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Very active collector of painted label and deco soda bottles.


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  1. I can help with the Uncle Luke. I'm an Arky soda bottle collector... They're from 1941. The bottler was the Coca Cola bottler. Quite sought for...including by me. I have a pair of off
  2. Sorry, the '3' to the left side of the logo is not a dating code, but the one on the right is. So 1947 is accurate, but March is not. The first code number indicates the Owens plant where the bottle...
  3. Rocket is listed in the ACL book : Collecting Applied Color Label Soda Bottles. In on-grade condition the value is easily $100.00 +. In this condition...roughly one quarter of that, or less. Everyt...
  4. You're killin' me! Thanks for posting such awesome bottles and I can share that you are probably the reason for me starting to collect pontil sodas in addition to acls and embossed. You've shown jus...
  5. There is also a Tom Tucker black & white that has a predominantly white with some black label, rather than than the one shown which is mostly black with white. They are numbers 1048 & 1049 in the boo...
  6. Well, that is a mah-jong set. Tiles could be bakelite plastic, bone, or ivory. Wish I knew how to play it.
  7. Well, those that proffer that value all must want it. Or, they don't know. My recollection is a number that exceed their estimates by three and a half to four times. DP collectors are quite aggressi...
  8. That is an awesome can and in high grade. It's been a while since I was around big bucks cans, but i remember that this one is. I wouldn't dare venture even a guess in today's market with all the fl...


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