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A balance ?by Julieviolin…
Well 'Hells Bells'!!!by brunswick
Violin that has printed inside it Antonius Stradiuarius Cremonensis facebat Anno 1715, has anyone else come across one of theseby TLyons
Composing brunswick
Zazvonil Trumpet ??by TheMattMan
still violating my own rule (redux just for more pics)by Anythin…
Old Gibson Banjo (I think) by Wildita
dontknow what it isby jamesscott
I'm violating my own Anythin…
Hohner Chromatic harmonica from around 1918by shawnicus
W.W. Kimball reed organ (and restoration pics)by Meowman
Help Me Identify My Pianoby mlp24
Kauai Hawaii garage sale by swilson
School Bell from my Grade School by CWcolle…
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Vintage Princess tenor banjoby coffeegeek
(part of pipe) "organ 34"by Anythin…
Thought I made a banjo !by blunder…
Old Accordionby annie725
Italian Musical Instrumentby Ilikeart
Banjo/mandolinby newcomb…
Early maritime fog/signal hornby antiquefine…
Some older looking musical equipmentby Michelleish…
Brass Bridge for ??? Steel Guitar? Any one know?by keeno55
Gibson Gospel (1993 reissue)by jerrybo…
Maurice shehata oudby Thoughtbuilds
Folk art instrumentby Wearewasp
Vintage Small Accordion by Alicean…
What is this? Help jhalicki
Old Metal Fife with a Cork Stopper by herbgrower
1869 Baby Grand Piano by Mama630
Scale-o-phone by Joshabee
Casio KA-10by hntdeer
Piano Carl in Scheel by si661
Artist trumpetby Catspajamas67
Vintage M Hohner accordion by DECAROMD
Yamaha Xylophoneby Dallibone
Accordeon GALOTTA 48bas 80+yrby wvan3
1901 baby grand piano by Lamplov…
Violin and Old Virginia Cheroots Cigar Box_Family Heirloomby jntolbert
Vintage Peerage Copper/Brass Heralding Hornby jscott0…
Conn Trumpetby king346
Beautiful Drumby RosaLinda
Vintage Pair Of English Heralding Hornsby jscott0…
Trumpet by hisdaughter
My cloisonne bellby Master
Hohner corona?by Tassin
Rare Vintage 1947 Celesta Piano Simone?by kbsj101
 Universal Accordionnby OregonScott
Player Piano World's Columbian Expeditionby kpc1024
drum set with caseby complet…
US Regulation Bugle Made in fortapa…
Pipe organ pipesby gvgordon
seeking info on this drumby RudyMental
Player Piano (pianola)by magicia…
1880 Horace Waters No.56978  New Scale Cabinet Grand Upright Piano. by beckyspiano
flute or something else?by charmso…
Vintage Palatino Trumpet w/ Original Case by Dallibone
old violinby shortfe…
1920's Hohner Accordionby RadMama32
Haynes Wood Fluteby JKO1118
Contrabass Clarinetby JKO1118
Deagan Chimes circa 1900by bemo11
What is this?by Mr.Flip-it
Italian Button Accordianby Tomtomhutch
Violin passed down from my grandfatherby vintage63
Antique Accordion - Anyone recognize the maker ?by ditch1
59 Silvertones U1 & U2.   I Shanerbell
Antique Trumpet-Help with Brand?  Age?  by Schoolofroc…
flageolet sometimes known as an Orcon fluteby jljeni
For the Accordian Question // post by antique…
Old Hand Bellby mluna99
A Silvert accordian. I cannot find that name Energywide
Vintage English Hunting Hornby jscott0…
Victorian Parlor Organby guss
bruno n sons new york on back and number 57 ingraved on backby falmusa
Made in German Democratic Republic Accordian by Marcos96
Clay Face Flute/Ocarinaby mluna99
1870 square grand pianoby pickupman
dad's fiddleby marered…
Gaspar Ferrari fecit Romae Anno 1777by Arek
Vintage M. HOHNER, “The Chromonica”  Harmonicaby Dewsie77
Galotta accordion by Thoughtbuilds
antique. banjo tune masterby rustbro…
Old flute vesselby Jtw1313
violinby vilmos
instrumentsby Destiny…
UNKNOWN -- BANJO ( PART II )by antique…
Hungarian Old Violin - Any info?by Lik
UNKNOWN -- BANJO ??by antique…
old instrument chinaby Blanca
old instrument, guitar/banjo chineseby Blanca
Ocarinaby Shanewoodard
Antique Drum painted with Native American scene ... or is it?by Jean123
My Nephew's Organby MyFavor…
Nicolaus Amatus 1662 German Violin Cremona Germanyby kbow
Woodwind Collectionby JKO1118
Antique Trumpet Stinky Case by billypi…
What is this? A Fiddle?by timeless5
Need assistance!by huzey
Musical Instrument Potpourrisby Otaco4me
Primitive Garamut/Slit Drumby BHock45
Tip of the Iceberg / Collector's Cave and More...So Much More !by mikelv85
sifflets en bois tourné - vers 1930by museede…
Ancient Magic Indigenous Fluteby JGrossguth
Rumba Shaker ( Maracas)by Caperkid
niccolo amatus 1687by seira09
Conn Coronet 1907by StillLearning
1975 Ovation Medallion Guitarby EJW-54
Original Epworth Pump Organ by Tanni
1930's Haro Mickey Mouse Blow Accordian, Made in Czechoslovkiaby kerry10…
Anyone got any info on this? by mcfetri…
Hand Painted Drumby GaryD54
Sprite Guitar Pitch Pipe in case, made in Japan I consider it a musical instrument in its own right!by GeodeJem
What I call my Mutt Kitby Otaco4me
S.S. Stewart UNIVERSAL  ukulele by Foundar…
Stradivarius Violin 1693by allaskin
H.W. Brandes Upright German Pianoby katsha1976
My beautiful mystery Dobroby Guitarzania
My little red harpby Didda
Does anyone know what year, model and kind of keyed trumpet this is?by CAsun
Antique El Deford Elkhart Fluteby henryVIIIII
Accordion squeezeboxby kpgreg73
S>S>Stewart.Philadelphiaby Fiddler
Cat Clay Fluteby Nobu
Antique drum? possible tiki.. tribal?by LauraL
made in germany 1940 Aquilaby zombiemusic
Bouche French silver trumpet1896  Martin jazz trumpet  in double caseby Carawa
My great grandparent's Dobroby AmyV
Martin ukuleles, age?  Type?by ripfree
Guitarby were
1916 Dated Prussian Bugleby Chrisnp
1927 Couesnon Bb/A Trumpetby danjo
Bowlback Piccolo mandolin (24")by yzyls
wooden German fluteby flutemoron34
Conn pipe organ speakerby Pagagee
Double ended drumby loakey
Antique German Trumpetby grammak…
Boxwood Baroque Flute With Ox Bone-Ivory Inlay/Anonymous German Maker (?) /Circa Late 18th-Early 19th Centuryby mikelv85
Family trombone from 1911by fernpig
Cocoa-Cocuswood Flute With Case/Rudall-Rose 8 Key Design /Retailer J. Limbird & Co."143" Strand London/ Circa 1830's-40'sby mikelv85
Antique Chinese Hand Painted Musical instrument Drum ?by whitman75
Wegman Grand Pianoby Piano_Lover
Melonbacked mandolinby CfBk1977
Vintage Italian Luigi Embergher mandolinby albertduffl…
1950's TV Hep Cats Toy Drum Setby Brianwi…
Old violinby Liveto99
Unidentified Mini Harmonica - Please Helpby vintie4life
mand0lineby meeuk46
stone or clay whistle with frogs primitive by crazydanmusic
B&S Blue Label Alto Vintage Saxophone (UNIQUE PIECE)by ikc9
my antique violinby eddiepack79
Brass Cherub Bellby katyrose
Chimu pottery whistle pot, pre columbian.c 1500by manitou71
Kingsbury Pianoby CardinalLady
JAYMAR -- TOY PIANOby antique…
( East ) Germany -- Toy / Whistle / Carvedby antique…
Castelfidardo Ficosecco accordionby Zlatko
Melody Major Gallotone 8 string bonjoline ?by daniels…
6 Note William Milhouse Jennifun
Hohner Marine Bandby Barndoorbear
native american black effigy whistle by HORSEY
Poalo Soprani accordeonby johan_caers
tromboneby cassie84
stradavarius violinby theantiquek…
clay flute from Chile 60'sby kbran
Vintage Martin Mandolin  strings by DiamondiceSLR
Bowl back Mandolinby andrewchris…
Brazos Mandolinby Hooha03
Prototype Wurlitzer Organ 400o Single Keyboardby americandig…
Spanish Antonio Torres Ramirez guitarby Guitarman123
Old Mystery Mandolinby oldengineer
Is This Some Type of BEAN POD INSTRUMENT, IT RATTLES ???by mikeigo…
Mysterious findby MistyO
Some type of Rattle, Tribal????  Any help will be appreciated, Marked made in JAMAby mikeigo…
Crown Organ - from around 1911by Mccartyl
Uke Instrumentsby Mae_444
Vintage Metalby Mae_444
Unknown Made in Germany Animal horn or tusk Musical instrument or hornby antiquelady62
western africa very old possible reward vintagefanc…
my F5 Gibson Mandolin Case When was it manufactured by willneedsyo…
my F5 Gibson Mandolin when was it manufactured by willneedsyo…
autographed drumsticks need help deciphering autographby abe1981
Organ 1900s by Jmurrellgfd
Player piano 1960 or 1970by Jmurrellgfd
Whistle?by willy-b…
Vintage Thompson FLUTOPHONE Recorder -  Musical Instrument ( w/Box ) 3/of 3 types of Postsby antique…
Vintage SONATA WOODEN Recorder - Germany Musical Instrument ( w/Box ) 2/of 3 types of Postsby antique…
1930's - SWANSON TONETTE Musical Instrument ( w/Box & Booklet ) 1/of 3 types of Postsby antique…
 Conn 20J and 22 J Tubasby edsel58…
Rare Antique Ukulele made of Koa by Abe Mahelona by KBSolomon
Baldwin baby grand piano by SJR
Vincent Bach small mouthpiece charmso…
Very old Violinby tonysch…
Borsini Accordionby Worldwide
My childhood Organaireby antiquemaybe
The Bugleby Busha
need helping on dating my pianoby pianogirl5914
Vintage 10 String Ukulele with what appears to be Mother of Pearl inlayby lisam
Jacques Boquay - Violin Year 172( )by Mercer50
Juice Harpby Mercer50
Genuine Hawaiian Ukulele Gut String - Tonekingby Mercer50
M. Hohner Marine Band Harmonica No. 1886by Mercer50
Classic leblanc wooden clarinetby Teenagechef
Brass Gong with White Metal Deer Foot Strikerby seand
Casio Keyboardby thegrea…
Martin Tippleby Martinfan
Martin taropatchby Martinfan
Native American Hand Drum by wootisewoo
Didgeridooby Zowie
1970s Fender Leo Professional Banjoby barbarianz
What the H is it for?by blunder…
John W Sinfieldby Sinfield
Hand held dinner bellsby eyesopen
Rare Pre 1930's FA-55 Lighthouse Foghornby tugboat…
1966 Blue Sparkle Ludwig Kitby gvgordon
Is this a collectible?by Jerit
Thrift store windchimesby driggs63
1920's Koch button accordionby mcheconi
Trombone and  mouthpiece 261111 T 24Hby Gk4u2nv
Old japanese flute im not sure from whenby Clint
Big Fiddles!by gvgordon
Early 1900's Mandolinby Mickey70
Pearl Accordianby Pastime…
ANtique Violinby Ollie
Unknown banjoby RobinW
my banjosby RonM
Pump Organby Tootce
k. yairi y800 classical guitar circa 1960'sby kimert
1961 Airline N-1 Single Cutaway Archtopby kimert
Circa 1925 - KARN REED PUMP ORGAN with Bookletby antique…
Hering Diatonic Accordionby mcheconi
Unknown Flute Early Vintageby Doug14
Antique African Drum Very Oldby mssue64
Brass Bell with Wooden Handleby aghcoll…
harmonica box/case collectionby hoffharmonica
Ukuleleby vreelandsvi…
Jerome Thibouville Lamy & Co Phebe Mandolinby fre4evr
Clay musical instrumentby karelirene
Old Adano Accordianby heidi7777
Early 1960's Ludwig Supraphonic 400 Ludaloy SN 88262by Legenda…
Mint Italian Musical Instrumentby richard…
1930 - Q.R.S. DeVry Play-A-Saxby aghcoll…
Silver Toned Bell Brand wood spool.  What is it??by Lucas1980
Framus Banjo model 77549-67bby Gerald1
Garden Singing Chimes! (When Windy!) From Garage Saleby toracat
Mandolin oldby Deanteaks
Old wood clarinetsby papa
Vega Co mandolinby RJG
evans bros upright pianoby fhawthorne
vintage banjolele? by genevieve
Small Peterdr…
Tremoloaby BLC1961
1930 s Hohner Accordianby RichCiccone
Do you recognize this instrument? by lolagray
Marvel Mandolinby SJB
10 Tiny String Instruments!!  AWESOME in Wood Inlaid Box All with Doves, Mother of Pearl!!!by toracat
1971 Story & Clark  45M Electric Organby OddEddie
deja vu! by sarahoff
Cabinet card of Man with Family and his Banjoby scottvez
Marine Band M.Hohner Hermonica made in Germanyby Moonsto…
Hand Carved Wooden Fiddleby musikchoo
Vintage Ambassador Kraslice Valve Tromboneby cooper09
My new acquisition. Old Honer accordéon by Thefinder
Collector of Antique history ??? by cashcount
McCoy Piano - 1959by nldionne
Antoine Courtois Cornet 19th Centuryby lilrhinotx
How to find value of Clarinetby bethelam
Honer's harmonica by Thefinder
Old harmonicaby huntwitch
Andreas Morelli Violinby gvgordon
Old Saxaphoneby lilrhinotx
Salvadore De Durro Violin, in old wood box with 2 bows from thrift store a long time agoby toracat
Vintage Scandalli Delfino Accordionby gvgordon
1896 hamilton pump organby ddove
A old Salvation army drumby Phatbud…
St Micheal & All Angels Church, Hartlip Kent, UKby walksof…
Saxophon Playing 1917by musikchoo
"Collection of Song Hits for Saxaphone" Sheet Music Bookby NicoleJ…
More pictures of the carved drumby thestuffolo…
Asian hand carved drum found in a lockerby thestuffolo…
2 sets of drums by TeresaD
Yamaha Portable Reed Organby gvgordon
Noble Little Giant Corrine Accordionby gvgordon
honer (harmonica)by bokkiedillon
 My music mystery , what is this? Stroh have metal horns this is kimharris
Clarinet Book...and otherby mrcolorz
Child's Tin Player Saxaphone by thisold…
M Hohner Marine Orchestra bell harmonicaby hard-find
Vintage Zithersby stefdes…
Vintage Hammond A-100 organby Odat62
Unknown Haiti Figures and drum - 1930sby pfb6736
Springer Violin  #112by swflgwm54
Springer Violin  #112 in a seriesby swflgwm54
Hohner Comet Harmonica in Cby elayem0…
Antique Poole Pianos bookmarkby Photodonn
Some of my Unusual Musical Instrumentsby stefdes…
Dulcimersby Stonie
I know this isn't a Https3x
Faventia Barrel Pianoby ThFerret
Eastlake Pump Organ circa 1900by chevy59
Mel Bay's Fun With Harmonicaby auntlai…
old harmonica by stonesf…
Autoharpsby stefdes…
Buffet Crampon Paris Trumpetby PJNavejas
violin 3/4 dominicus montagnana sub signo cremonae venetiaby rrrohde
mondolfo, Italia accordionby Timwhitford
McCormick Pump Organ-by wingletts
violinby mairwin
Salanti Accordionby mickeye…
1908 Crown Pump Organ #45764 George P. Bentby stacyjwalsh
ukulele? mandolin, guitar?by spiritheart
1959 German Solid Maple Flame Violin fine playing conditionby georgiaflee…
Old Violinby lescover
 M. Hohner harmonica, The Marine Band 365 "G" BennyCa…
Ringo's BeatleJ…
organ hammond classicby gonzalezj_89
Original WW II German Youth Snare Drum with Sticks and Hangerby stepbac…
Colorful 1960's Bass Drumhead by stepbac…
Promo Drumhead Signed by Grand Funk Railroadby stepbac…
Lester Invicta Accordion made in Czechoslovakiaby Sandyw
getzen cornet by Kloc74
SLINGERLAND RADIO KING snare drumby Sparkplug
Schweitzer violin 1814by SCYankee1949
Autographed Drum Head Used by Danny Seriphine of Chicagoby stepbac…
1930s Toy Drum Setby stepbac…
1892 Baffle Organ, Cornish Co. Washington New Jersey USAby Keltran1
1910 Tonk Upright Grand Pianoby Jackie
Really Old Violinby gatortail
1876 pump organ by dgicollector
Tibetan Ceremonial Horn Copper 19th Centuryby Dizzydave
Stradivarius Violinby Gabriel87
Coronet Accordion ... Sounds great! ... vintage?by njschmidt
1924 Hampton player pianoby Michellej66
Vintage Electric Organ made in Italyby curiousks
Organ/Piano Melodeon?by lindalou
 old childs wasserfeld pump organby holly
1896 Hamilton Pump Organby ttomtuc…
B flat clarinet made by J.B.Albert REALLY oldby nick2543
Early 1900's Zither 3 in one Mandolin/Guitar- may have beginners music booklet alsoby trudy1958
Violinby sherrywitht…
Antique Violinby donniebell
Grandpa's Violinby marcoba…
Metal Spray Containerby James_Whitis