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Navajo saddle blanket/rug circa 1920'sby AmyCE
Seeking info?by Bucksnort
I'm clueless . by chicagoron
A woven Indian head Ska421
Native hand woven wool?by hawaiia…
Any ideas of Tribe or pattern name- In family for about 100 yearsby catsmow
Heavy, big, beautiful rugby littleg
Anyone good with navajo blanketsby Thoughtbuilds
Indian Blanket by photoflare
Very Old Wool Rug/Blanket--Need Help Identifyingby sarahslane2
Antique Wool Blanket or Rug--Need Help Identifyingby sarahslane2
Help Identify This Weaving/Rug please!by Celiene
Mystery horse blanket/rugby Katie24…
Navajo rescued from the Ceci
Vintage ?Navajo Wool possible saddle blanketby lambertkh
First Nations Rug?by alliececile
Two antique blanketsby alliececile
Woven Southwest-Mexico Rugby bradwho…
Antique blanketby alliececile
woven wool blanket age unknown?by markalan702
Need help ID Rug/blanket & Carvingby Greys43
Navajo rug I thinkby navajorug
Vintage Mexican Saltillo?by Pszafran
Indian (Native American) blanket: strange figures--like pictographsby Beowulf
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Vintage Ethnic Blanketby Zoinks
Need info on blanketby Simpsonlc
Is This Native MoonChild45
Antique Native American Blanketby hwright
Navajo ? wool rug. What is this pattern called?by Zoie
American Indian Rug 72" x 48"by bgospel
Beautiful Guatemalan Ikat Clothby ho2cult…
Indian rug or saddle blanket or?  From Gospel Thrift store $3.50by toracat
Blanket of unknown origin. Quite Vintage. What is it?  And is it worth keeping??by earlqui…
Rug used as taperstryby cal6842
Native American Fabricby Vrgdc
Just another piece I know nothing by ZZeppelin
Navajo? Again, all I know, is that I liked ZZeppelin
Is this Hopi? Age 1940s? or New?by ZZeppelin
Another Mid-century Saltillo / Serapeby ho2cult…
Another Vintage Serape Saltilloby ho2cult…
Peru Old Inca Llama material, 1300-1400, from Ica Peruby toracat
1986 - "Navajo Art" Stamp First Day Cover - Maidenby aghcoll…
1986 - "Navajo Art" Stamp First Day Cover - Manby aghcoll…
Woven rugby Kimbr
Vintage Tapestry Boarder by Foundar…
Two Gray Hills? wool Navajo? rugby lambertkh
Vintage Hopi Dance Shawl, Maybeby SkyeRanger
Susie Cly Yazzie Movie Star Master Rug Maker Native American in John Wayne John Ford moviesby ronsoverstu…
Help Please?!?!?by BHock45
Old Native American Blanket / Rug?by LA_Woma…
Textile Mexican Serape Blanket by lambertkh
Very heavy Mexican Blanket - Geometric and Orangeby ho2cult…
Native American small fringed "rug" appx. 17 inch by 20 lambertkh
Two small native american rugs 9 1/2 inch by 6 1/2 lambertkh
Small textile rug saddle blanket with red designby lambertkh
Wool Wall Hangingby celestinafast
need help identifying old indian heritage83
TWO NAVAJO RUGSby antique…
1940's Navajo Rugby Hardbrake
Navajo Rug with Arrows by Hardbrake
Native Hopi Blanketby emersonesta…
Antique Indian Blanketby eglockwood
Navajo or ?by mnglass
help identifying symbols native american?by kibwe480
Is this  an Indian  Rug? or  other?by Songwri…
Large Western  Indian Rugby Songwri…
Native American Rug   Identity unknown????by jd292
Navajo Chinle rugby sodadad
tapestry or needle point art by Cnbbby MARTYINGLE
Native American Handwoven Blanketby tfaulk13
Patched cowhide circle w/ fringe????by willow43
Navajo Rug (whirling logs) with Original Tag (1905)by covers