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I love to sit on my favorite rock, near a stream, and collect my thoughts.


  1. Reminds me of felix clock
  2. Draped veil ?
  3. Kerry ... Just when I thought I couldn't laugh harder, i just coughed up my "get a better night's sleep warm milk"
  4. LMAO ... Oh I am very happy :) Thanks for the chuckles ...
  5. Everyday though ... Take me to the river, take me to the river ... 8 flights of stairs, twice daily .... To the river ...
  6. I was so surprised when she had the entire 100 square ft. space on the fourth floor remodeled and said it was all for me and my collection !!!!
  7. Yes. Billy. Billy B. Bass. And my wife loved it sooo much, she let me have my very own office in the corner of the attic "with my very own window and the perfect spot on the wall to display Billy" .
  8. I am not joking ... I caught one exactly like this, taught it a few tunes, had it mounted on an antique board and mine moves too!!!!
  9. OMGosh ... LMAO ...
  10. Lol ... How did you get the fish to look at the camera and smile ?
  11. Oooo .. Sabotage !!!!
  12. Let me guess ... That fish in your profile picture jumped out of the river and right into your hands one Sunday morning on your weekly nature walk, the one you take before your Sunday afternoon curb s...
  13. You are very welcome ...
  14. Phil ... Thanks for using my attempt to give the beautiful picture my interpretation of the black and white - high contrast look of photos from that period ...
  15. nice sign. hardly any rust.
  16. or even better with contrast at around 60
  17. it looks really cool as grayscale and contrast at 82 in PS
  18. i am looking for the reference picture of Rita
  19. Did anyone ever do 2 hairs past the freckle theme ?
  20. Now that would be an interesting fantasy creation ...
  21. Do you have the invisible man watch?
  22. i have the exact match
  23. Thanks, I am interested in finding out. How do you keep that rust from continuing?
  24. Oops, just read your description again ... Thanks :)
  25. Lovely, what are those handles called ?
  26. Love the cherry on top ...
  27. The sign is rusted, which I know is acceptable, I was wondering if you do anything to stop further rusting. very cool sign and I can't wait to hear the history of where it is from.
  28. Well, I enjoyed it. Sorry about my armchair quarterbacking ... My brain just needs a tiny info and it is off to the races ... You are such a gentleman here to let me go on about something I know nothi...
  29. You should know :) Thanks for the challenge here ... I used to study those old school quizzes in the tv magazine that used to be in the sunday paper ... Two pictures, side by side, name the 10 dif...
  30. The first L in Ingersoll ... The void on the bottom ... Oh my gosh ... I am stripping my gears here ... Sorry ...
  31. Yeah ... I was going to say yours looked " cleaner " ... But look at the outline in black ... That little oops where the right ear meets face and the thin part of the part between mouth and nose ... A...
  32. 8 hours of sitting here looking at Mickey watches ... Lol ...
  33. Now I am really confused and dazed ...
  34. Ok ... Please bear with me here :)
  35. The outline is exactly the same ... So wouldn't that be a copied template ?
  36. No way they are hand drawn because the one i saw was exactly the same graphics, but had arms.
  37. Ok .... Yes you did. I am bug eyed from trying to figure this one out ...
  38. You didn't show the date.
  39. So he did the one with the printed arms also ?
  40. Am I playing with myself on this one ? No other guessers ?
  41. This is actually quite fun ... Not sure if I ever want to know the answer.
  42. Because no mickeys of this period had arrow hands? This was a correction?
  43. and what would make it more valuable/accepted?
  44. Why would there be a version with printed arms and this one without.
  45. This should have printed arms and arrow watch hands ?
  46. Define "style" ....
  47. Obviously the clue is thumbs ...
  48. The arms should be printed on dial ?
  49. No ... No answer ... The wheels are still turning ... Give me a few ... Prototype?
  50. I am truly amazed at how much I have learned from this site.
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