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Old Whiskey Flaskby Tahiti1
Flask, silver and Glassby pawn
Vintage silver capped glass bottleby Workingman69
A Little Red Bottleby Caperkid
Hunter-Fisherman Calabash Faskby mandioldstuff
Pre-Prohibition Brandy, Labeledby SpiritB…
radio by nittygr…
Military Amber glass bottleby aldo78
Mystery Flaskby Darkstar60
Antique Glass Flaskby Diva7497
my enamel flaskby rembrant
My antique brass powder medicoi…
Citron Strap-side Flaskby SpiritB…
Amber colored glass flask by Jessb_atl
Teardrop-shaped glass hip flask 1800-1840?by sumerpaul
Antique Qajar Bottle With Unique Unknown Glass Flaskby jbingha…
Paris France O'Hara Co. Waltham Ma USA bottleby dhumphr…
Inscribed flaskby dc991
Unidentifiable Flat Sided Black Glazed Flask Urn Ewer Jug??? - Signed but Illegibleby bluesto…
Screw top liquor bottles with federal writing. 1930's-1940'sby roadside
Pre Prohibition Handblowen 1/2 pint Strap Sided Cork Top Bottleby roadside
German flask/canteenby Lighty
Ceramic flask made in West Germanyby BarelyAntique
1800's Flaskby mandioldstuff
my favorite antique only flask. by angelal…
Whiskey Flaskby ilputo2
Unknown age and originby Kdb
Wooden flaskby msjar
Leather case. with glass bottle. Made in USA liquot holder?? Helpby beach-sunday
Flask by Bigsarge
unidentified large metal flaskby msjar
Flask found in a box from yard saleby Kokanee
Imperial Germany reservist's flask of 1907-1910by cwnewbie
Reservist’s flask of Imperial German Hussar Urmetzerby bluemax…
A beautiful ladies flask with gold by Aceplumber
Vintage Hammered Tin-Lined Flask ~ West Germanyby tom61375
Vintage flaskby Jono
FIRST BLOOD AT LEXINGTON 1775-1975by antique…
Gorham Square Flaskby Celia
Bacardi bottleby LJM88
Bitter Back Bar Bottle with Horse and Jockey in gun metalby twenty4for24
Late 1800's Strap Sided Flaskby cocacol…
Amsterdam Ave. Flaskby Willalex
POTTERY FLASKby antique…
Need help with identifying this bottle by LEEJIII
Schnapps Flask of a Prussian Garde Kuraissier of the Imperial German armyby bluemax…
Historic Flasks, Anchor Flasks, & Others!! Pikes Peak, Baltimore GW !by ahanshe…
1865 Civil War era Goodyear Flask...Gutta-Perchaby mrcolorz
historical theme amber flaskby davidq1993
Augardente  Galicia Brandy Liquor Decanter Flask with Cups Glasses Setby csartain
Antique Asian Bronze Flaskby archang…
 shendyhan ? Flaskby Pamelamary
 UPDATE........MYSTERY POCKET FLASK w/hallmark pictureby smee
old bushmillsby tommyd
Vintage Clevenger Flask?by rozee3
Mystery tiny flask?by thehaffy
Handmade antique metal flask?by olddiscover…
Very unusual Flaskby peggy447
General Taylor Never Surrenders flask Emerald-Green by prodigyisme
What is this?  English Flask - with logo HB 1667?by tj1954
The most unusal flask I have ever seenby ckball
Arthur P. Henry's Flaskby justafarm
19th century amethyst flask?by karenclevid…
pewter bottleby brookej092012
Aqua Green Flask, Beautiful !by jizzie
nice green flask like whiskey/liquor bottle by theantiquek…
flasks by lundy
Schafer and Vater Doctor "Drink-O-Meter" Flaskby guyfrmatl
hand blown glass flask, or demijohn bottleby rascal
A couple old hip flasks left in grandmothers cabinet and a cameraby mmackinnon1
Silver over Glass Flask 6 5/8" tallby Magic_Roy
1857 Patriotic Flask - Who made it?by vifacts
vintage flaskby thunderkol
Unknown . white glass Flaskby olddog
Wonderful Flast G11-72 EAGLE CORNUCOPIA by filmnet
Glass Bottle that I'm trying to identifyby teddy54o8
Help with a silver/glass flask I picked up at a garage saleby jnjdav
Vintage German Flaskby TammyIn…
What is this?by alienma…
What is it? Snuff bottle? Flask?by EstateLover
antique flaskby drouton
This a weird 1 too meby Lawrence4174
Antique Leather Flask made to look like cigarette caseby atticof…
Flask - Copper on Glass?by Intheway
Norwegian glass Gjövikby Pluntan
Antique flaskby Pluntan
Wooden & Abalone Figural Flaskby ashburylane
Old Flower Flaskby VtCollector
Columbian Eagle Flaskby alisha
Indian Fire Water Flaskby VtCollector
Marked antique steel welded canteen flask. Use, Military, Age ? by JSmed
Little Nipper Pocket Flaskby Sagern
Silver Liquor Flaskby Desiree
Historical Flaskby SJSmith
Corn Cob Bottleby arelicz…
Solid Silver Hip Flask cir. 1853by augustus0007
Cut glass flask with leather covering and a removable cup...silverby Cindy
Glazed Stoneware Spirit Flaskby Mixie01
Collectors Weekly Commemorative Flasks - Early 1970sby potrero
"Cleve & Steve" 1/2 pt. political liquor flaskby jfcutter