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Japanese Cup and LuluX
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Yixing Teapot with Calligraphy / Symbols? Can someone help me identify? by Sstedman
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small hand painted  with a face on bottom of them you can onle see when help up in the light   1 1/2 inch tall by dlowdaren
Japanese porcelain by LavalleM
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Asian Teapotby Songwri…
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DUCK  PITCHER  AFLACK!!! duck, get out of town!  There is a new Duck, older and wiser!?by toracat
if eney infomation on these imaes will be gladly resevedby harriet
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asian mark, any info breendy
Turkish pitcher, 26 inches tall 9.4 pounds, cloisonne? NOT TURKISH I BELIEVE IT IS INDIA  AFTABA SEE 4TH PHOTO!by toracat
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Tang San Cai tea or ginger jar 19th centuryby jrfm410
Japanese tea set by amberceska25
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$1.00 tableby papa
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