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  1. This was for the original OP .... One in better condition sold for $45.00 at the 2012 Kutztown Pa Spring antique radio show . Even then it needed a lot of work to bring it back to it's former glory ...
  2. Orange and white ... very cool color combination or is it coral ?... either way nice
  3. Folks , make sure you click to enlarge the pic even larger , then you will see what sweet condition it is in ....
  4. Jet age for sure :)
  5. Yep sure is nice
  6. Arvin made lots of neat looking radios ...
  7. Looks great now :)
  8. Now this is a clock radio ... ;0
  9. Like stylized Jet plane on the front !
  10. Your Transistor radio deserves the attention because..... I love dinosaurs :) and is far harder to find than Sunoco ones .
  11. Philips made some beautiful radios . Love the exposed glass dial .
  12. The robins egg blue color is NICE !
  13. I like Pandas :)
  14. That's one clean little Transitone :)
  15. I also posted one also so you could see one as it looked new .
  16. A true Disney piece , too many fakes of the ones from the 1930's are being sold as old
  17. Very handsome beetle plascon Skyscraper case .... real DECO !
  18. Love the chrome front grille and the station adjustment on the side.... very COOL
  19. Philco made well built radios manufacture here in Pa. You should play it until it's been electrically rebuilt .
  20. Like that it's designed like a scroll ++++
  21. This is one heck of a Zenith !
  22. Great Bullet Design .
  23. nothing like a home brew :)
  24. I like Plaskon ... Had the same radio and it had the same crack LOL....
  25. This is for REAL antiques radios ... this isn't one of them :(
  26. Just another cheap reproduction/fantasy radio that flood this board all to often :(
  27. that peacock grille is something else ... WOW
  28. Now this is one serious radio ! It is a great performer , BUT not for the lighthearted when it comes to restoration . If you can do a complete electrical rebuild on one of these , I tip my hat !
  29. The world map looks great on that SC ... like lthe look better than some T/Os
  30. Lisa you have good taste :)
  31. Yep .... at least some folks know what radios belong in the Art Deco category and don't constantly post radios that don't belong there because they haven't a clue .
  32. GREAT !
  33. Nope.... it's a polystyrene case , and a beautiful one at that !
  34. Some of these little Ingraham Cabinet Emersons are the best !
  35. I've always like these , I think they have great style and come in cool colors . If you can find them in great shape they look like little jewels :)
  36. This Catalin is just breath taking A+
  37. I really like the Bulova , too many people over look these . They are well made and beautiful !
  38. And these came in some wild colors too : )
  39. Great find .... you lucked out !!!!
  40. These are so cool , I'm glad you saved it .
  41. Theses are neat I would like to find an orange one with the two extension speakers .
  42. Good luck with your restoration .
  43. Very Nice ...nice too see some high and stuff instead of all the newer retro carp and repro crude flooding these pages .
  44. Very Nice ...nice too see some high and stuff instead of all the newer retro carp and repro crude flooding these pages .
  45. is it missing the front stretcher ?
  46. 1933 Model 14B ... 9 tubes
  47. Mark could you Email me.... thanks David
  48. neat set
  49. See more


Lloyds Solid State 2 Speaker Clock Radio stromberg carlson