1. What did I ever done to you. Why so mean to me? Does anyone care
  2. A Very close friend told me that the problem in this world is everyone is looking out for them selves, I agree. We are in big trouble.
  3. You keep saying everything is fine here, but never once ask me how I feel?
  4. Not true. I won't let you hurt me again. I unfollow you.
  5. so sad:( only wanted to make a friend:( no nice people any more:(
  6. Crying here.....
  7. I care for you.
  8. Is it over with us jewels? How could you do that to me? I thought you were my friend.
  9. Jewels where do you stand me or asshol?
  10. OH, OH, How can you say that. Same to you!
  11. I have seen your posts shareyourpassion and thought they were wonderful! How could you turn on me now?
  12. I don't think that's right. You are. I can't say it
  13. Mad at me?
  14. not really but would love to be with you. It is fun to talk to others about the same interests! Are you married, I'm sorry to ask this but feel an attraction to you.
  15. Sounds like a fun time. Wish I could tag along!:)
  16. I'm sorry for coming on so strong:( I like your style:)
  17. So exciting!
  18. You can trust me. I want to know all about you. I think you are?
  19. Would love to see you wearing these. Such good taste in jewelry you have;)
  20. Hi Julie!!
  21. You are so pretty! I bet all the fella's were after you!!
  22. Such a clever idea! But never thought of collecting before. Seen on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean when living in Florida. I Love It!!
  23. Thank you Jewels, for getting the ball rolling. This is fun!
  24. Looks very good condition for 1962. What a shame GW workers don't appreciate where they place price sticker. I really love this globe!
  25. Most definitely, friend:)
  26. So good that others share the same interests as us!
  27. She is a beautiful doll! I hope you don't mind me looking at your things? I think you are a very nice lady and hope to be friends:)!
  28. Its so nice to share some things in common with someone as kind as you, Thank You!
  29. I love it and geography too, was fun in school to learn about the world. Thank you for posting!
  30. Please post. Would love to see. Bar codes I think came out in the 1970's, so would be a vintage item now!
  31. Beautiful old Coke machine, would like to see the restored version!
  32. Bar codes have been around for a while, this is a very interesting item. Thanks for share!
  33. Would almost say forever, 2 years is a long time. Where are you?
  34. Slash Antiques, keep the top line tho!
  35. So good looking you are in the Central area! and Pretty face too!!
  36. Eye Catcher.
  37. These are Spectacular.
  38. Very Nice.
  39. Absolutely Gorgeous!
  40. Fabulous piece!
  41. Gorgeous bowl.
  42. I like to get things done and your welcome.
  43. Unusual but Very Nice.
  44. Amazing piece, Gorgeous.
  45. Beautiful piece, love the username too!!
  46. Very Pretty!!
  47. These are Exquisite!!
  48. Looks delicious can I come over for dinner LoL., Very Nice!
  49. Thank you.
  50. A beautiful arrangement, can I ask? how long to get so many.
  51. See more


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