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Coro purple glass bug circa 50's-60'sby valenti…
1955-1960 Coro Fleur de lis Photo Locket Flea Market Find 7,00 Euro ($8.35)by Efesgirl
Pretty Silver Toned AB Rhinestone Necklace from Coroby KarenLR71
Blue Lucite Stones Silver Toned Coro Braceletby KarenLR71
Vintage Coro Choker Necklace with Rhinestones by freiheit
Coro Earringsby melaniej
Pretty Coro Earringsby Mrstynd…
Silver necklace & earrings with blue stones by rednoel94
Coro necklaceby Mrstynd…
Mix of aqua rhinestone brooches and earrings from 50's-60'sby valenti…
Vintage "Coro" Brooch, 20 centuryby Alan2310
Coro Swan by Cmw33326
Vintage coro pinby Lamplov…
Coro broochby dannelpr
Vintage Coro Brooch Aquamarine & Pearlby nutsabo…
coro broach by JaniGee
Vintage Coro AB Necklace and Earringsby freiheit
Costume emerald brooch " Coro " 1909?by Pickaboo
1950's Coro Rhinestone Flower setby Ballsto…
1940's Coro Brooch by freiheit
Necklace bracelet earrings by Arlette
Vintage Coro Braceletby freiheit
Corocraft brooch and matching earringsby lentilka11
Book piece Coro Adolf Katzby love2hunt
Coro earings!by Nicspawee
Vintage Coro Brooch - 300th Postby nutsabo…
Corocraft Pin - Pendant - Locketby nutsabo…
Vintage Coro Earringsby nutsabo…
Coro Blue Flowers & Rhinestone Broochby Emme
Coro Necklace and Earringsby nutsabo…
Coro Vintage AB Crystal Necklace - Five Strandsby freiheit
Coro Necklaceby nutsabo…
Coro Choker Necklaceby craftntxgigi
Coro Craft Advertisement, Timeline Magazine 1947,-1955,by bladeru…
Large Corocraft Vintage Broochby freiheit
Vintage Coro brooch  in gold tone metall,  aurora borealis rhinestones and white enamel by Elisabe…
Vintage signed Coro flying swallow brooch with blue rhinestoneby Elisabe…
Coro Vintage Broochby freiheit
Vendome Vintage Glass Bead Necklaceby freiheit
Vintage Rhinestone Pot Metal and Enamel Brooch (Coro?)by freiheit
Coro Brooch with Rhinestonesby freiheit
Large "Vendome"- Coro 3" Faux Jade Brooch / Circa 1950's-60'sby mikelv85
Vintage Coro Bracelet - Hugs & Kissesby nutsabo…
VINTAGE -- Coro Brooch ( Marked )by antique…
Vintage -- CORO NECKLACEby antique…
Coro Necklaceby cinphire
Coro Broochby nutsabo…
Large Sword Broochby JewelsNZ
Coro Screw Back Vintage Earrings with Blue Rhinestoneby freiheit
My mother's Coro Braceletby oldpizzazzfan
CORO - Matching NECKLACE and EARRINGSby antique…
Additional photos for Coro identificationby mrsgrimaldi
Coro Brooch given to me by my Auntby mrsgrimaldi
Coro marked Broochby Ccret1
Coro Costume Pin with Anchor and Flowerby freiheit
1940's CORO Pegasus mark medallionby jocelyn.tar…
"Coro" Faux Pearl and Aurora Borealis Crystal Brooch / Circa 1960by mikelv85
Coro Craft Pegasus Sterling Pin Des 138,605 by A. Katz, 1944by freiheit
Coro Sterling Pin Marked Mexicoby freiheit
"Coro" Five Strand Faux Pearl Choker/ Circa 20th Centuryby mikelv85
CoroCraft Sterling Rock Fish Broochby melaniej
Vintage Signed Coro Starfish Broochby smcmahan
My favorite piece oby JemJunkie
Coro Vintage Pin and Earringsby freiheit
Coro Sterling Silver Vintage Horse Pinby freiheit
1950's Coro silvertone braceletby valenti…
Very cool Corocraft horses broochby gottaknow
Vintage Vendome Kings Panel Braceletby mackay1st
Coro Pendantby Timeles…
Two tone blue vintage necklace by Twtwsumbry
My favourite broocheby Motley
Coro Wrist Watchby otiamaria
Coro Dark Green Moonglow Glass Cabachon Necklace ca 1960by antiqua…
Coro Pin and Screw-Back Earrings by freiheit
coro gold tone braceletby Ccret1
Coro costume  jewelry by sierranv47
Corocraft Oriental manby ginger59
coro fashion watchby jrfm410
Huge Coro vintage…
Vendome aurora borealis floral broochby Firefox7275
Coro broochby Vintaholic
Vendome aurora borealis enamel flower demi parureby Firefox7275
Vendome aurora borealis enamel flower earringsby Firefox7275
Vendome art glass demi parureby Firefox7275
Vendome art glass earringsby Firefox7275
Vendome art glass necklaceby Firefox7275
Vendome 'Firebird' crystal braceletby Firefox7275
Vendome 'Firebird' crystal necklaceby Firefox7275
Vendome aurora borealis necklaceby Firefox7275
Vendome aurora borealis earringsby Firefox7275
Vendome aurora borealis crystal braceletby Firefox7275
Vintage Costume Jewelryby Kathycat
this is a coro written script from 1919.j hook was patented in 1945,guess they used it before patentby rysmom
Vintage Pink Swan Brooch 1940's Moonstone and Rhinestone Coroby ichliebevin…
CORO costume Jewellery Argyll and Sutherland HIghlandersby Wattyl
Coro Craft Cigarette Girlby melaiki
CORO PIECESby dawnquiett
A great 1960 Coro Jewelry Ad! by oldhippee
Coro Necklace, Bracelet and Earings from my Grandmother by quiettdawn
Help With Coro Cruciform Pins Please. WWII?by KerryD
Some of my recent favoritesby thriftfan
Coro Braceletby lsjewels
Old Coro Lucite Braceletby ladyoftheat…
Coro sterling vermeil brooch with blue "gem"by Deborah77
Coro Locket 2 Photo 1 Stoneby coopfire
Signed Coro Pinby mark
Vintage Coro linked necklaceby Heather_King
Awesome Aqua Rhinestones 1940's Coro Duette All signed by ThymesGoneby
Could this be Coro ??by Mcgarre…
Pegasus Coro Signed Des. Pat. Pend. Root beer Necklace - Earringsby ThymesGoneby
Purple Coro braceletby thriftfan
Coro Vintage Collection Continued 1940's-1950's Love the Frog!by ThymesGoneby
Coro Vintage Partial Collection 1940's -1950's Continuedby ThymesGoneby
Coro Vintage Continued Partial Collection 1940's-1950'sby ThymesGoneby
Coro Vintage Partial Collection 1941-1950'sby ThymesGoneby
Vintage Coro Sterling with Gold Vermeil Butterfly Broochby JulBel
Vtg RARE CORO Adolph Katz 1948 Rhinestone 2 Circle Bow Pendant Necklace Book Pcby Jwing11
Vtg Coro Parureby mswhite
Coro Brooch/One of My Favoritesby mswhite
Coro Brooch/one of my favoritesby mswhite
Coro Pinby thriftfan
My inherited Vendome earrings - or are they?by Eclecti…
Coro Duette Pin/Broochby Tnmommyx3
Corocraft Clock Brooch Pinby coroquestion
Coro earringsby thriftfan
Says Coro but I am not convincedby thriftfan
Coro clip-onsby thriftfan
Coro necklace & bracletby dharma
Chunky Coro broochby felesamans
Pretty CoroCraft Broochby antique…
Dainty Screw Back Earringsby antique…
Coro Duette?by Jazx68
Early coro set by vintage…
coro cuff braceletby cindye