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Found this sword in my great grand dad's house when I was remodeling wondering if it is of something certain originby Lbbrown3911
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Circa 1925-30 Lilley Co. Knights Templar Sword Ceremonial? by JoyB
Victorian Highland Regiment Officer’s Broadswordby Chrisnp
Broken cutlass or sabreby alpo
Three Knife Bayonetsby Chrisnp
Three Socket bayonetsby Chrisnp
Bayonet Turned Entrenching Tool?by Chrisnp
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Indo-Persian Talwar Swords by Chrisnp
Japanese Shin-Gunto Sword by Chrisnp
Japanese Kyu-Gunto Sword by Chrisnp
Persian 1909/Russian 1881 Style Saberby Chrisnp
Circa 1891-1893 French Made Chilean Cavalry Swordby Chrisnp
Early or Mid-19th Century German Made Swordby Chrisnp
Antique Swordby Theoldman
Prussian Model 1852 Cavalry Swordby Chrisnp
Model 1845 Faschinenmesserby Chrisnp
German Artillery Officer’s Lion Head Swordby Chrisnp
help?! some kind of swordby kay55
antique short sword ceremonial/sacrificial self-sacrifice knife by earl99
Imperial German NCO swordby Chrisnp
Prussian Model 1848 Artillery Saberby Chrisnp
Sword From West Virginiaby jenkinsjl04
Sword 2 From West Virginiaby jenkinsjl04
1850 Foot Officer's swordby Chrisnp
Model 1855 Bavarian Infantry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
Model 1854 Hessian Infantry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
Two handed swordby Amirq
1865 Bannerman/Hollywood Frankenswordby Chrisnp
Private Purchase German 1889 Infantry Officer’s Swordsby Chrisnp
Arsenal Marked German 1889 Infantry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
German Model 1889 Cavalry Swordby Chrisnp
British Pattern 1822 Light Cavalry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
British Pattern 1897 Infantry Officer’s Swordby Chrisnp
Strange swordby W.S
Victorian Gothic Hilt Swordby Chrisnp
 BIRD Hilt  Javanese Keris And  PHOTOGRAP HOLDING ITby mikeigo…
1840/1906 Hollywood Frankenswordby Chrisnp
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Turkish Bayonets very crude manufactureby battleg…
U.S. 1850 Style Foot Officer’s Sword with Movie Connectionby Chrisnp
U.S. Model 1860 Cavalry Saberby Chrisnp
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U.S. Model 1840 Style Cavalry Sabersby Chrisnp
Strange swordby W.S
Inherited swordby fumasgreg
U.S. Model 1840 Style Light Artillery Saberby Chrisnp
US Model 1832 Foot Artillery Swordby Chrisnp
Civil War US Model 1840 Musician’s Swordby Chrisnp
Civil War Era US Model 1840 Noncommissioned Officer Swordby Chrisnp
continued from "Old sword" postby bbmbr2000
Antique swordby bbmbr2000
19th Century Militia NCO Swordby Chrisnp
Sapphire Guardian Twin Katana Bladesby Guardian
Patriotic Swordby Chrisnp
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General Officer's Sash & Dress Hanger with 1902 Saberby Chrisnp
U.S. Model 1902 Saberby Chrisnp
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French WWI Lebel Bayonetby johnm2
HAtori Hanzo by FAvor
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Antique Asian Swordby paluszak
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US Model 1917 Enfield Bayonetby Chrisnp
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German 1898/05 Bayonetby Chrisnp
German 1898 Bayonetby Chrisnp
Model 1895 Steyr Bayonetby Chrisnp
French Model 1892 Second Pattern Bayonetby Chrisnp
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WWII Japanese Officers Samurai Swordby chezpatty
Australian Pattern 1907 Bayonetby Chrisnp
US Model 1892 Krag Bayonetby Chrisnp
samurai sword setby Xkresearch
WWI Engraved German Bavarian Saberby Dallasee
Lebel Bayonet “Rosalie”by Chrisnp
German Model 1871 Bayonetby Chrisnp
US Model 1873 Bayonet for the Trapdoor Springfieldby Chrisnp
Bayonet for the NY Militia Rolling Blockby Chrisnp
Kit Rae ? Sword,knife by Quote27
French Model 1866 Chassepot Bayonetby Chrisnp
Nepali Kukriby Chrisnp
Pattern 1876 Bayonet and brass Martini-Henry muzzle cover by Chrisnp
British Pattern 1853 Bayonet with Scabbardby Chrisnp
British Pattern 1839 Bayonet with Lovell Catchby Chrisnp
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Wilkinson Sword by Jono
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HACO SA Model 1933 Dress Daggerby bluemax…
Uncleaned Early Personalized 1st Model Luftwaffe Daggerby bluemax…
Early NSKK model 1933 dagger, blade by very rare maker C. Schlieper by bluemax…
Gil Hibben Swordby nldionne
Third Reich Navy Officer's dress dagger Model 1938by bluemax…
Third Reich Municipal Police Bayonetby bluemax…
Out of the Woodwork 2nd Model Nazi Luftwaffe Dagger with knot, hanger and original belt loopby bluemax…
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Unknown Swordby mikewicks
Tip of the spear or something like thatby Vintage…
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Relic 1871 Spanish Rolling Block Bayonetby Chrisnp
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Old Sword from Europe from rrrohde
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wall art or hanging art?by kisergurl
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knife my grandpa gave me. by mattox83
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5th rifle gurkha kukriby taliesindubh
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saw back Bayonet by jmack
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samurai tricky
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Here is an interesting dress sword that I would like to packrat…
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Taiwanese aboriginal headhunters carved, signed papa
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1898 Hunting Sword with skinning knife, blades are fully scrolled front and back Mint Conditionby blsrjj1976
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