Cleaning out my Grandmother house she has live here since 1967 nothing is changed all these things are orginal to the house or came from my Great grandmother house pCleaning out my Grandmother house she has live here since 1967 nothing is changed all these things are orginal to the house or came from my Great grandmother house please dont heistate to comment I have already gave away things that was said was very valuable to collectors so if you see and you want it comment! (Read more)


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  1. The others say limoges France, some say Royal Kendall fine bone china england
  2. Yeah it says Del Coronado Nasco Japan
  3. So I'm having a really hard time finding the year on thike. If someone could be greatly appreciate .it.
  4. I'm sorry,i have no clue about any of these things i post that why i started the page so they could help me..
  5. Its very similar I look all day yesterday for something on Internet. its been painted i will check under and see if there is anything under the paint. Thanks
  6. Ok, I'll look into it. thanks a lots
  7. I have about 8 more bottles and what would I do with them anyway ?really ?
  8. @Valentinian it is fun use should say that its absolutely horrible it smiles like straight vinegar I open as bottle and used it to clean the mirror in the house.
  9. I think did have a remodel but it was before our family moved in back 1967 but it was in the attic. I would like to put it back but we have no clue where it goes.
  10. I have a update to this story my husband and I supervise a food ministry at our church. We get the food from a program called top box Chris Kennedy own topbox so Chris comes by the church every month...
  11. Sorry to you Mjkm90 i have not checked this page in a while Yes the point is still there no oversized holes
  12. thanks I saw someone else has one that looked very similar so I posted mine. I didn't get it from pier 1.
  13. oh ok let me look that up. Thanks a lot.
  14. Thanks again I would like to clean them and use them on the mantel but I'm afraid to put anything on them.
  15. I think your right but I have more If i see something interesting I will post. Ive said this before Im not a collector. My Grand Mother worked at the Merchandise Mart in Chicago and she Purchased a l...
  16. she said a couple was Japanese the first one on the second row starting at the bottom of the picture and the 3rd and 4th one on the top row are japanese.
  17. they are I have the box top. I didn't know that was important until after I posted the picture.
  18. thanks, I'm not a collector but I a definitely see the attration to these things. I don't know what to do with all this stuff.
  19. Yes I have one to I'll post I know nothing as well
  20. Thanks guys I have all these things and dont have a clue what to do with them.
  21. I found a third one of these it made like a geni bottle I will add
  22. I added a couple of new pictures it's very dark in the basement I hopeyou can see it.
  23. I think your right GREAT IDEA! THANKS!
  24. @Savoychina lmao I would not do that to someone I don't like it reflects poorly on me.
  25. Thanks for the insite I did no what they where
  26. Its beautiful! Im look for one of these right now for my vintage whiskey
  27. THANKS!
  28. I saw one on ebay.
  29. do you know from when which war maybe?
  30. Funny I keep getting that same offer from a lot of people
  31. you think it has Value?
  32. they say gerrys
  33. i found the bird on ebay
  34. the pearl one in the first picture says trifari, the bird in the first picyur says giorgio, i cant make out the cat
  35. your good at this thanks again I'll be posting as I find
  36. since you know art glass I have another piece I love here at my grandmother if you could please look at that one its yellow looks like a canister its attached to my page
  37. Thanks, after looking up the name it does looks like it could be related to those.
  38. My Uncle collected buckles after his death most of them went to my father so itbeen around for a while but im not sure where he got thank you
  39. found it! looks like a different color but other then that the same
  40. The thing I know are valuable I dont need the help
  41. not on ebay
  42. added the back
  43. it is heavy
  44. I cleaning out my Grandmother house there is lot of things here. I had the vintage people by they took a lot of stuff and wanted to come back when someone finally told me to get those people out your ...
  45. I got one to there very simular one of my arms is missing Ill post to my show and tell
  46. solved your right I took it down
  47. thanks I have a lot of questionable stuff I dont know what im going to do with
  48. it is at least 40 its been there all my life
  49. ill take it down and do a closer inspection
  50. anybody have any idea?
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Station of the cross 1869 drawing. Antique Nativity?? Unknown mark? Loetz Phen Genre circa 1900 veeda louisa Pair of Gilded Mystery Vases Bracelets, Brooches and Earrings oh my! Antique (I believe) Wine Rack - Cart Style - Need Info Signed Loetz Phanomen Genre 1/4 ? Bold Turquoise Silk Cocktail Dress by Gi Gi Young A very rare heirloom from my grandmother 1939 mardi gras mask


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