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Coka Cola zink pop bathby Barwood
1970 brand new in box Coca Cola carry coolerby Avalon1
Old barn findby Farmboy14
Westinghouse 42 inch with motor and waterby ronleo
Coca Cola Coolerby BuffyEdwards
old westinghouse coke bar .by monaman
westinghouse we-6 coke machines by jenleider
Coca Cola by Joeymozzer
original Glascock Coca Cola Coolerby jdbates
1938 coca cola junior restore before and after. Now just putting it all back togetherby peteeckert
Vintage Coke coolerby AllenD
Consession stand coca cola coolerby marylink
Large Vintage Plastic Coca Cola Coolerby foxhuntgirl
Coca Cola Cooler and Standby Limeysteve
New additions to my barby Daryltw…
A lil help FatMan
1950's Coca Cola Counter , metal and glass light up Coke1234
Coca Cola Coolerby usavintages…
Coca Cola Coolerby bobwald…
Coca Cola coolerby ibkarin
French Coke cooler 1960?by supervalk
Coca Cola Cooler/Chest by Gailer67
kelvinator coke chest coolerby jaysvintage…
Coca-cola cooler by Jena1981
Coca Cola coolerby Catskillwea…
Is this a Glascock junior cooler that I have? What is this worth?by getright2
Coca cola cooler from 1937. Junior Westinghouse . by Royjonesroy1
Coca cooler from 1950's . Went with red letters and white paint. Would like to see One with white letters and brown paint . by Royjonesroy1
Coca cola  from 1950. Rusted out n restored . Went with red letters n black paint . 1by Royjonesroy1
Update: Cornelius SVM-48E3 Coca Cola Slider Cooler (1969)by CanadianWal…
How nicely should this be treated?by steerplasty
Coca Cola Coolerby Elsabruce
1930's Westinghouse Ice Chestby Golfgibson
Re-Purposing of Vintage Coca Cola Items!by CanadianWal…
Looking for information on model, maker, year etc. Worth  by Inthedirt
1955  model number 9023 Hemp and Company Coca Cola coolerby Trey
Man-cave Monster: 8 foot coke cooler by Trueby BigPoppa
Coca Cola Westinghouse Jr Coolerby Fitnessmentor
small gull wing top coca cola coolerby sgc
Made by a company called "Aman" has embossed letter .  I don't know when it was made but it's  interestingby Chickie
Coca cooler chest coolerby Rstru2020
Just picked this up in don't know how old or anything about itby Cwilbur39
my coca cola cooler by wyatterp
Coca Cola Coolerby Elsabruce
Coco Cola Ice Chest???by burkem6
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Worth it to put more money into it?by Haley
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Wisconsinby Pamderosa
Coca cola coolerby Shawnee1256
Coca Cola Cooler by MrsSchipp
Westinghouse giant?by farmboy
1950's Coke n Pepsi coolersby Canuck
Kelvinator Coolerby CanadianWal…
coca cola coolerby headcramp
1960ish ? Just had refinishedby Canuck
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1940s coca cocla chestby bobby1951
Original Coke cooler cardboard boxby curator
1956 Coca Cola Deep Freeze? Need advice / How to confirm year. All original and working. by Nirothor
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Large Coca-Cola Cooler with Standby fortapa…
Coca Cola glass top refrigerator by Mikea
Vintage Coca Cola Pic-Nic Coolerby FreddyRat
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Cornelius Slider Coolerby CanadianWal…
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Old Coca Coolerby nivek1307
Coke Mexican Coffin Coolerby Ajf5577
Plastic Coca Cola Coolerby FreddyRat
New Fridge, Anyone know the origins?by revv10k
The Unearthed We6.... revered
Coca Cola Coolerby tquick
Coke Cooler 1930 - 1940 ?by supervalk
Small (roughly 16 x 12 x 10) cooler w/ 2 hinges on back, one latch on front, simple metal handle on top.  by Hiplaw
Vintage Coca-Cola Ice Chestby mkuf713
Coca-Cola Tan Cooler Metal Frame Cork sidesby Daharmon1085
Was my wifes Grandparents coolerby TopJimi
Coca Cola Coolerby DawnLind
coca cola coolerby Delores1970
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1960's  coke chest coolerby GLH124
Coca-Cola Coolerby storage…
"The Perfect"by Cokeman…
Glasscock Coolerby mwest24
Great grandpa's barber shop coolerby Nick.bett
My Upgradeby tommy1002
1950's Coca cola airline coolerby Trey
1950 Coca-Cola portable coolerby Prells6
Westinghouse Standard Coolerby tomtwhite
real or fake. I just got this by diggydazz
1950's Royal Mieco Coca Cola Coolerby pickrkn…
Westinghouse Juniorby Prells6
Vintage Coca Cola Coolerby hernih
1960's Coca Cola airline coolerby pickrkn…
Grandmas coke machineby Bricke30
Westinghouse WH-23 Coca Cola coolerby Sandra7oliver
Coca Cola Cooler Boxby jpsthes…
1940 Coca-Cola "Cooler-Graph" Salesman Brochureby Daddy_N…
Junior pre-war Project finished by NROJAY
Coca cola ice chest  by Jrbabes
1950's Coca Cola Airline coolerby pickrkn…
our old "Desk"by gargoyl…
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Acton corner! by Bigpapa…
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Looking for informationby dtech33
Coca cola salesman sample cooler 1939-1940by Emptynet
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Coca Cola cooler by Trey
Coca Cola Coolerby jpsthes…
Cooler, Ink Blotter, Grocery Cart Rack, Bottlesby jpsthes…
Coca-Cola 1939 Westinghouse Jr by weezeepants
1960 Coca-Cola Picnic Coolerby Daddy_N…
What is this ice chest worthby Pmack
Im looking for decals, lid and cap catcher for this model 183 coolerby flyguy772
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Sprite Boy coolerby Emptynet
Cool Coolersby CokeKid…
Coke cola coolerby Tinan
Found at a old campgroundby NWOPickers
Need help identifying what this is and a resource for finding related joelene63
coca cola fridgeair circa 1960's by tara13thomas
1950 Coca-Cola Cooler Radioby Daddy_N…
dont know. found in shedby jkukwa13
Trying to figure out what this isby jdowning
Coca Cola ice chestby Emptynet
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Merry Christmas everyone!! 2013by EJW-54
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Stainless Coca Cola Cooler by RAD21289
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Acton Coca Cola Coolerby RAD21289
Rough Coca Cola Coolersby RAD21289
Stainless Steel Coca Cola Coolerby RAD21289
Acton Coca Cola Coolerby RAD21289
1958 Coca-Cola Picnic Cooler - Acton Daddy_N…
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Coke coolerby Sunshine55
Rough Westinghouse Coca Cola Ice Chestby RAD21289
Coca Cola Ice Chestby RAD21289
Beautiful Westinghouse Ice Chest by RAD21289
Coca Cola Ice Chest Parts Machineby RAD21289
Coca Cola Westinghouse Ice Chestby RAD21289
1939 Coca Cola coolerby hannahann
1938 Coca-Cola Coolerby EJurg
Kelvinator Ice Chestby StevDeb
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in need of help by jeffgrant1981
Coke charmso…
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Westinghouse Jr. Project Part 9by MGRetro
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 1940 Westinghouse Standard Coca Cola Coolerby EJW-54
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Classic Coke Coolerby jjeffery
Strange Coca cola and Pepsi coolerby Garmon
1948-50's, Cavalier Jr., Coca-Cola "Airline" Coolerby Daddy_N…
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Airline coolerby jgoff2484
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Coolerby sbrown0832
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what year is this from?by jennkent5454
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New item for my collection!by nut_case08
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To Be bryanb
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Coca Colaby Trey
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6 pk pic-nic tinaski
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1940 Cavalier Standard Ice Cooler S-1 (pt. 2)by Daddy_N…
1940 Cavalier Standard Ice Coolerby Daddy_N…
coca cola deli  cooler L 72"x H 36"x W 26" . by cap11
Coca Cola Chest Cooler by Sonnybuck
Coca Cola Cooler- works perfect by tdurbin_7
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'Classic COCA COLA COOLER' Westinghouse Model WH-121. by randolf5977
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 My "RatRod" Coke Coolerby youngbl…
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Refrigeratorby galapayne
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 coke electric coolerby KerryGordon
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Coca Cola Coolerby Ivan
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what do i got hereby zombiesrule
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