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I love to sit on my favorite rock, near a stream, and collect my thoughts.


  1. and now a return my stoop, to ponder this signature ... ooooo, might be a lefty signature .... hmmm ... later sweetie ...
  2. i find that nobody really is, so might as well celebrate yourself ... it takes two to tango ... my physical being and my inner spirit make the perfect duo ...
  3. laugh at the rain ...
  4. drink from a river ... smile at the sun ...
  5. WECIO ... is my thinking ... sit on a rock, sleep on a log ...
  6. hanging planter
  7. YAWN :):):)
  8. Second cup. :)
  9. Ok, I'll try this. Oh, those poor beautiful works of art made lovingly by someone for future generations to enjoy. They deserve to be shown in all their magnificent color and detail.
  10. Thought that was a tongue sticking out at me . What am I gonna do to get you to take your pictures to the next level? Waiting for the brew right now :)
  11. Excuse my sleepy eyes. I am not seeing the bridge.
  12. I gotta go , hope you got some good news today :) Oh, I do not think anything can top this post/ solved mystery. Read it again.
  13. @ Belling68 Oh no, is that a bad thing?
  14. Honestly (not) , most of the people here donate them for bingo prizes. I am the youngest, so I keep yelling Bingo! The others are asleep or can't hear, so Iendup with all this great stuff.
  15. Interseting, I picked up a McCoy baking dish, McCoy deer and fawn planter, Shwanee deer and a stewart b. mcculloch deer.
  16. Oh, today I am mixing it up, I found an old tree stump to sit on.
  17. GSO, spot on! I wouldn't let that gorgeous hunk of glass out of my sight for one second.
  18. Love mysteries.
  19. And that last thought is between you and me only:)
  20. Excuse my enthusiasium. Sweet! Be cautious though. You have stated before that it wasn't important to you the maker , so 117 bucks. Trust me, eye would not want you to waste money.
  21. I'm going there now. Sorry, I was just thinking out loud here.
  22. Look at the 16th one down here.
  24. We need good pattern books to look through. Archives.
  25. Exactly. I am seeing influences all over from other pieces. A collaboration maybe?
  26. Oh my, this is screaming VSL for sure. I was going to suggest getting a picture to them.
  27. Look at the star base on this one.
  28. We can try
  29. A million thoughts.
  30. Ok, this is completely unlike yours, but I am leaning towards this direction.
  31. I know yours is beautiful.
  32. Crystal jam/preserve jars? And would we call that a caddy?
  33. Excuse my thoughts. A preserve set? Here is something similar.
  34. Ok, all his work was erased?
  35. Hey Hey What can I do, I got a woman and she won't be true.
  36. Excuse my thought. 3 months and no one here can help?
  37. While helping you research, did you pick up on his techniques? If so, every time you research something, try to see things as he would, thus he is still helping in a small way.
  38. It's your determination that you will find to be your best ally in the quest. Keep going, and I will also be thinking about this as others, I'm sure :)
  39. I am going there now:)
  40. Excuse my kind thought. Trust me, he is still helping you.
  41. Kind of looks like "tortoise shell"
  42. Who? What?
  43. Dang it, if I'm gonna spend a whole 2 bucks for something at the resale store, they better be able to tell me what it is!
  46. I think that is why Czechman said Italian, Murano uses that.
  47. I know this one! They are Fenton!
  48. Here is something similar in look.
  49. When you start using Photoshop etc. to enlarge and sharpen ie., all of the imperfections start looking like marks and letters, I hope you have found a clue, I find it frustrating when I try.
  50. I need my marks :) So you like your mysteries?
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Mystery Danish Modern Plate With Signature Beacon Lamp Co Torchiere Lamp, ca 1898? Rumford Tin Store Display Sign (1930?)