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Old silver pendant by Steptoe1
Costume Jewellery Collectionby LaurenR…
Gold Tone Faux Pearl/White Porcelain Floral Brooch/Pin AND Pendant by HARby KarenLR71
Old cross pendant by Steptoe1
Hand Carved Vintage Rose Pendantby freiheit
Vintage Pendant with pretty Blue Stone, marked '90'by KarenLR71
What Is It? by Efesgirl
Wedgewood Jasperware Pendant 1978by AdeleC
Chinese filigree pendantby Mvollette
Green gemstone/Silver pendant by LeseTx2…
Silver/Gold pendant by LeseTx2…
Glass Cameo, Brooch/Pendant, Celebrity Brand, New-York, Circa 1970by Alan2310
Calla Lily, glass pendant, Circa 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Vintage Black Cameo in Silver (perhaps faux)by KarenLR71
Heart Shaped Pendant and Earrings   by KarenLR71
Crystal Cross, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Mexican jewelry" Cross" Pendant, 20 Centuryby Alan2310
Native Indian Pendantby babyoak
Old Alvin chipmunk pendantby Tishky
Sterling & Jade Spider Pendantby courten…
Brass Art Deco Pendantby bijouca…
Italian Rose pendantby Mrstynd…
Antique minature french booklet pendantby Bettyb00
Sarah Coventry Pendant - Copenhagenby nutsabo…
Judy Lee Pendant by nutsabo…
Silver necklace with green tear drop pendantby ihutchi2
Pakastani Pendantby Alicean…
Vintage Pendant, Circa 20 centuryby Alan2310
Thrift Store Treasuresby GhostCh…
Cross pendant with strange writing by Frances077
Rafael Canada Locketby freiheit
Pendants I loveby byrdnest
Victorian Gilt Banded & Bullseye Agate Locket Back Pendant on Period Chain with Buckle Baleby TassieD…
Weird brooch pendent by Mrstynd…
Perfume or sewing needles? Strange silver Dawn22
Glass or garnet intaglio pendantby rayf
1960's Haight Ashbury Street Vendor 3" Peace Symbol Pendantby HippieA…
Mother of Pearl brooch by Exquisiteby lentilka11
MJ multi colored crossby ihutchi2
Vietnam Vet's 1960's Psychedelic Hippie Pendant with Glass Eyeballby HippieA…
Givenchy Pendant Flea Market Find 5 Euro ($5.23)by Efesgirl
Locket pendantby lentilka11
Vintage Filigree Silver (800) Necklace And Pendant, Circa 20 centuryby Alan2310
Rose pendantby Camlyn221
Little Bronze Yogi Weeping Buddha Pendant, Thrift Shop Find 95 Euro Cents ($1.01)by Efesgirl
Amethyst pendant - Chanel?by martika
One of My Favorites, Cameo Pin Plastic?by Myjewel…
Mystery Pendant.Roman?by Myjewel…
Jewelry A Rainy Day Array :^)by billret…
An interesting pendantby lentilka11
Carved Jade(?) Amuletby freiheit
Large Mystery Pendantby freiheit
Waterlily pendantby lentilka11
help to identifyby samantha25
Vintage Abstract gold filled and jade pendantby Junkman60
Pendant?by leese
Tombac chain and pendantby lentilka11
can someone light me up with some information about this item?by Ruby_408
Miracle pendant circa 60's/70'sby valenti…
Vintage Disney pendantby Ezmahewitt
Costume Jewelry Pendant, Glass Heart, Antica Murrina, Circa 20 centuryby Alan2310
Rainbow Crystal Costume Efesgirl
Charles Lotton iridescent glass Pendant by Nouveau…
Costume Jewelry Pendantby jeneric
Vintage Avon Gold Tone Polished Heart Locketby jeneric
Endura pendant watch!by Nicspawee
What kind of these stones?by Nicspawee
Floating Charm Pendant Necklacesby StacyEW
Glass beads! by Nicspawee
Faux Tortoiseshell and Pearl Shell Pendantby TassieD…
Kordes & Lichtenfels pendant by lentilka11
Pendants for earings!!! by Nicspawee
Unmarked Pendant with Crest?by StacyEW
Bone Carved Pendant- or Plastic?by hawaiia…
Old locket pendantby Steptoe1
Mystery "Industrial Look" 3D Pendant!!!by TassieD…
Arrowheads with Indian Penny'sby Eyesare…
John Galliano pendantby lentilka11
hand forged leafby marered…
Unusual Handmade Sterling Pendantby freiheit
Special jewelry     (spirit)by aura
Porcelain roseby Blchristie
need help identifying artist and eraby christylynn…
You are my Hoipolloi
Costume Brooch/Pendant with Opaline Glassby freiheit
Pendentby Gemzies
Pendentby Gemzies
Embroidery Pendant -- Vintageby antique…
2  sandle/thong pendants by Butlerby Bettyb00
SADOX Manual Wind Rhinestone Paste Pendulum Watch - Clueless~!by Efesgirl
Costume Cameo Pendant By EXQUISITE $1.00by Efesgirl
Scarab ? pendantby Bettyb00
Does anyone know who this is? Cameo necklace maleby bethanne
Heart pendant by Mostlya…
Two pendantsby katheri…
Lia Sophia "Kiam Family" Line/Orange Enamel and Rhinestone Pendant/ Circa 2009by mikelv85
Plastic Cameoby freiheit
Grey banded agate pendantby valenti…
Nickel 1970's poppy jasper pendantby valenti…
Sarah Coventry Necklace - Blazeby nutsabo…
Viking trinketby Vikingt…
Christian Dior Jádore Pendant on a Silk Ropeby Efesgirl
Four Amerik Kordes & Lichtenfeld 1950s/1960s Gold Plated/Glass Pendantsby Efesgirl
Antique carved bone pendant; little child riding on snail by Agram.m
Large Florenza Givre Glass & Enamel Maltese Cross Pendant Necklaceby davyd286
Flea Market Find - What's This Used For? by Efesgirl
Victorian (?) Mourning (?) Brooch Converted Into A Efesgirl
Unusual Lion medallionby robij
Three Idd Large Pendant Native American?by mssue64
what is thisby keekeem…
Received from my German Great Grandmotherby dsmccullough
Brass Amulet/Pendant by shareur…
Kitschy Enameled Pewter Pendantby Efesgirl
Ladies Dual Crystal "See Thru" Pendant Watch/ Unknown Maker and Ageby mikelv85
Vintage Pewter Lions Head Necklace with movable glasses on silver rope Dbiven
Beautiful Gold Pendant With Stoneby stwilli…
Interesting mixed metal cameo silouette pendant necklaceby Behrinm…
Medallions unusualby Peytonleath…
Religious Pendant, but I Can't identify itby DerBayz
Vintage 1950's Peek-a-Boo Heartby shareur…
Ethnic pin/pendantby Peytonleath…
Spirit Of St. Louis Necklace Charles Lindbergh Flightby vintage…
Fake Chanel Pendant? by moonkana
Old Fork Art or Jewelry item? Not sure of its purpose  or what the stone might be???by kala33171
Whiting & Davis necklaceby Egtfarm
Estate Swirl - But Who Made It and When?by carolize
Mid Century Groovy!  Simon is now a Hippie with peace medallion and alligator clip!by toracat
Blue and White Porcelain Pendantby shareur…
Old necklace pendantby mikeigo…
Basse Taille Enamel Cross Pendantby ilovejewelry
Vintage brass eagle necklaceby Jewels
Eccentric bunny charm necklaceby Jewels
Rare cockroach of the sea pendantby Sjjackson12…
Sterling and Turquoise necklaceby Jewels
Unknown Maker GF Folding Fan Pendantby shareur…
"Xanadu" Rhinestone Egg Pendant Watch /Quartz Movement Made in Japan/Circa 2002-05by mikelv85
Focal DeLux pendant watch full of lies lolby shawnicus
Perfume Pendant from my Great-Grandmaby vernn98
Royal Blue and Gold Snap On Pendantby smcmahan
Large Pendant - Just for Funby freiheit
Cloisonne Pendant - Midcentury?by ho2cult…
My favorite mother of pearl double shell brooch/pendant. Signed MARENA HAND MADE IN GERMANY by mrgvint…
Is this real or Fake?by Memphis
a Picture Necklaceby Pastime…
Downing Browningby Zowie
AM. DBL A*D Gold tone and aquamarine pendantby Newtimes
 medallion with a woman on the other side by Yami
Mystery ivory necklace - game pieces?by PPRT
Pendent by jjbobean
Cute Waltham pieceby Katie611
Ring and Pendant, Made of ??  Rocks and glass!???by toracat
Unique Old Double-Sided Pendant- Possibly Silver?by jjansen85
Odd pendant or fob with three interlocking etched circles by antique…
Reindeer moss pendant by Hannu Ikonenby Newtimes
Fillagre Owl Pendantby Spunkys…
Early plastic or Bakelite pendant by Agram.m
Reverse of pendant for identification. by Scotslady72
Unidentified Pendant from Scotslady72
Vintage Luca Razza Skillet with Sunny Side Up Eggs and Bacon Pendantby sammyth…
Unknownby Rizbane
please same infoby paulius4145
Gorgeous Pendantby dcammisa
One of my favorute Nolan Miller piecesby adrian44
Gold plated enameled Orchid brooch/pendantby Agram.m
pewter cameoby sarahoff
Japanese pendant marked to the extremeby sarahoff
Russian Birch Bark Cuff Bracelet and Pendant Necklaceby davyd286
Huge black metal tiki pendantby Newtimes
asian vase necklaceby lundy
Abalone & ? Pendentby BHock45
Assortment of Pendantsby NicoleJ…
Unique Pendant and Earring Setby NicoleJ…
Grandmother's Huge Pendantby JDManzie
Pansy Pendant - Please help :)by freiheit
Watch Pendantby Zowie
Interesting Old Heart Pendentby BHock45
MOP Pendantby freiheit
Pewter Fairy Pendent - COMSTOCK PEWTERby BHock45
Salvador Teran for Marbel ceramic on silver metal pendantby valenti…
Pendent - Hoping Someone Could Recognizeby BHock45
Vintage Chinese silver filigree fish pendant/boxby Agram.m
Blackamoor figureensby Newtimes
Bear Pendent by BHock45
Goldtone Jointed Fishby Luisa
Garnet Pendant?by freiheit
Floral Pendent Made in W. GERMANYby BHock45
Vintage blackamoor pendantby Newtimes
Turtle - Pendent for Necklaceby BHock45
Amber glass pendantby Newtimes
 D'Orlan Faux Coral Swarovski Crystal Black Enamel Goldtone Pendantby DaveDeco
Pendant/brooch - Does anyone know who made this?by freiheit
Mosaic  silver pendantby Agram.m
Princess Phone Charmby Hunter
Chinese so called cloisonne fish pendantby Agram.m
Vintage Unicorn Pegasus Pendant with Blue Lace Agate Bullet Dropby sammyth…
Gold and black enamel pendantby nsvmom
Strange Pendant Containers by Parkers
Silvertone Geometric Industrial shape Pendant by Vendomeby Shirgirl
Hieroglyphics on a pendant????by montesi
Zodiak thingamajigby TRIKER
Vintage Celtic Cabochon Cross by JEMby Shirgirl
Metal Detector findby antique…
Psychadelic Nixon 72 Medallionby vincent…
Need help - Identificationby Amrie731
I love collecting these old celluloid charms!by beautif…
Vintage Costume Jewelry Set from The U.S. Capitol Historical Societyby Cyberborikua
Vtg RARE CORO Adolph Katz 1948 Rhinestone 2 Circle Bow Pendant Necklace Book Pcby Jwing11
E. Leight, Mayer and Cie Box and Pendantby Irishna…
Coolest Find for the Day!by antique…
My 1st piece of vintage jewelry, Trifari pendantby dharma
Eye In Pyramid Pendantby Grendel…