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Unknown item 
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  1. I still have the one we used on the farm. I remember dad cooking grain in it to fatten a hog, and I also remember my mom making lye soap in it.
  2. Bigger picture was downloaded
  3. That's the only pic I have and this is what I was told: The top piece measures 15 inches long and 1 1/2 inch thick. The round one at the bottom measures 11 1/2 inches long and almost 2 inches wide and...
  4. Hey thanks. I was really blank on what it could be. Raised on a farm most of my life and I had never seen anything quite like it on the farm. lol Thanks again
  5. There is something similar with a ball on each side, to put in the nostrils of livestock to lead them around but this is an odd one.
  6. Watch Craft /C & E Marshall Co. Chicago. 1/10 hp. The threads are about 5/16 inch which is wrong as I know they are listed in mm. Wondering about a manual and tailstock for it, or just anything. ...
  7. Oh I did forget to say it has the original foot control.
  8. It's an early rat trap. It should latch open when squeezed. If it doesn't, the catch mechanism is either gone or rusted.
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