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Combined spare jewellery parts... a jadeite necklace and pendant!by kyratango
Jadeite art deco earrings: kyratango
Antique jadeite earrings, gold and diamonds deco mount. kyratango
Big NOT OLD Chinese jadeite, Chinese marked platinum butterfly kyratango
Small carved stoneby Steptoe1
White Jade brooches pairby hibbers
Ear ear!   Lovely jade earring..but just for one!  by alwayss…
Vintage Gold Jade Braceletby KRocken…
Jade Rose Gold Ringby Peaseje…
1920 large 3 rows jadeite necklace, Art Deco kyratango
Just been given Jilliepip
White Jade Pendantby RWMFUNG
Chinese Export Jade bangleby Peaseje…
Bamboo brooch!!!by Nicspawee
Lavender jadeite and 14k gold vintage beads kyratango
Chinese White Jade "Archer's Ring" Mutton Fat "Skin"by Stillwa…
Jade braceletby annjalarsen
My Mother's 21st Gift?by jenb
Chinese carved jade pendantsby IVAN49
Vintage Gold And Jade Brooch/Pendantby Junkman60
Gold Diamond And Jade Pendantby Junkman60
Jadeite and faceted crystal rondelles kyratango
Jade and Gold Pendant ( with Chinese Script ) Markedby antique…
18K gold and jadeit ringby shrine
Sterling Gold Plated Brooch/Pendant with Jade (?)by freiheit
Family Ring handed down from my Motherby Disnardi
Amber & Sterling Silver Pendantby melaniej
Lavender Jade Bead Necklaceby Bluboi
Rare Deco Nephrite Jade Graduated Round Bead Necklace by Moonsto…
Precious jadeite hat kyratango
18k Gold and Jade Pendantby shareur…
Pretty Little Purple Ringby freiheit
jade necklace by JessThe…
Arts and crafts Dorrie Nossiter jadeite drops/ kyratango
Jade piecesby wtaiii
Antique Jade and Gold bracelet by jojoewyb
Pink Quartz (Jade?) Necklace and Mexican Alpaca Silver Pin, Single Ear Rings and Tray by mikelv85
Jade Buddha With 14 K gold hat Pendantby stwilli…
Jade or Jadite Necklacby sbuckler54
Jadeite saddle ringby shrine
Repost (as asked!) Jade ring and necklaceby toracat
old chinese court necklace jade big beads in a necklaceby kyratango
arts and crafts ring, jadeite, two colors gold. kyratango
jadeite beads by shrine
Two OLD jadeite necklacesby kyratango
Jadeite necklace and pins by kyratango
Jade marble charm or pendant who knows lolby mommabear
Chinese antique white jade jadeite necklace/chokerby fskip
JADE Ring Sterling silver Size 7 1/2 mark difficult to know Can you help?by Vintage…
Jade white gold pendant silver madellion!!!!!by mommabear
Jadeite Gold Dragon Phoenix Ringby Ringmaster
Art Deco Jade broochby Agram.m
Two Chinese Enameled Carved Jade Brooches in silver filigree setting with gold gilt wash silver and cloisonné by Agram.m
Antique jade braclet 14 kby Sunshine17
jade & sterling silver mayan necklassby Wrightf…
carved jade? mayan necklass?by Wrightf…
Vintage carved Chinese Jade necklaceby Moonsto…
Jade Rings & Jade Tooth Picks by TeresaD
Silver Jade brooch and hand pendantby Agram.m
925 silver Jade Pendant, Large,  From?by toracat
Jade Braceletby NicoleJ…
Jade necklace with Greek Goat God Pan, from thrift store auctionby toracat
Gold Ring 14K from auction, Maybe Jadeby toracat
green jade and yellow gold with mixed gemstonesby jrfm410
Grandmothers Beautiful Jade Ring with Gold leaf detailsby chickchef
solid jade vintage oriental braceletby jacnem29
Old Ring Part IIby BaileyJ440
Tibetan necklace from who knows Kyla
14k gold & jade necklace by TeresaD
Old Jade & Gold Ringby mswhite
Jade or not Jade that is the question?by vintage…
Jade and Silverby Deanteaks
Jade Braceletsby MichaansAuc…
Jade Braceletby MichaansAuc…
 Vintage Jade Cinnabar Necklace by TeresaD