Co -Melb- Whistleby Whistle…
Kaiser photograph and bombardment of Yorkshire 1914by Yorkshi…
WWI US Overseas Cap #2 – French patternby Chrisnp
WWI US Overseas Cap #1 – 1918 Issueby Chrisnp
Edith Cavell Death centennialby Chrisnp
Two Ww1 soldiers by Takeyou…
World War One Soldierby ttomtuc…
German military photograph  by Takeyou…
Ww1 USA soldier and his friendby Takeyou…
USA ww1 soldiersby Takeyou…
Ww1 USA soldierby Takeyou…
British Mark I “Brodie” Helmetby Chrisnp
Model 1916 German Stahlhelmby Chrisnp
1912 Longines, Militaryby lockemup
Imperial German schirmmütze of an officer of the Duchy of Saxe-Weimarby bluemax…
Prussian Model 1915 Enlisted Issue Pickelhaubeby Chrisnp
Legless Prussian Eagle Helmet Plateby Chrisnp
Prussian Dragoon Style Private Purchase Pickelhaubeby Chrisnp
WW1 Christmas Card'sby pipistr…
WW1 Aviation Mechanic photographby scottvez
Child in WW1 78th Division PATCHED Uniformby scottvez
Second late husbands German ?Mettlach Military Beer Stein WW1by feefox
German Military Beer Stein Mettlach ? any info?by feefox
WW1 German Aircraft Identification book/foldoutby flogger
1918 Vintage US Model 1910 Canteen & Mess Tinby Chrisnp
1916 Dated Prussian Bugleby Chrisnp
Did this really adorn a Model T before it went to WWI?by himothra
WWI Posterby Goodoody
 My grandfahter's WW1 Service Medalby ttomtuc…
German flask/canteenby Lighty
Pre-1897 Prussian Reserve Artillery officer’s visor capby bluemax…
Book on WWI with letterby fhrjr2
Imperial German officer’s schirmmütze (visor cap) of the Prussian Versuchskompanie (Motorized), (later Kraftfahr Battalion)  by bluemax…
Prussian visor cap of a high official of the Prussian State Railwayby bluemax…
Schirmmütze of the Imperial German Garde Schützen Battalionby bluemax…
An Album of digger songs [music] : Songs the diggers sang. by verbatim
Pre World War 1 George Lawrence Gun Holsterby whitman75
OERM Antique Truck Show WWI 4WD Artillery Tractorby fortapa…
WWI Field Grey Imperial German Officer's Visor Capby bluemax…
Prussian Leib-Garde Hussar schirmmützeby bluemax…
German Artillery Officer’s Lion Head Swordby Chrisnp
Orange County California Medalby Militar…
Textbook example of a Prussian infantry officer’s visor capby bluemax…
Imperial German NCO swordby Chrisnp
Prussian  Schützenabzeichnung (lanyard) awarded to a sharpshooter 7th classby bluemax…
 pre-WWI visor cap of an unteroffizier or feldwebel of a Prussian Jä bluemax…
An officer’s visor cap of the German Empire for a member of the Royal Saxon Karabinier Regimentby bluemax…
Rare WW1 hand stiching made by a war orphanby valgibson
WWI French Adrian Helmet M 15, With Sapper Badge 1915by fortapa…
Model 1854 Hessian Infantry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
Antique made in Germany nesting ashtraysby Candace2897
Companion Beltby Markosis
WWI binocularsby Stephanie
Duchy of Braunschweig 92nd Infantry Regiment NCO's visor capby bluemax…
WW1 German Imperial Army,1914-18by Alan2310
US M1917 BOLO Knife Mfg by American Cutlery Co by battleg…
lanternby sisters3
My Grandad during the First World Warby Peaseje…
Photos of the celebrations of the end of the First World Warby Peaseje…
 WWI Mark VII Marching Compass, Creagh-Osborne Mfg by battleg…
WW1 era US M1907  75mm Artillery Fuzeby battleg…
1914 tinby nittygr…
Amber Artifact from Germany WWIby jhp1963
WWI RPPC of SGT. YORK??? I THINK SO!by tlmbaran
1919 peace Medalby ron1939
WW1 FolkArt Canon"1920-30by Alan2310
WW1 Shells 1915-1918, Trench Artby EvlynJane
USA Wartime Songsheet… Ted_Str…
 Last of Millions by ron1939
WWI era U.S. MARINE CORPS campaign hatby tlmbaran
world war one printsby ron1939
Trench Art candle standsby scottvez
American Propeller Manufacturing Co. Paragon by Foundar…
World War One Trench Art Brass shell piece by battleg…
Antique U.S. Honorable Discharge Leather Certificateby whitman75
World War One French Model 1915 Adrian Helmet & Bayonetby battleg…
WWI German Ersatz Bayonet, M1915 Feldflascheby battleg…
WWI German M16 Helmet Stamp Si66by pickypi…
WWI Prussian Spike Lobster Tail Helmet Model M1915by pickypi…
1914 Christmas Truce Centenialby Chrisnp
Art? Circa 1915-1918by Mkruse74
French WW 1 Soldier - What a cool horeau
WWI German Postcard…Altenbergby Ted_Str…
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 4by Chrisnp
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 3by Chrisnp
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 2by Chrisnp
Victory Medals for All Divisions of the AEF, Part 1by Chrisnp
First World Warby Peaseje…
Biscuit Tins by ron1939
German ww1 Schnapps yewstave
Please Help Identify This Scovill Buttonby junel
original WWI U.S.ARMY MEDICAL CORPS photo 1918by tlmbaran
Documents Passport & Employment War And wound cardby ron1939
1923 U.S. Marine Pilot original photo!by tlmbaran
Great pre WWI U.S. MARINE CORPS R.P.P.C. photo post card with uniform variationsby tlmbaran
Ww1 german waterbottle from Templemore prison campby stephfather
WWI Veteran’s Model 1917 Jacketby Chrisnp
kaiser helmet with pinby largeandlov…
French WWI Lebel Bayonetby johnm2
Leather Leggings Converted from Bootsby Chrisnp
US Army Wool Wrap Putteesby Chrisnp
US Army Model 1910 Canvas Leggings (Gaiters)by Chrisnp
WWI Canadian Cap Badges and Shoulder Titleby Chrisnp
Turkish Prisoner of War beaded watch fobby Tlynnie…
World War I 1918 Handmade Soldier Doll Made By, Maude Cadwalladerby lisa1218
British Arms and Services Cap Badgesby Chrisnp
British WWI New Branch Cap Badgesby Chrisnp
Partial WWI Trophy Beltby Chrisnp
78th Division WW1 soldierby scottvez
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 7by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 6by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 5by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 4by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 3by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 2by Chrisnp
Badges for all 1914 British Line Infantry Regiments, Part 1by Chrisnp
2 x pair of WW1 Medalsby collect…
"Saxonia" SS Lodge No.1  July 31, 1918  (Somewhere at Sea)WW1by mpruter7851
AEF Solider 1918 Aircraft Propeller Frameby Frederick
Colt Model 1911 Pistolby Chrisnp
Vintage silver Jack Knife from World War One with Otto von Bismarckby Zeelo
WWI USMC MARINE CORPS in US ARMY 2nd Division uniforms RPPCby tlmbaran
Mauser 1896 Broomhandle Pistolby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservist’s Stein of Reservist Brudy, 3rd Prussian Machine Gun Detachment.  by bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Seaman Netzby bluemax…
Russian Model 1895 Nagant Revolverby Chrisnp
World war one shell charmso…
Imperial Germany reservist's flask of 1907-1910by cwnewbie
US Model 1917 Enfield Bayonetby Chrisnp
US Model 1917 Enfield Rifleby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Artilleryman Ludekeby bluemax…
US Model 1905 Bayonetby Chrisnp
US 1903 Springfield Rifleby Chrisnp
WWI German Ammo Pouch and Beltby Chrisnp
German 1898/05 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German 1898 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German 1898 Infantry Gewehr by Chrisnp
Reservist’s flask of Imperial German Hussar Urmetzerby bluemax…
Model 1895 Steyr Bayonetby Chrisnp
Austro-Hungarian Model 1895 Steyr-Mannlicherby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Gefreiter Eckertby bluemax…
Imperial  German Reservist’s stein of Jäger Johan Mayerhofer 1877-1880by bluemax…
French Model 1892 Second Pattern Bayonetby Chrisnp
1892 French Berthier Artillery Musketoonby Chrisnp
Naval Reservist's Stein whose ship was torpedoed twice by British submarinesby bluemax…
Imperial  German Reservist’s stein of Grenadier Moll  by bluemax…
nice WWI U.S. ARMY 2nd Division Machine Gun photoby tlmbaran
British/Commonwealth Pattern 1903 Bandoleerby Chrisnp
Australian SMLE Rifleby Chrisnp
Italian Bandoleer for Model 1891 Carcano Ammunitionby Chrisnp
Model 1891 Carcano Bayonetby Chrisnp
Italian Model 1891 Mannlicher-Carcano Rifleby Chrisnp
WW1 Trench Art Cannon OPERATIONAL!by wickdways
German/Turkish Gewehr Commision Rifleby fortapa…
German Model 1888 Carbineby Chrisnp
WWI His & Her Walking Sticks Carved By Austrian POWby Quinnst…
German 1916 Ersatz Bayonetby Chrisnp
German Reichsgewehr Model 1888 Rifleby Chrisnp
WWI German Airdropped Peace Proposalby Chrisnp
Lebel Bayonet “Rosalie”by Chrisnp
French Model 1886 Lebel Rifleby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservists stein of Tambour Adolf Thomaby bluemax…
Brodie Helmetby Pattywh…
French infantry M15 Adrian helmet, WWIby petey
First World War Royal Navy Officer's cap badgeby OCAD
Uncle Julius 1917by sarahoff
Great uncle Julius Brown- 331stfield artillery united states army 1917by sarahoff
Imperial German Reservist’s beer stein depicting the Schutenliesel (the “Target Girl”by bluemax…
Unusual mint porcelain reservist’s stein belonging to Reservist Julch by bluemax…
WWI Mounted Medals: Pip, Squeak and Wilfredby Chrisnp
West Indies, Gurkha & South Africa Victory Medalsby Chrisnp
ID'd Croix de Guerre & 33rd Division Victory Medalby Chrisnp
S. G. Adams Boxed Victory Medalby Chrisnp
Monument to the fallen in the two World Wars .  A Question by mechanoboy57
Great Uncle in German Uniform, 1915by LanceG
Iron Crossby Jono
German 1919 Bond (?)by JDManzie
Pour le Merite Orderby jerryk25
WW1 equipment and medals still life oil painting c. 1920sby scottvez
"Over There" pinby upstate…
WW1 32nd Division Soldier from WIby scottvez
German ww1 machine gunby RonM
WWI Paradeby AmberRose
3rd Infantry Division Lamp Station at drill RPPCby scottvez
3rd ID Trooper "As we were on the front" RPPCby scottvez
Imperial German Souvenier Stein of Feldwebel Paul Geickler who served in the 103rd (4th Royal Saxon) Infantry bluemax…
WW1 Spad XIII after a "rough landing"by scottvez
ww1 macheteby Kollector
World War Oneby Thoscah…
Replica Baden "109th Grenadiers" Officer spiked helmetby bluemax…
a certificate for acting service by kelly_mcgin…
Gyor, Hungary WWI memorial and dramatic villa by train stationby valenti…
Esztergom, Hungary WWI memorialby valenti…
Imperial German Reservist’s stein of Otto Kühne, Eisenbahn Regiment Nr. 1, Berlin-Schönebergby bluemax…
WWI U.S.M.C.  Marine Corps Officer grouping RPPC @1918by tlmbaran
WWI Simson & Co. Suhl Bayonet by MattyG
WW I Bullet by TheRoper
Prussian Enlisted spiked helmet dated 1915by bluemax…
Bavarian spiked helmet of a One-Year Volunteerby bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Aegid Bleitfuls with rare Sniper thumb liftby bluemax…
Imperial German reservist’s stein of Adam Bayerliebby bluemax…
Mega-Rare Imperial German Companion Reservist’s steinsby bluemax…
Rare Austro-Hungarian Empire Reservist’s Stein of Alois Gruber, “Zugsfuhrer”-(Platoon Leaderby bluemax…
Old WWI soldier grave site photographby MattyG
WWI USMC 2nd division photo and E.G.A. groupingby tlmbaran
Imperial German mint pottery Reservist's stein of Uhlan Gefreiter Grolzmannby bluemax…
RPPC of early 20th century soldier on horsebackby scottvez
Simmons Gas Mask Pouch?by PrimePickins
British WWI Stretcher Bearers steel petey
Super Rare British WWI Generals Private Purchase steel petey
Ultra mini WWI era pocket knife/trench art watch fob?by antiqua…
New York Herald 11/12/18by Samovar88
Nice WWI  U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division photoby tlmbaran
WWI - Large Antique Photo: Canadian Army Dental Corps 1918by antiqua…
WWI Original Prints on Silk: Earl Kitchener - 1 of 2by antiqua…
WWI Original Print of Gen. Joffre on Silk with Vignettes of War in Cornersby antiqua…
post WWI U.S. Army 2nd Division yard long photo 1925by tlmbaran
Pre WWI U.S. Navy Shore Patrol Cavalry???  RPPCby tlmbaran
Reservist's stein of Hornist (Trumpeter) Mohr, who bugled for the 5th Baden Infantry, 113th Regiment, 9th Companyby bluemax…
WWI U.S. Army Officer 1st Infantry division with "wound stripe" RPPCby tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar Discs from my uniform collection #3by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar Discs from my uniform collection #2by tlmbaran
more WWI U.S. Army Collar discs from my collection of uniforms #1by tlmbaran
WWI Sapper Trench Sawby lovedec…
WWI US Army Collar Disc Collection ~group #3by tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Collar Disc collection ~group 2by tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Collar Disc collection ~group "A"by tlmbaran
Troopers cleaning their Riflesby scottvez
Elusive WWI U.S. Marine Corps E.G.A. cap badge & Matching French made collar discs!by tlmbaran
WW1 War Exposition Bookletby scottvez
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Tambour Jehlby bluemax…
WWI U.S. Cavalry Coporal Trooper on Horseback with full gear RPPCby tlmbaran
WWI U.S. Army Cavalry Trooper on Horseback RPPCby tlmbaran
MACHIGONNE (Steam Yacht) 1909 -Later USS MACHIGONNE (SP-507) 1917-1919by LOUMANAL
WW1 era Army Pilot with wingsby scottvez
Patriotic young boy, WW1 eraby scottvez
Bakelite Frame with a WWI British Officer and His Wifeby antiqua…
Prussian Order Pour le Mérite ("Blue Max")?by bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Pionier (Engineer) Rieger of the Prussian 21st Pionier Regimentby bluemax…
Early 20th century US troopers armed with 45-70 Trapdoorsby scottvez
Imperial German Reservist's stein of August Birkel, 5th Squadron, 5th Bavarian Chevaulegers, who served bluemax…
WW1 RPPC of doughboys with Renault FT TANKSby scottvez
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Artilleryman Stein, 6th Battery, 39th Field Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Hornist Sehlund, 123rd Grenadier Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein named to Artilleryman Seim, 11th Prussian Field Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein with Prism top, named to Infanterist Klinger, 9th Bavarian Infantryby bluemax…
WWI RPPC US Army Officer on horse back, Id'ed as Co. "B" 112 Engineers 37th Divisionby tlmbaran
WWI Army, Navy, Red Cross & Naval Aviator cadet snap shot photo @1917by tlmbaran
my great Uncles blanket from the first world warby catherineboyd
WWI era U.S. Army soldier & his BEAUTIFUL girlfriend/wife snap shotby tlmbaran
WWI soldier with pet Pit Bull  RPPCby tlmbaran
WWI US Soldier on Horse back 2" X  3" snap shot 1918by tlmbaran
WW1 soldiers RPPC in prop planeby scottvez
WWI Regular, National Guard and National Army Collar Disksby Chrisnp
WWI Collar Disks and Regimental Affiliationby Chrisnp
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Gardist Kachelmann, 115th Hessian Liebgarde Regimentby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Fusilier Nagel of the 80th Prussian Fusilier Regimentby bluemax…
Trophy belt continuedby Poop
Imperial German Reservist's Stein of Prussian Garde Uhlan Fahrmeisterby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Grenadier Silber, 110th Baden Grenadiersby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Gefreiter Dellinger, 43rd Field Artilleryby bluemax…
Imperial German Reservist's stein of Hornist Miller, 119th Wurttemberg Grenadiersby bluemax…
WWI Hate Belt / Trophy Beltby Poop
Schnapps Flask of a Prussian Garde Kuraissier of the Imperial German armyby bluemax…
WW1 photoby nldionne
Large WW1 Patriotic Painting oil on canvasby scottvez
WWI Royal Northumberland Fusiliersby petey
John W. Weeks Senator letter 1918 autographby filmnet
Is this a Morse code unit from ww1 ??by Phatbud…
New in box WWII GI stationary kitby bruce82301
Doughboyby Chrisnp
French Model 1915 Helmet for Colonial Troopby Chrisnp
German East Africa 20 Heller Coins  by Militar…
Letters Maps pictures to home from WWl interesting letter about froggym…
Pre WWI USMC Marine Corps RPPC in Field Greens uniformby tlmbaran
Christmas with the 79th Division in a France at peace, 1918 by Chrisnp
WWI USMC Marine Corps studio photo of young Marine @1917by tlmbaran
WWI era USMC Marine Corps RPPC super nice!by tlmbaran
WWI Grenadeby spiriti…
Chasseurs Alpins #4 - Horizon Blue and Zouave Uniformsby Chrisnp
Chasseurs Alpines #3 - Field Exercise Photosby Chrisnp
Chasseurs Alpins #2, Real Photo Postcardsby Chrisnp
Chasseurs Alpins #1 - Cabinet Photosby Chrisnp
Grandfather's WW1 Army Uniformby ttomtuc…
WWI "patched" soldier postcardby scottvez
WW1 2nd Division soldier in uniformby scottvez
81st "Wildcat" Division Soldier RPPC by scottvez
Giuseppe Tito, Italian Immigrant and Decorated WWI Veteranby Chrisnp
WW1 Doughboys with camo and insignia painted helmetsby scottvez
WW1 Machine Gun BN Sweetheart pinby scottvez
Great RPPC from @1908 **Strange collar insignia***by tlmbaran
Superb condition WWI American (I think) steel helmetby petey
Trench art coat rackby scottvez
77th Division WWI Veteran's Grouping – with Certificate of Merit Ribbon?by Chrisnp
antique fixed blade knivesby stroh21
WWI Private soldier New Testament pocket Bibleby davy
WWI German Army Picturesby Ted_Str…
Portuguese ww1 helmetby petey
Model 1904 McClellan Saddleby Chrisnp
US Victory Medal with Citation Star and Five Claspsby Chrisnp
Happy Armistice Day! My American WWI uniform, more Dr_Rambow
Okato, New Zealand WWI Gold Service Medalby Militar…
The Italian Victory Medal and It’s Companionsby Chrisnp
Happy Armistice Day! My American WWI uniform, medals, and Dr_Rambow
Belgian Victory Medal and It’s Companionsby Chrisnp
WWI French Victory Medal with Companionsby Chrisnp
British Victory Medal, War Medal, and Mailing Chrisnp
Camouflaged American WWI helmet with unknown transport corps insignia. by Dr_Rambow
Six Clasp (Third Division) US Victory Medal with Mailing Box.  by Chrisnp
Luckner, The Sea Devilby Militar…
Royal Saxon Military Association "Saxonia", Colditz. Imerial Saxon Veteran's Dr_Rambow
Imperial Iron Cross stickpin with Hindy! 1930s veterans piece. by Dr_Rambow
RPPC of British Giant from WW1by scottvez
WW1 postcard of soldiers with Airplane backdropby scottvez
Two US Victory Medals w/France clasps and boxesby Chrisnp
Plain US Victory medal with original box, and it's presumed ownerby Chrisnp
Early USMC in dress uniformby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art mess kit with patriotic themeby scottvez
The order of the Cootie and Cootietteby ttomtuc…
Massive Pressed steel cannon made by D. N. Carlin of Pittsburgh. 1910s-20sby Dr_Rambow
Imperial Prussian Medal bar, wonderful pre-34 example. by Dr_Rambow
Horace D Box, a Nashville WWI vet. 30th division 114th Field Artillery. by Dr_Rambow
Small group of bringback items from 30th division WWI vet. by Dr_Rambow
29th Division 104th Engineers Co. B NCOs. WWI photograph. by Dr_Rambow
British WW1 helmet, believed to be from the Rifle Brigadeby petey
American 5th Infantry Division marked petey
British WW1 Royal Artillery Officers steel helmetby petey
WWI German Iron Cross with original ribbonby jonima
WW1 Distinguished Service Cross Awardeeby scottvez
1900 era US Marines USMC postcard dated 1911 "picking up chicks"by tlmbaran
Vickers Armstrong Irish steel helmet 1927by petey
Nice RPPC of WWI US Marinesby tlmbaran
WWI Naval Aviator snap shot 2" X 3" RARE!by tlmbaran
Great WWI snap shot of General John "BLACK-JACK" Pershing!!by tlmbaran
1920's Sea going US Marine Officer snap shot 2" X3"by tlmbaran
Great WWI US Army Snap Shot 2" X 3" 1917by tlmbaran
What is it ????by wildvke
The History of the Seventy-Ninth Division AEF Cross of Lorraine WWIby MattyG
Remarkable story Wild over Gen Pershing in France WW1by filmnet
WWI Bookletby WWICollect
Camp de la Courtine...French Army Base....pre WWI photoby Ted_Str…
9th Infantry Regiment "Manchu" yardlong photographby scottvez
Swiss War Medals IIby Militar…
The Turkish War Medal – The Gallipoli Starby Chrisnp
Eyes for the Navy 2 letters FRD original Signiture on 1 letterby filmnet
WWI "Animate Toy" Baby Tank, tinplate and wood, 1916!by Dr_Rambow
Part II: Reverse of Volunteer Combatant's Plaque, Belgian WWI and War of Independenceby miKKoCh…
Volunteer Combatant's Plaque, Belgian WWIby miKKoCh…
Battle of Yser, Belgian World War I Medal, circa 1918by miKKoCh…
WW1 Painted Helmet - AEF Franceby maxiebaby0914
Military Pinsby smiley0804
My Great Grandpaby jlennon…
WWI Dogtag watch fob with attached profileby chuckg
Instrument dial from early airplane crashby scottvez
Shell fragment from German U-boat attack on US soil WW1by scottvez
WWI English tank trench art money box. Awesome swiveling guns! by Dr_Rambow
Standard British WW1 steel petey
Standard British WW1 steel petey
WW1 British made steel helmet with Brodie stamp in the petey
AEF WWI 164th Field Artillery, 89th Div. by petey
WW1 Book  L'Album De La Guerre by Damato
more images of army men....bottoms of twoby MarinaCole
sheet metal army menby MarinaCole
World War One Uniform Scarecrow circa 1920  Collection Jim Lindermanby JimLind…
WWI era Small Box Respirator with bag. Named too!by Dr_Rambow
WWI era 29th Infantry Division uniform by Dr_Rambow
WWI era Skovill Model 1907 M Schrapnel Round. Fired! by Dr_Rambow
Tripoli Shriners WWI Medalby Militar…
WW1 Canvas Artillery Covers by trunkman
Gift to the Family of those who have paid the ultimate price by Hardbrake
Apache Stockade Wire????by gotwire
WWI Battleship wooden Model of the Dreadnoughtby jar-head
WW1 German binocularsby petey
signed herbert hoover n howard heinz food aadministration letter by theantiquek…
Wooden World War I POW Shoeby Belltown
Royal Scots Bugleby petey
Fourht Liberty Loanby RonM
Very RARE or OOAK? Piccardie - Bullecourt WWI battle spoon?by forbeavers
Private Dallas Claude Fleming's American Flagby Hardbrake
WAR WIREby TheGate…
WWI Sterioviews - Tanks and Trench lifeby Chrisnp
WW1 shell art vases with flowers and ivyby scottvez
WWI Iron Cross medal setsby Chrisnp
WWI Iron Cross first and second classby Chrisnp
Honor Crosses for non-combatants and next of kinby Chrisnp
Cross of Honor, aka Hindenburg Cross. German WWI service award from 1930'sby Dr_Rambow
WWI items from one lot - Stateside RPC Photosby Chrisnp
WWI items from one lot - Overseas RPC Photosby Chrisnp
WWI items from one lot - paper and photosby Chrisnp
WWI items from one lot - insigniaby Chrisnp
General of the Armies John J. Pershing Citationby ttomtuc…
American M1917by petey
WW1 Trench Art propeller frameby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art vase with soldier and wifeby scottvez
WW1 USN Trench Art Vasesby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art vase pairby scottvez
WW I Mess Kit Ectby picking…
WW1 Chaplains helmetby petey
WW1 Trench Art Submarineby scottvez
My Uncle Andy in his uniform cira WW Iby…
Late WW1 Experimental Visorby petey
Grandfather's World War 1 Photoby Thrifty…
WWII Photo?by USACollect
Early US Naval Reserve RPPC?by USACollect
Cabnite card of Soldier found in family albumby filmnet
Vintage  Pic of Old Airplane by dalet007
WW I German Reichmarine Binocularsby stepbac…
WWI Postcardby USACollect
WW1 77th Division patched soldier photographby scottvez
WWI Machete and othersby picking…
WW I Hindenburg Crossby stepbac…
WWI US issue Trench knife L.F. & C 1917by tlmbaran
Great grandfather's WWI service documents. by Dr_Rambow
Great grandfather's Navy Uniform from WWI. by Dr_Rambow
WW1 Soldier on motorcycleby scottvez
WWI Ambulance Corps grouping #3by tlmbaran
WWI Ambulance grouping #2by tlmbaran
WWI Ambulance Corps grouping #1by tlmbaran
British officer of the watch telescope sold to a U.S. Navy sailorby sonytufts
WWI USMC Marine Corps "DEVIL DOG" Chalkwear Trench Artby tlmbaran
THE HORROR OF IT 1932 Post WWI graphic bookby tlmbaran
319th Co, Tank Corps, Camp Colt, Gettysburg, 1918by Chrisnp
glass paperweight Abraham lincoln george washington woodrow wilsonby bookofmark
Mixed Bag of Lead Soldiersby AmberRose
Trench Art and Bulletsby AmberRose
Military Buttonsby flyrr100
WW1 Russian Canteen, with Welsh Coat of Arms!by flyrr100
Trench Lifeby AmberRose
WWI Train Photoby AmberRose
WWI Bavarian Spiked Helmet 1914...made of METAL!!by tlmbaran
World War 1 Post Card from a German Soldier 1917by papasgirl
Photograph " A Great War Veteran is laid to rest" Part IIIby scottvez
Photograph "A Great War Veteran is laid to rest" Part IIby scottvez
Photograph " A Great War Veteran is laid to rest" Part Iby scottvez
Memorabilia for the 27th Winnipeg Battalion, CEFby Chrisnp
Ace High Milk Chocolate Candy Wrapper Boston Mass. by JSmed
WW I Ammo boxby Samovar88
RPPC of Army soldier with 2nd Division Patch (Indian Head)by scottvez
WW1 Distinguished Service Crossby scottvez
WWI USMC Marine 2nd Division patch photoby tlmbaran
RARE WWI US Marines in the dug-out photo by tlmbaran
WWI Army & Navyby tlmbaran
WWI Red Cross Signature Quilt from Norfolk County Ontarioby GraceTr…
Antique warplane Xmas ornamentsby chiliangel
WWI warplane Xmas ornamentsby chiliangel
WORLD WAR I POSTER by favorit…
RARE WWI era US Navy "look left" eagle cap deviceby tlmbaran
WWI era Soldiers & Sailor with Pit Bull tlmbaran
WW I Commemorative Spoonby walksof…
WWI era USMC Marine Corps photosby tlmbaran
WWI Pit Bull mascot!by tlmbaran
WWI 33rd division uniform grouping SNIPER???by tlmbaran
pre WWI USMC Marine Corps enlisted bell crown hatsby tlmbaran
WWI US Army helmet with unknown tlmbaran
WW1 36th Infantry Division unit patchby scottvez
Original WW I German M-17 Helmetby stepbac…
When You Go Home - WWI VD Pamphletby Chrisnp
WW I Prussian M-95 Pickelhaubeby stepbac…
WW1 87th Infantry Division "Golden Acorn" Helmetby scottvez
R.M.S. "Carpathia" Soldiers Ticketby JSmed
WW1 military 1911 coltby papa
The WWI Victory Medal Series – United Statesby Chrisnp
Great Grandfather,s Crew Photo and Seaman,s Papersby Mcgarre…
WW1 Trench Art military capby scottvez
Ross Rifle Co. Bayonettby pickrkn…
WW1 soldier on Indian motorcycle with sidecarby scottvez
RPPC of WW1 soldier on motorcycle with sidecarby scottvez
My grand father's WWI Third and Fourth Army Patches (respectively)by Buzta
WW1 soldiers identification bracelet c. 1918by scottvez
ww 1 figure of boy soldier with removable MARFORDLABS
wartime pillow casesby BAM091707
WW1 illustrator style oil on canvas of Occupation Soldier c. 1919by scottvez
Trench Identified to WW1 Distinguished Service Cross Recipientby scottvez
WW1 Sopwith Triplane Trench Artby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art German Airplane on Talon standby scottvez
WWI Medic hand axe ?by brewcitypic…
WW1 Canadian Expeditionary Forces ID wrist braceletby scottvez
Old Coin by Lonelys…
Trench art mini easel/ photograph stand made of bulletsby scottvez
1914 Royal Christmas Cardby flyrr100
Trench Art WW1 Airplane Nieuport 28by scottvez
Service Stamps WW1?by Jeff_B
WW1 Souvenir Airplane fabric from downed planeby scottvez
very interesting paperby jgibbs0022
Gift from momby RonM
Imperial German Sabretasheby Chrisnp
Japanese T-26 Revolverby Chrisnp
WW I Imperial German Belt and Buckleby stepbac…
WW1 Trench Art Inkwell and pen stand c. 1917by scottvez
WW1 Letter written by Ace Pilot Rickenbacker to MIA pilot's Motherby scottvez
WWI Field Telephone - Signal Corps US Armyby vermonsta
WW1 Trench Art Tank c. 1918by scottvez
WW1 Souvenir Tobacco Humidor from the 148th Field Artillery by scottvez
WW1 WWI USA Linen Canvas Satchel Work Bag w/Contentsby electob…
WW1 Trench Art Propeller hub with clock insetby scottvez
WW1 Trench Art "Diary" Mess Kit and Dog Tagsby scottvez
A photo of my great-grandfatherby oldenda…
Original WW I Iron Cross 2nd Classby stepbac…
Bridging WWI & WWIIby haven5887
WW1 Trench Art Figural Lighter (Satchel/ Map Case)by scottvez
brass compassby beau5278
My Grandfathers WW1 Sterling Silver Service Medalby ttomtuc…
ww1 guards / mp cap and bullet clipsby imander
 1880s Remington rolling blockby Toyman
Rest In Peace, Sir!by VikingF…
WWI Kaiser "Face"   Does anyone know for what reason this was made?by greedybadboy
Liberty Bond Boxby Ivan
Super Rare Escondido San Diego Patriotic Crate Labelby labelbr…
Rural World November 1918 Chartby jackielou
WW1 posterby aboutin…
Motor Corps Red Cross WWI Porcelain/brass medallion???by abrams87
World War I French Model 1886 Label Bayonetby Trencha…
My Antique electric eye compo military dollby aboutin…
More World War 1 sheet music from my mother's collection - these are all pro-draft and Hoopkrin
World War 1 sheet music - at first anti-draft -then pro-draftby Hoopkrin
Color picture of the four World War 1 Allied Generalsby Hoopkrin