1. As always Petey a very informative write up .I enjoyed reading as I am familiar and know of the Black Watch of the Royal Highland Regiment .
  2. Very Interesting ...Love it
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  4. So so pretty
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this
  6. Very Informative and Intersesting
  7. As always Petey thoroughly enjoy reading the history and information about your helmets ...Thanks for sharing ...
  8. Cannot believe this was left by a dumpster !!!! I agree with fortapache ..insane to throw this away
  9. Wow ...this is great
  10. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this ....
  11. I like the personel touch too Petey
  12. I love the the cap badge on this helmet !!!
  13. Stunning absolutely Stunning
  14. Love the vibrant colour
  15. Wow indeed Petey ....So was I and I would have most certainly said hello ....Fantastic Air Show !!!!
  16. Love this ...I have a very similar one that belonged to my great grandmother ..
  17. Excellent photographs ......I was actually at that event and thoroughly enjoyed my day and totally agree with ..Living History !!!
  18. Wow ...This helmet must be special to be your favourite helmet ....Esprcially with you having such an impressive collection !!!!
  19. Love the anchor on the front ....
  20. Very interesting Petey ....
  21. Very very nice ....
  22. Lovely ... very interesting to read about ....
  23. Like this one very much ....
  24. How lovely Petey to also find the photographs ....
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  26. Very nice Petey ....
  27. Wow ....This is great
  28. Love these ....
  29. What a spectacular piece of trench art ......
  30. Wow ...... Beautiful
  31. Love this !!!
  32. It would be fantastic if it was your Grandads Petey
  33. Lovely !!!
  34. Loving the vibrant colour
  35. Beautiful collection ....Your mother had exceptionally good taste
  36. Beautiful ...loving teh design and the colour
  37. EXCELLENT condition .... Love this
  38. You must be thrilled with this one Petey
  39. Very interesting enjoyed reading the description and the history
  40. I presume this is quite a rare one Petey
  41. Absolutely LOVE this especially the colour
  42. Love the fact that this is camoflagued
  43. I totally know what you mean about being addicted to the sound of a harley !! Wonderful picture
  44. Love this for personal reasons
  45. Love this
  46. A relative Petey ? I agree with Walksoftly having the personal information makes it special
  47. Very vibrant ...I love this
  48. So pleased you placed this candle holder back on to be viewed it is beautiful
  49. Just love the simplicity of this
  50. Exquisite
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British WW11 Jungle Warfare anti-mosquito helmet net


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