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Handmade, not in a factory, original Little Peopleby amybergin
Help me find a missing cpkby Chuckdaginger
1978 Little People Palby Khollybeard
Lucky find??by mrsrak
Cabbage Patch Dispatch first edition Magazines by Lisabarkley
1982 Original Cabbage Patch Doll Soft Sculpture.With Adoption Papersby Lisabarkley
Cabbage Patch doll holiday edition Santa Claus clothesby Cashenliv
CABBAGE PATCH KIDS how to value it?by lucioan…
Snacktime Kidsby Tdgcom
my dollby tiptoe67
TRU 1st edition k5 20th anniversary toys r us 20"by psaenz
Cabbage patch kids Jeremy Seymourby rach316
One of my favorites by Tmarcelle
Cabbage Patch Kids Olympikids 1996by berich123
who is this cabbage patch kidby kesonhe…
1981 New Years cabbage patch doll from babylandgeneral hospitalby Cpezzop
Meg Ida my 1978 Xavier Roberts Appalachian Little Personby bettymattice
1997 snacktime kid cabbage patch  kidby mikesbi…
Cabbage Patch Dollsby kwaspi
how old is this cabbage patch doll and what is it worthby suer8278
Avis Amelinda has black face and white body!by AvisAmelinda
cool doll unknown priceby Rmartinez213
Cabbage patch baby with black head and white body...has anyone else encountered this?by Deajim4436
1984 Doll-Baby Boy and 1984 Doll-Baby Girlby robbie285
Coleco Cabbage Patch Doll 1982by raerae
My old Original 1982 Soft Body Cabbage Patch Kid. Baxter Jackby Haly831
My Cabbage Patch Kid Collectionby dwalters
Avon Cabbage Patch Dollby mswhite
1985 Cabbage Patch Boy Dollby skstuart
Avon Cabbage Patch Kidsby TeresaD
Cabbage Patch Kids Collector Edition #23110 Mattelby rumple210